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August 22nd, 2010
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This Week at Season 14 opening show!
We start a brand new season with Eric Evans in the spotlight. The San Diego based flautist has a new release as The Eric Evans Project and we're featuring that cd called Waves of Grace as part of the showcase segment. The second hour sees the Fresh Trax feature with a 5-pack of new music. Headlining is the Bob Baldwin tribute to Michael Jackson. We have a tune from Germany's Hellmut Hattler formerly of Tab Two. As well there's new music from Oli Silk, while debuting are Bryan Forsloff and The 420 Café. Then following the new is a batch of the tried and true - with selections by Marc Antoine and Dave McMurray - in addition to Joe McBride and Gota. All on Café Jazz, the only radio show broadcast in 3D - dynamic, daring, & distinctive!
In This Issue:

Waves of Grace - Eric Evans Project

Prodigious - Bob Baldwin
Nice Flight - Hattler
All We Need - Oli Silk
Full Throttle - Bryan Forsloff
Chill with the Reverend - The 420 Café

AFTER HOURS : Ladies Night Out
PLAYLIST: Playlist for Ed#578

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Showcase CD
Waves of Grace - The Eric Evans Project:

Encouraged by his parents to learn an instrument before junior high and exposed to the records of Paul Horn and Herbie Mann, Eric Evans chose the flute as the vehicle for expressing himself musically. He began his professional career in San Diego in senior school taking part in several record sessions and touring with a couple of rock bands. Later turning to inspirational music, Evans has led musical worship in many churches and his two previous cds have generally reflected these themes. Now as The Eric Evans Project, Waves of Grace is cd #3 in his catalogue. Evans admittedly stretched himself during the three-years he devoted to the concept. He reveled in the ocean's beauty, writing songs inspired by its grandeur and majesty. Aided by keyboardist Cecil Ramirez, guitarist Steve Laury and other notable artists, this collaborative effort features an accessible blend of jazz, rock and new age. It's elegant, exhilarating and dare I say, spiritual. So now, it's time to focus the Café Jazz spotlight on ... The Eric Evans Project and Waves of Grace!

The Eric Evans Project - Waves of Grace
Eric Evans
Eric Evans
We've cued a sensational batch of tunes, beginning with Shoreline Highway. The title track Waves of Grace opens the second hour. Although Café Jazz typically focuses on instrumentals, this selection with David Eugene Ivey on vocals, offers a detour as one of the most moving cuts we've ever featured! Then in the end, the groove-driven Seaside brings the entire segment to a cascading finale. A set that feeds on the passion of its players, Waves of Grace by The Eric Evans Project presents a collection that's diverse, uplifting, and undeniably inspirational!

CD: Waves of Grace (2010)
Label: ElectricFlute Records

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Fresh Trax: Part One
Bob Baldwin - Never Can Say Goodbye
Prodigious - Bob Baldwin:
Having previously covered several Michael Jackson hits on earlier releases, Bob Baldwin as countless others, was genuinely moved by the tragic passing of the King of Pop. With the blessing of the Jackson estate, Baldwin chose to pay tribute to the late superstar with reads on a collection of tracks under the title of Never Can Say Goodbye. From that cd we have a Baldwin original called Prodigious that fittingly celebrates the life of a legend in modern music! Bob Baldwin Then & Now Spotlight Feature - Ed#393 January 22nd, 2006

CD: Never Can Say Goodbye (2010)
Label: Trippin 'n' Rhythm Records
Hattler - Gotham City Beach Club Suite
Nice Flight - Hattler:
With a record career that extends back to about 1971, German bassist Hellmut Hattler has developed as one of the premier musicians in his homeland. Over the years Hattler has spear-headed a variety of projects including 13 as part of the influential combo Kraan - Kraan has gone thru a variety of configurations having recorded across 4 decades since their inception. As well, there were 8 additional cds that Hattler issued primarily in the 90s together with trumpeter Joo Kraus as half of Tab Two. Even so, Hattler has continued to record under his own surname - from the latest Hattler project entitled Gotham City Beach Club Suite set for an October release date, there's the progressive fusion of a track called Nice Flight!

CD: Gotham City Beach Club Suite (2010)
Label: Bassball Recordings

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Fresh Trax: Part Two
Oli Silk - All We Need
All We Need - Oli Silk:
After debuting early in the 00's as one half of the smooth duo known as Sugar & Silk, it's been ever onward and upward for Mr. Oli Silk. His two initial solo efforts have steadily inched Oli to the forefront of the smooth scene while garnering the young UK based keyboardist a highly prestigious nomination as International Artist of the Year at the upcoming inaugural ASJA. Building on this considerable momentum, Mr. Silk is back at it with a highly anticipated & auspicious third offering! All We Need is the name of that soon to be issued release and in response to the phrase ... all we need is Oli with the sweet sway of the title track!

CD: All We Need (2010)
Label: Trippin 'n' Rhythm Records
Bryan Forsloff - The Final Touch
Full Throttle - Bryan Forsloff:
Long a fan of Smooth Jazz even before the label was even invented, thru the 80s and 90s most of Bryan's playing was done in church with the music of Jeff Lorber's Fusion, George Benson, and a few others impacting upon his playing. Since the late 90s, Forsloff has devoted himself to working with his twin sons who were both diagnosed with autism and it's been during this period that he's been able to perfect his style. From his Final Touch debut we have Bryan Forsloff with the track Full Throttle!

CD: The Final Touch (2010)
Label: Independent
The 420 Café - The 420 Café
Chill with the Reverend - The 420 Café:
From Denver CO comes The 420 Café, an exciting collaboration featuring drummer David Young and keyboardist/programmer Carl Sorenson. Driven by a techno style, The 420 Café blends Nu-Jazz with Chill and among those helping out on their eponymously titled debut are saxman Will Donato, vocalist Jennifer Price, and Troy Benns on guitar. From that effort, there's the frosty in the pocket vibe of Chill with the Reverend!

CD: The 420 Café (2010)
Label: Bullcrane Music

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After Hours ~ Exclusive to our Site and Select Affiliates :
Ladies Night Out: The ladies of smooth jazz step out on the first of a 2-part feature that we're calling Ladies Night Out. Highlighting this set are all the great names that you might expect in addition to a few that you may not be as familiar with. On the marquee for this show is Althea Rene with the track that gave it's name to the segment - also appearing are Candy Dulfer, Cindy Bradley, and Jessy J as well as Gretchen Lieberum, Rhonda Smith, Paula Atherton and Rachel Z to name but a few! Playlist for Ed#578

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