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August 29th, 2010
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Sounds from the Summer of '10 - 6th Annual!

Feel the burn with our 6th annual Sounds of Summer Review! As we check all the hottest tracks from the summer of '10, some of the highlights are courtesy of Alan Hewitt, Bob Baldwin and Special EFX. We have the latest from Kenny G as well as from Norman Brown; debuting is a fabulous track from 111 East. Also appearing are Jonathan Butler, Les Sabler, and David Benoit, while additional featured selections are by Chris Geith, Perry Joslin Project and Urban Jazz Coalition!
In This Issue:

G-Walkin' - Kenny G
Gabriella's Smile - Urban Jazz Coalition
Coastal Daydreaming - Chris Geith
The Red Door - Perry Joslin Project
The Way of the East - 111 East
Thinking About You - Norman Brown

PLAYLIST: Playlist for Ed#579 ONE YEAR AGO Sounds

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Highlights Hour One
G-Walkin' - Kenny G:
Having sold over 75 million units worldwide, Kenny G is the world's best known and most popular instrumentalist of the day. Back in 1982, the G-Man landed a record deal with Arista Records after years of playing with groups like Barry White's Love Unlimited Orchestra and the Jeff Lorber Fusion. He enjoyed some modest success but the big moment came on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson in 1988. Even though a producer insisted he should perform accompanied by a vocalist, Kenny opted to go it alone performing the track Songbird from Duotones. It was a watershed moment and from there on in he's gone on to become the multi-platinum sensation that he is. Heart and Soul is the new one and somewhere around the 23rd offering or so. Connecting with his longtime producer Walter Afanasieff, Kenny gives his fans more of those sweet sounds they crave - from Heart and Soul, we have Kenny's struttin' style on the track G Walkin'!

CD: Heart and Soul (2010)
Label: Concord Records

Kenny G - Heart and Soul

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Urban Jazz Coalition - Gravitate
Gabriella's Smile - Urban Jazz Coalition:
The combo known as Urban Jazz Coalition was formed by bassist Phil Raney back in 1995 and in the interim there have been only a limited number of personnel changes. Since the issue of their debut in 1998, the Columbus Ohio based band has built a reputation as one of the hardest working units in America. The recent issue of Gravitate is now cd #7 in their catalogue and from that project we have Gabriella's Smile, a buoyant groover featuring Richard Randolph on sax! Urban Jazz Coalition featured in our Then & Now Spotlight on Ed #426 - December 10th, 2006

CD: Gravitate (2010)
Label: Continuum Music Group
Chris Geith - Island of a Thousand Dreams
Coastal Daydreaming - Chris Geith:
With a background in classical music and jazz, Chris Geith earned a Master's from the Manhattan School of Music and was a Keyboard Magazine competition winner back in 1995. Then after becoming one of the most downloaded artists in the history of the old site, Chris went on to issue Timeless World, the #2 Café Jazz cd in all of 2008. Now Geith returns with Island of a Thousand Dreams. With a blend of new age, smooth jazz, and classical influences, good things are bound to continue to happen for Chris with this latest release. From Island of a Thousand Dreams, there's the up tempo feel good spirit of Coastal Daydreaming as the debut offering on our show!

CD: Island of a Thousand Dreams (2010)
Label: Timeless World Productions

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Highlights Hour Two
Perry Joslin Project - It's a Strange Thing
The Red Door - Perry Joslin Project:
Having started piano when he was three, Perry Joslin continued through with practice and weekly lessons and by his teens, he was playing chamber and classical music. Going on to study at the Tilton School in New Hampshire, and then at Ohio Wesleyan, Joslin discovered jazz and for a time he followed a path as a leader of State Red, an eccentric electric fusion band. As he quickly became aware of the realities of life as a jazz musician, Joslin took a bit of a detour pursuing life in business as a broker - but he never left his music far behind. After several moves, he relocated to Ft. Lauderdale, to care for his ailing grandfather but in time, his success in business provided the opportunity where Joslin could work up to six hours a day to reclaim his chops. His first cd released back in 2003 no doubt as to the authenticity of his jazz credentials but the project wasn't fully promoted until it was re-released in 2006. Now with the recent issue of It's a Strange Thing, Joslin takes his music to the next level. From that sophomore release, Joslin and company take us on a musical journey called The Red Door!

CD: It's a Strange Thing (2009)
Label: PalmStone Productions
111 East - The Way of the East
The Way of the East - 111 East:
'Go east young man' is a twist on a famous quote, and we're extending this as a bit of a nod to a new entry in the band 111 East. 111 East is rightly one of the inaugural offerings for the newly formed 111 East Jazz Records imprint. The brain thrust behind both the band & the label is producer/multi-instrumentalist, and radio & record exec James Bratton. Having led the rise of house music back in 80s, Bratton earned gold and platinum certification along the way. Now joining with Patrick Bamburak on guitar & keys and Baron Harris on bass & keys, 111 East is a hip trio intent on stretching the boundaries of smooth. As they debut, we have The Way of the East and a tune that's likely to make an impact on the very first listen!

CD: The Way of the East (2010)
Label: 111 East Jazz Records
Norman Brown - Sending My Love
Thinking About You - Norman Brown:
Grammy-winning Norman Brown is back with Sending My Love, his second release on the Peak label and his 8th solo cd overall - that's to go along with one best of and another as a member of BWB. Nine of the 10 tracks on the new project are Brown originals that show off some of the diversity that's gained the guitarist such a loyal following over these last 18 years or so. Flowing from steamy R&B to guitar flashes of instrumental fantasy, Brown delivers another captivating set. From that issue, the soothing and melodic Thinking About You is reminiscent of some of Brown's best loved and most moving selections to date! Norman Brown in our Then & Now Spotlight: Ed #453 - September 23rd, 2007

CD: Sending My Love (2010)
Label: Concord Music Group

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After Hours ~ Exclusive to our Site and Select Affiliates :
Sounds of Summer (contd): ... more of the grooviest tunes from the summer of '10. We're "spreading the luv" on this edition, as all of today's selections are brand spanking new to the show. We've come in with 13 such tunes; so imagine this to be a super-extended Fresh Trax, featuring the finest cuts to make their way into our studio over the summer months! Playlist for Ed#579

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