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December 5th, 2010
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This Week at
… it’s teen sax sensation Vincent Ingala in the spotlight – the debut is North End Soul and that’s the feature cd on the showcase segment. Cued for hour 2 is another cutting edge blend of Fresh Trax. Starring on this installment are Gabriel and Darren Motamedy. Also appearing is Nate Najar; while debuting are Cal Harris, Jr. and Brad Rambur. Then hot on the heels of the Fresh Trax is a four pack of selections seasoned to perfection. This time there’s Chris Standring and Kevin Toney – plus we have Larry Antonino and Bobby Caldwell. But first up is a tune we enjoy each year just about this time called December Bossa … and if music be the food of love, play on!
In This Issue:

North End Soul - Vincent Ingala

She Loves the Water - Cal Harris, Jr.
Warm - Brad Rambur
Peace Song - Gabriel
Midnight Groove - Nate Najar
Candleglow - Darren Motamedy

AFTER HOURS : Trail of Tears
PLAYLIST: Playlist for Ed#593

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Showcase CD
North End Soul - Vincent Ingala:

Now here's a major blip on our smooth jazz radar! Although still in high school, Vincent Ingala is a 17 year-old who displays a musical maturity well beyond his years. Since starting on drums when he was 4, Ingala has gone on to add guitar, keys, and sax. The latter has become his primary vehicle, although he can play 4 different instruments in all as well as handling vocals. Based in Waterbury Connecticut, Ingala is an honour student who's a member of both the school concert and jazz bands. In addition to the increasing demands of his solo schedule, which included a recent invitation to appear at the Vegas Hilton, Ingala occasionally sits in with different ensembles to help broaden his spectrum and to remain current; meanwhile he still finds time to perform at charity events and local fundraisers.

Vincent Ingala - North End Soul
Not long ago, Ingala was awarded a scholarship to a summer jazz program at the prestigious Eastman School of Music while he also won a 1st place jazz award for his school division. One of his proudest moments came when he opened for Dave Koz and now with his debut entitled North End Soul, to reflect growing up on the north side of the city, Ingala is poised to become the next big break-thru performer in the genre!
Vincent Ingala
Vincent Ingala - promo shot
On the album, Vin clues us in right off - he's a prodigy as he not only handles all instrumentation, he produced, recorded, and mixed the project while penning 6 of its tracks. Meanwhile, with the influence of Richard Elliot, Euge Groove, and other top sax players prevalent on many of the tracks, this cd is as good as anything that's out there! Therefore it's with pleasure that we present Vincent Ingala as the subject of the spotlight segment. First up, It Is What It Is followed by Free to Groove at the top of hour 2, a pair of tunes upon which Ingala ably demonstrates his grasp of the groove! Finally disco lives! We have Vin's great read on the old MFSB classic called K-Jee from the 1977 film Saturday Night Fever. So that moving object on our screen … why it's Vincent Ingala, an artist whose trajectory indicates he's destined for greatness!

CD: North End Soul (2010)
Label: V-Sound Entertainment

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Fresh Trax: Part One
Cal Harris, Jr. - Inside Out
She Loves the Water - Cal Harris, Jr.:
As the son of a Grammy-nominated sound engineer, Cal Harris Jr. had his earliest exposure to music while wandering the renowned LA Motown Studios. He went on to become an accomplished programmer, engineer, and keyboardist in his own right having worked with many of the giants in the industry such as Earth Wind and Fire, Whitney Houston, and Prince. Now, after over a decade of working behind the scenes, Harris felt the time was right to step into the limelight with his own release and reveal his passion for playing and composing. The debut titled Inside Out features Harris's dynamic collaborations with some of LA's most gifted musicians and from that release we have a gem called She Loves the Water!

CD: Inside Out (2010)
Label: CHI International Music
Brad Rambur - Can't Put It Down
Warm - Brad Rambur:
Based in San Diego California, saxman Brad Rambur had long felt the need to communicate thru his music. He found the thought of performing in the studio surrounded by equipment a bit of a challenge but after connecting with Eric Marienthal, Rambur received the encouragement he needed for his debut. For the project, the two-time Grammy winning Marienthal enlisted the talents of Jeff Lorber and with that, the process began. Featuring compositions by Lorber and Marienthal, Can't Put It Down is a blend of jazz, funk, and blues - five tracks were studio dates while the other five were recorded live. From that effort, we have the opening cut, a toasty but tasty tune called Warm!

CD: Can't Put It Down (2010)
Label: Brad Rambur

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Fresh Trax: Part Two
Gabriel - Told Ya So!
Peace Song - Gabriel:
In what is quickly approaching a 30-year solo career, Gabriel Mark Hasselbach continues to set the standard on the Canadian contemporary scene. Gabriel is an award winning multi instrumentalist well versed on a variety of apparata - among these are trumpet, flute, flugelhorn, valve trombone, and digital wind instruments. He's issued over a dozen projects under his own name, while he's had a hand in many other releases as a player or producer. In addition to gaining recognition as a Juno award winner, Gabriel has received numerous accolades - most recently there have been a string of nods from the Canadian Smooth Jazz / Wave Awards. As a matter of fact, the shrink wrap was barely off the disc for his latest entitled Told Ya So when he was named a double nominee for Album of the Year and as Instrumentalist of the Year. From that very cd we present the island flavoured Peace Song with Gabe doubling on trumpet & flute!

CD: Told Ya So! (2010)
Label: Wind Tunnel Records
Nate Najar - Groove Me
Midnight Groove - Nate Najar:
Nate Najar picked up his first guitar at around the age 9 or 10. With a background in classical musical, and a love for R&B, Soul, Gospel, Jazz, Latin and other styles, Najar considers himself a product of his many passions. He developed a taste for the nylon string acoustic, and dating back to 2002, he's issued a series of mainly straight ahead releases. Nonetheless the St. Pete's Florida native grew up a hardcore fan of instrumental groove music, and he adopted a funkier edge to his playing when he added the electric guitar to his repertoire. In the past few years he's performed regularly with some of today's top names - among them Eric Darius, Jackiem Joyner, Brian Simpson and Marion Meadows. This prompted Najar's own move to that arena. In 2009, he issued Until Now, his smooth jazz debut and fourth release overall, and its success has sparked a follow up in that vein. From the recently issued Groove Me EP, we have the lush bluesy vibe of Midnight Groove!

EP: Groove Me (2010)
Label: Woodward Avenue Records
Darren Motamedy - Gruv' Horn Candleglow - Darren Motamedy:
Since the late 80s, Darren Motamedy has been a mover & shaker on the Sea-Tac music scene. After a pair of releases as one-half of the duo Mottoretti, Motamedy released his solo debut in 1994. In the time since, he's worked with John Raymond, Tony Gable & 206, and many other notables in the region, while a few years back he also took part in the pH7 project fronted by Dean Krippaehne and Erik Hall. Additionally, Motamedy has played countless gigs and done loads of sessions as well as recording several more well-received albums. After years of tearing up the Emerald City and its surrounding area, Darren recently relocated to The City of Lights, Las Vegas. Now it appears Motamedy is none the worse for wear from the change in venue - at least judging by Gruv' Horn, his just issued cd. From that effort we have the upscale sounds of Candleglow battening down the Fresh Trax feature!

CD: Gruv' Horn (2010)
Label: Mashhad Music

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After Hours ~ Exclusive to our Site and Select Affiliates :
Trail of Tears: … here we go with the 6th and final installment in what has come to be known as our roadway series. Cued are a dozen selections – each is connected to or named for some form of byway - be it 59th Street or Lakeshore Drive, The Road Less Travelled or Shoreline Highway. In addition we have Alligator Alley by Gregg Karukas and Trail of Tears by Fattburger, the latter being the tune for which we named the feature. But this final leg in the journey begins at the Crossroads and that's from Marc Antoine! Playlist for Ed#593

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