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September 5th, 2010
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This Week at
... we've chosen some nifty tunes by Walle Larsson from After the Night all as part of the showcase segment. In hour 2 on Back Trax it'll be time to kick it ole skool with the band Fingerprints and electric violinist Noel Pointer. There's the group Malo led by Jorge Santana, keyboardist Neil Larsen is on the show, as is the hip German combo called Christian Prommer's Drumlesson … could well be one of our best sets to date! That's followed later in the hour, by some of the freshest and most exciting sounds around as we've queued Nils and Jonathan Fritzen, plus there's music by Marion Meadows and Chris Standring; also on the show are Rick Braun, Tom Grant, and Gerald Albright. But for the curtain raising track there's a tune by Joe Bonacci & The Soca Joe Band - this one also features David Mann on sax - as the musical razzle-dazzle continues!
In This Issue:

After the Night - Walle Larsson

Drive Time - Noel Pointer
This Time Tomorrow - Neil Larsen
Whisper - Fingerprints
Suavecito - Malo
Can You Feel It - Christian Prommer's Drumlesson

AFTER HOURS : Ladies Night Out Pt.2
PLAYLIST: Playlist for Ed#580

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Showcase CD
After the Night - Walle Larsson:

Based in Winnipeg, Manitoba Walle Larsson has for many years worked tirelessly as the chief standard bearer for smooth jazz in the Canadian heartland. Going as far back as 1990, Larsson has issued a string of four well-received releases while additionally for over a decade he's promoted the genre that he loves as a radio show host as well as thru live appearances and as the entertainment co-coordinator for a series concerts at The Lyric band shell, Winnipeg's premier outdoor venue. Having played all across Canada, Larsson also performed internationally gigging from New York to Tokyo. He's appeared with Mel Tormé, Tony Bennett, David Clayton Thomas and the Toronto R&B group The Lincolns. More recently, Larsson's affiliation with The Lyric has afforded the opportunity to test his chops in the company of Brian Hughes, Les Sabler, Four80East, and others.

Walle Larsson - After the Night
Walle Larsson
Walle Larsson
Now seasoned and polished, Larsson just recently delivered After The Night, his 5th and latest. Featuring an ultra-smooth blend of flavors, here's a cd that has the full potential to become one of the break-thru releases for the year. As a consequence, we're more than just a little stoked with the prospect of an After the Night spotlight feature - in keeping with which we have a choice selection of tracks chosen specifically for the occasion. Leading in is the lead single in the tune Beaches and the sultry grooves on this one are already creating quite a splash. The atmospheric gem entitled View From Above creates a reverent space at the start the second half of the show while the hopeful vibe of the title track provides the crescendo to the set. Upbeat & optimistic, with After the Night, Walle Larsson appears ready & poised for a grander stage!!

CD: After the Night (2010)
Label: DockSide Records

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Back Trax: Part One
Noel Pointer - Never Lose Your Heart
Drive Time - Noel Pointer:
Noel Pointer studied violin classically before signing with the Blue Note record label in the early '70s. Over the course of the next 20 years, he recorded a series of instrumental cds exploring a union of pop and fusion while often accompanied by a variety of guest vocalists. Never Lose Your Heart recorded in 1993, sadly proved his final album as the following year Pointer succumbed to a stroke at the early age of 39. From that cd, there's a rhythmic excursion called Drive Time!

CD: Never Lose Your Heart (1993)
Label: Shanachie
Neil Larsen - High Gear
This Time Tomorrow - Neil Larsen:
Keyboardist & composer Neil Larsen is a Sarasota, Florida native who relocated to LA in 1977 after a few years of honing his chops in NYC. Hooking up with some of the top producers of the day, Larsen quickly distinguished himself with appearances on a variety of albums and on film & TV soundtracks. This led to a record deal at A&M and in the course of time this all blossomed into a highly successful career. Debuting in 1978, Larsen earned a Grammy nomination with his second cd, and while further pursuing music as a lead man, his session work has become legendary - he's played with the cream of the music business on hundreds of albums, backing the likes of George Harrison, Kenny Loggins, and Rickie Lee Jones. Additionally, many of Larsen's compositions have made their way onto the records of George Benson, Gregg Allman, and others. He's toured with Robben Ford, and been featured on albums by BB King and Diana Krall. As well, Neil currently works on the TV show Boston Legal as an arranger and pianist.

Over the years Larsen has issued 4 critically acclaimed projects under his on name together with a couple more upon which he and guitarist Buzz Feiten share the billing. Most recently, Larsen reappeared with a 2007 live cd. Even so, on this occasion, we're returning to High Gear, Neil's 1979 Grammy nominated sophomore cd. Accompanied by an all-star cast including Michael Brecker, Feiten, Steve Gadd, Paulinho Da Costa, and Abe Laboriel, the track This Time Tomorrow exemplifies some of the finest fusion of the day!

CD: High Gear (1979)
Label: A&M Records

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Back Trax: Part Two
Fingerprints - Summertime Music
Whisper - Fingerprints:
With the issue of their fifth and current release called Dream Life, the Texas band Fingerprints have not only revealed "one of the best kept music secrets in the South," they've also issued an open invitation to explore their catalogue of past music. Founded in 1986 by guitarist Roy Machado and bassist Frederick Nichelson while both were students at the University of North Texas, Fingerprints made their record debut with an eponymously title release in 1991 - that cd was updated and re-released in 2003. In the meantime, Nichelson has continued to guide the fortunes of the veteran band as they perform at standing-room-only venues and music festivals throughout the Southwest. Perhaps soon to be soon to be replaced by their latest release, we return to what remains the band's most popular album to date. From their '94 sophomore cd, we have the quiet hush of a tune called Whisper with none other than Marion Meadows guesting!

LP: Summertime Music (1994)
Label: M&N Records
Malo - Malo
Suavecito - Malo:
Inspired by his older brother Carlos and while still in high school, in the late 60s Jorge Santana was playing with Sounds Unlimited, a four piece blues band in San Francisco, when he was asked to join The Malibu's. A nine-piece R&B ensemble complete with horns, the group refined their sound thru a steady stream of gigs before changing their name to Malo. Emerging in 1972 with their self-titled debut, the band presented a fresh fusion of rock, soul, and Latin music. That project climbed to the #14 album for the year propelled by the track Suavecito. Boasting "a deft balance between improvisatory instrumental passages, solid multi-layered percussive rhythms, and emotional, romantic singing in both Spanish and English," * the sensual grooves became one of the biggest radio hits of the day. From Malo's Best Of, we have the radio edit that helped define the sound of California Latin rock!
And a big Café Jazz shout out goes out to Michael Godin for helping us track down that particular selection. Michael is not only the host of Treasure Island Oldies but is also the resident expert on all the best music of the era!

CD: Malo (1972)
Label: Warner Bros.
Malo - The Best of Malo
The Best of Malo
GNP / 1992
Christian Prommer's Drumlesson - Drumlesson Vol.1
Can You Feel It - Christian Prommer's Drumlesson :
Christian Prommer's Drumlesson is a progressive project that fuses the organic style of jazz with the rhythms of techno dance. Producer, percussionist, and DJ Christian Prommer, first began experimenting with electronica in the late 80s and over the past 20 years he's continually moved between electronic "modernism and Blue Note cool". Trained by virtuoso piano players and master drummers, the Munich-based Prommer's initial concept was to present a one-off track, an acoustic read on one of his favourite dance classics.

A positive reaction in the studio led to the release of a 12" that became a fast-moving phenomenon. In short order, Christian Prommer's Drumlesson came into being with the specific intent of fusing the influences of Prommer's two musical planets.
Issued in 2007, Drumlesson Vol.1 presented jazzy interpretations of 10 of Prommer's favourite dance tunes. With Wolfgang Haffner on drums, Dieter Ilg on bass, Roberto Di Gioia on keys, and Ernst Ströer on percussion, Mixmag's four-star review gushed, "Makes you feel cool just listening to it." - prompting us to include a personal favourite and one of the hippest tracks in the bunch!

CD: Drumlesson Vol.1 (2007)
Label: Sonar Kollektiv / Defend Music

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After Hours ~ Exclusive to our Site and Select Affiliates :
Ladies Night Out Pt.2: ... it's the second in our two part feature called Ladies Night Out with another full hour devoted to the great ladies in smooth jazz. And ready for this show are Keiko Matsui, Pamela Williams, Valarie King, Mindi Abair, and Queen Latifah to name but a few! Playlist for Ed#580

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