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November 28th, 2010
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This Week at
… in the spotlight on this edition is Tom Grant. Delicioso is the latest from the veteran keyboardist and we have a trio of tracks that you'll be hearing as part of the showcase segment. Then it's red carpet treatment time for music from days gone by on the Back Trax section of the show in hour 2. This installment features the Larsen-Feiten Band with a track from the 80s as well as Deborah Henson-Conant. Also appearing are Mark Bracken and Orange Music; while rounding the set is a tune from the David Becker Tribune. Then after the Back Trax are Brian Simpson and Michael Fair, there's Dave Koz plus a tune from Nils; while gleaming thruout we have the likes of Tim Bowman, Matt Marshak, and Paul Taylor. But getting us off to a flying start for this show is Blake Aaron with the advance from his forthcoming cd! So ala kazam - as we continue to conjure up spell-binding sets!
In This Issue:

Delicioso - Tom Grant

Summer Sambas - Mark Bracken
Aztec Legend - Larsen-Feiten Band
The Music Box - D. Henson-Conant
The Story of Jay - Orange Music
Driving Home - David Becker Tribune

AFTER HOURS : Dark Alley
PLAYLIST: Playlist for Ed#592

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Showcase CD
Delicioso - Tom Grant:

Born to show-biz parents, Tom Grant was taught to play piano and drums by his tap dancing father who also let him listen to jazz in his record store. Nevertheless, after graduating from the University of Oregon, for a time Grant taught high school social studies in Portland. It was Woody Shaw who spotted Grant at an after hours gig and offered Tom a spot in his band. This led to stints with Joe Henderson, Dexter Gordon, and Tony Williams who all taught Grant to always bring his A-game. With a background in straight-ahead jazz, Grant debuted in 1976 - but with an '83 release, and by that time back in Portland, he made a conscious shift to a more contemporary style. Subsequent efforts saw Tom become one of the trendsetters in the early days of smooth - four of his projects reached #1. He's consistently been a genre favourite and he's touched listeners worldwide!

Tom Grant - Delicioso
After embracing the full spectrum of jazz on his past couple of releases, Grant returned to the smooth scene a few years back with Life Is Good - an amazing effort that yielded Morning Glorious - our absolute #1 most played track in all of 2009. Now 35 years after he debuted comes Delicioso, somewhere around cd #24 for the pioneering keyboardist. As usual, it's a sophisticated but diverse collection featuring more of the tantalizing keyboard work that has come to epitomize Grant's distinguished career. It's therefore indeed a pleasure to direct the Café Jazz spotlight at Tom and Delicioso as the subject of our spotlight feature!
Tom Grant at Merlo Station High Tom Grant at Merlo Station High
From the album insert courtesy of TG!
Melody converges with a Brazilian groove on the aptly titled title track and our ice breaking tune. At top of the second hour is Luxurium, a selection that was named for the painting that graces the cd cover - with Paul Mazzio on trumpet, here's a tune that zigzags across a few boundaries taking on some of the trappings of ambient and chill. Then we conclude with a bit of off-leash time and a zippy tune called The Dog Park! From tender to playful and from lush to cool, Tom Grant's Delicioso has stuff enough to satisfy the cravings of any discerning palate!

CD: Delicioso (2010)
Label: Nu-Wrinkle

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Back Trax: Part One
Mark Bracken - Gold and Ivory
Summer Sambas - Mark Bracken:
Based in Victoria British Columbia, Mark Bracken is a self-described samba jazz guitar player. With over a half-dozen albums that run a gamut of styles from Celtic and New Age to a seasonal album, we're checking out the Gold and Ivory release from 2007. From that cd we have the e-z samba flavours of Summer Sambas!

CD: Gold and Ivory (2007)
Label: Mark Bracken Music
Larsen-Feiten Band - Larsen-Feiten Band
Aztec Legend - Larsen-Feiten Band:
In his youth, Howard Buzz Feiten studied several instruments and in 1966 he auditioned for the Juilliard School of Music on French horn. Although not admitted, Feiten went on to earn a reputation on electric guitar as a musician's musician. He jammed with Eric Clapton, played the Butterfield Blues Band, and did countless sessions. Additionally, Feiten patented a unique tuning system for guitars which re-configured the stringboard & neck for more accurate tonality. In 1971, Feiten gathered together an impressive array of musicians for a project entitled Full Moon. Featuring keyboardist Neil Larsen, the record grew to be considered one of the great fusion albums of the day.

For his part, Sarasota native, keyboardist & composer Neil Larsen relocated to New York in 1971 and shortly after, he connected with Buzz Feiten for the Full Moon cd. After honing his chops as part of the NYC session scene, Larsen moved on to LA in 1977. He debuted as a lead man in 1978 and the following year, he earned a Grammy nomination with a track from his sophomore release which was produced by Tommy Lipuma. Larsen then went on to establish himself with a series of sessions that became legendary - he played with the cream of the music business on hundreds of albums and for 11 years he was Al Jarreau's pianist and musical director. In 1980, Larsen and Feiten reprised their partnership as the Larsen-Feiten Band. From that eponymously titled collaboration, produced once again by Tommy Lipuma, we have the exceptional Aztec Legend !

CD: Larsen-Feiten Band (1980)
Label: Warner Bros.

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Back Trax: Part Two
Deborah Henson-Conant - Talking Hands
Siana's Dream:The Music Box - Deborah Henson-Conant:
Well known for her high energy perfomances, Deborah Henson-Conant has been described as "a combination of Leonard Bernstein, Steven Tyler, (Aerosmith) and Xena the Warrior Princess". She's appeared both as a soloist and a featured guest with several orchestras; she's been the star of her own PBS special, and she's Grammy nominated. One of the hippest harpists on the scene (in fact her website has hipharp as part of its URL) Ms Henson-Conant has been recording since the late 80s with over a dozen releases to her credit. On this occasion we return to a time early in her career and the Talking Hands cd from 1991 for the creative flavours of The Music Box with Chieli Minucci and the late George Jinda!

CD: Talking Hands (1991)
Label: GRP
Orange Music - Café Mediterané Vol. 1
The Story of Jay - Orange Music:
Over the past few years, some of the most innovative and intriguing musical sounds have emanated out of Europe as part of the generic 'lounge' scene. A great case in point is the project billed as Orange Music. A handful of tracks have been included on various collections - we present one of the finest, The Story of Jay, a tune that appeared on at least three different down-tempo compilations in 2008 alone!

CD: Café Mediterané Vol. 1 (2008)
Label: Manifold Records
David Becker Tribune - Third Time Around
Driving Home - David Becker Tribune:
Debuting back in 1986, The David Becker Tribune created what many felt was some of the most interesting Contemporary Jazz of the era. Traversing a middle ground, the band favored melody and an accessible fusion of jazz, pop and rock, albeit with just a bit more bite than much of the NAC material that was prevalent back in the day. Beginning his solo career at the age of 22, Becker had already toured Europe and the USA extensively before the release of his critically acclaimed debut. Labeled as one of the greats in the C-Jazz movement, Becker & his band mates have shared the stage with many of the greats. Early in 1992, Becker chose to relocate to Europe where he's continued to perform and record. Over the years, there have been 10 recordings issued under the DBT banner - some have been chart toppers while two drew Grammy consideration. With Becker's most recent effort released just earlier this past year, we've doubled back to Third Time Around for a compelling and urgent track entitled Driving Home!

CD: Third Time Around (1990)
Label: Bluemoon

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After Hours ~ Exclusive to our Site and Select Affiliates :
Dark Alley: … on the hot plate for today is a baker's dozen of selections on this the 5th instalment in our current series. Each of these tunes is in some way connected to a roadway and they're all a part of a feature called Dark Alley after a track by Nitewind. Included on this edition are tunes like Palmetto Avenue by Max Groove, Kim Pensyl's Road to Hana, and South of the Boulevard from Tower of Power. In addition we've inserted into our line-up 17 Mile Drive by The Rippingtons as well as Don Breithaupt's Newbury Street; in the meantime it's Garry Goin getting it going with Riverside Drive! Playlist for Ed#592

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