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September 7th, 2009
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This Week at
Sounds from the Summer of '09 - 5th Annual Presentation!

... it's a special edition wherein we review all the hottest tracks from the summer of '09 on our 5th annual Sounds of Summer special! And this time that includes Paul Hardcastle, Rick Braun, George Benson, Marion Meadows, and Richard Elliot. New to the show are DF Michael, Anne Walsh, and Greg Adams' latest in East Bay Soul while also appearing are Candy Dulfer, Jay Soto, Craig Chaquico, and Marcus Johnson each with selections from their summer time releases. But to begin, we're heading straight to the new one from Peter White and a cd that debuted on our show just last week!
In This Issue:

She's the One - Rick Braun
Exotica - George Benson
Cherish the Journey - Marcus Johnson
Survival of the Hippest - East Bay Soul
So May It Secretly Begin - Anne Walsh
Channel Nineteen - DF Michael


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Highlights Hour One
She's the One - Rick Braun:
The slick trumpeter has it all going on - a tone second to none that's delivered with charismatic flair! He's racked up numerous accolades, including many heaped upon him by yours truly, whilst almost single-handedly making the trumpet safe again for mass consumption! After several timely collaborations, first with Boney James for Shake It Up, then with Norman Brown and Kirk Whalum as BWB, and most recently with Richard Elliot as RnR, Braun now connects with a longtime friend, in Parisian-born keyboardist Philippe Saisse. From the cd All It Takes, the 15th wherein his name appears on the marquee, there's the melodic and up-tempo She's the One the latest masterpiece in Braun's musical legacy that debuts on our hip but humble show! Rick Braun Then & Now Spotlight on Ed #399 - March 19th, 2006

CD: All It Takes (2009)
Label: Artistry Music/Mack Avenue Records

Rick Braun - All It Takes

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George Benson - Songs and Stories
Exotica - George Benson:
"…a jazz guitarist of unparalleled chops, a vocalist with great emotional range and sophistication, or a combination of both," … George Benson has been heralded as one of the true greats in contemporary jazz! On his latest release, Benson's delivery is cool and comforting and as unhurried and uber-polished as ever! Produced by John Burk and bassist Marcus Miller, the core unit for the project includes Benson and Miller as well as keyboardist Greg Phillinganes, guitarist Jubu, and drummer John Robinson. From this newest collection of 10 Songs and Stories, many penned by some of the most familiar names in music, we've opted for a Miller original!

CD: Songs and Stories (2009)
Label: Concord Records / Monster Music
Marcus Johnson - Poetically Justified
Cherish the Journey - Marcus Johnson:
Marcus Johnson began on piano at six but he didn't really consider a career path in music until he saw an Earth, Wind & Fire concert when he was nine. Inspired by musical forms from rap, hip-hop, & R&B, to contemporary jazz, be-bop, & classical, Johnson began to get more serious about his craft in his early teens. After six months as a music engineer and tech major, he simultaneously began to pursue a law degree and an MBA. In due course, this gave him all the requisite tools to establish his own production company a couple of years later. Now some time and several business moves later, Johnson's career continues to evolve with the release of Poetically Justified, somewhere around his 12th release over-all. From that effort, we present Cherish the Journey, and a track whose title & vibe nicely reflect Johnson's attitude towards his journey in life and in music!

CD: Poetically Justified (2009)
Label: Three Keys Music/Marimelj Entertainment Group

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Highlights Hour Two
East Bay Soul - East Bay Soul
Survival of the Hippest - East Bay Soul:
Greg Adams, founding member of Tower of Power and the man who made their horn arrangements legendary, has a brand new project on his hands. Having reconnected with some of his own musical past, Adams jettisons that sound squarely into the present in the form of a nine-man combo that begs to be heard! Presenting a robust blend of soul and funk with rhythm and blues, Adams is ably aided in his mission by some familiar names. Among them are the likes of Michael Paulo (an established soloist in his own right), TOP alumnus Lee Thornburg, and James Wirrick (co-producer on 3 of Greg's solo releases). East Bay Soul is both the name of the band and the album with Survival of the Hippest as the lead single to radio - a philosophy that quite nicely messes with our own thank you! Now if there's a grain of truth to the sentiment expressed by that title - then the ultra-hip Mr. Adams & EBS should be soulful concerns for many years to come! Greg Adams in our Then & Now Spotlight: Ed #340 - November 28th, 2004

CD: East Bay Soul (2009)
Label: Ripa Records
Anne Walsh - Pretty World
So May It Secretly Begin - Anne Walsh:
Born in Worcester, Massachusetts, vocalist Anne Walsh recalls, "At age seven, I wanted to be Shirley Jones". She went on to attend Anna Maria College studying voice and music therapy. Upon graduating, she relocated to LA and, after some time with a classic rock band, enrolled at Orange Coast College, where she developed an interest in jazz. Furthering her education by pursuing a Master's in music at Cal State Long Beach, Walsh strengthened her voice by singing opera and, after receiving her master's she joined a quintet where met pianist Tom Zink, her future husband. Having gained a wealth of experience and knowledge, Walsh then turned to teaching other aspiring singers and joined the faculty at the American Music and Dramatic Academy. Additionally, she's continued to sing a variety of gigs while also recording a pair of concept albums of lullabies and sacred music. The recently issued Pretty World sees forays into a jazzier vein with the music of luminaries as Keith Jarrett, Sergio Mendez, and Jobim. From that effort, we've selected the beautifully interpreted So May It Secretly Begin, a Pat Metheny composition with original lyrics by Joe DeRenzo and Ms Walsh!

CD: Pretty World (2009)
Label: AtoZink Music
DF Michael - Dances and Walks
Channel Nineteen - DF Michael:
DF Michael (Damiano Fusco) is a guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, and composer who toured Italy as a sideman when he was 17. For several years, he played tenor sax with the Modern Big Band and the Contemporary Saxophone Quartet before moving over to guitar, which has become his main instrument. In addition to work as a sessionist, DF taught at Domani Musica in Rome for a period in the 90s while additionally he's started his own label. Dances and Walks is now his second release - from that fine effort, we've selected the fiery Channel Nineteen, coming in at a raucous 116 BPM with DF featured on sax!

CD: Dances and Walks (2009)
Label: Shallow Waters Group Records

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After Hours ~ Exclusive to our Site and Select Affiliates :
More sounds from the summer of '09: As we continue sending out our "S.O.S.", all of today's music is brand new to the show. Brian Bromberg opens and we continue with Jessy J, HP Hoeger, Clarence McDonald, and Four80East. Set #2 has Les Sabler and Drew Davidson with something new from Paul Taylor in the middle. Then in the final set…there's music from a few new names in Dominic Amato and Dean Grech, as well as from Linny Nance and Larry Lagerberg; then it's Swedish saxman Jakob Elvstrøm with a scorching finishing selection!

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