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November 21st, 2010
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This Week at
… it's Jack Prybylski in the spotlight - Jack's Out of the Box is the new one and that's be the feature cd on the showcase segment. Following in hour 2 is the Fresh Trax section of the show with a cutting edge blend of new music. Starring on this instalment is the band Fourplay. Also appearing is Craig Sharmat together with a couple of new names in Ted Hammond and Walter Bush Jr.; meanwhile Vincent Ingala debuts. Then chasing the new music is a four pack of seasoned selections with 3rd Force and Dan Siegel plus there's David Mann and Special EFX. But we're doubling back to Marc Antoine's Classical Soul release for Follow Your Bliss and that's our curtain raising track!
In This Issue:

Out of the Box - Jack Prybylski

The Dreams That ... - Ted Hammond
It Is What It Is - Vincent Ingala
Pineapple Getaway - Fourplay
I'm Still Growing - Walter Bush, Jr.
Ease Up - Craig Sharmat

AFTER HOURS: Right Down Broadway
PLAYLIST: Playlist for Ed#591

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Showcase CD
Out of the Box - Jack Prybylski:

He's saxman Jack Prybylski, he's a ten-time Buffalo Music Awards winner, and his new one is Out of the Box! Jack Prybylski initially caught the attention of smooth jazz radio in 2006 with Window Shopping, his sophomore release that was produced by Ken Navarro. But, unknown to most fans, Prybylski had cut his teeth playing with the eclectic Buffalo-based Them Jazzbeards - he was part of seven of their releases when he debuted with a solo project in 2001. Prybylski got hooked on the sax in the third grade and grew up loving the music of Chicago and Earth, Wind & Fire, bands that boasted a full horn sound. His explorations led him to jazz, and in that regard Tom Scott and David Sanborn were among his earliest influences. With a résumé that includes a Master's in music from S.U.N.Y., and having well over a decade of experience as a teacher and a player, Prybylski's background is steeped in the rich traditions of jazz, rock, and blues.
Jack Prybylski - Out of the Box
Now with a few more years to further hone an already sweet sound, for this latest effort Prybylski teamed with Rob DeBoer and Tony Grace, known internationally as Four80East. In truth, his music never really saw Jack playing in a box; nonetheless the new project shakes off many of the mundane shackles of today's music scene.
Jack Prybylski
Jack Prybylski - promo shot
Hooking up with the Toronto-based electro-trip-jazz specialists, gave Prybylski the chance to paint outside lines. By fusing progressive elements of ambient and trip-hop with a radio friendly appeal, Prybylski has a release that lives up to its billing as Out of the Box! Therefore it's both a pleasure and privilege that we have Jack Prybylski's Out of the Box as today's spotlight release. And to begin, we're tearing into a tune called Headhunter. We enjoy a bit of chilled, refreshing smoothness in the tune Ice Cream at the top of the second hour. Meanwhile it's the track Hoodoo casting a jazzy hex as the show closer. So it is, that even with this simple sampling of tracks, Prybylski furnishes ample evidence that he's not only taken his music Out of the Box but in so doing he's offered up his most accomplished release to date!

CD: Out of the Box (2010)
Label: Innervision

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Fresh Trax: Part One
Ted Hammond - All I Am
The Dreams That We Once Shared - Ted Hammond:
Hailing from Los Angeles, Ted Hammond is a composer, arranger and multi-instrumentalist who's actively worked both the LA and New York scenes. Hammond began his training at the age of 9 when his parents bought him a guitar as his first instrument. He took up piano and learned various brass instruments and thereby expanded his musical base. While attending The University of Oklahoma, he studied Music Composition, and now after many years the veteran musician is set to debut with All I Am. Ready for release in 2011, from that effort we've selected The Dreams That We Once Shared, an evocative piece that features some compelling saxwork courtesy of Gary Herbig!

CD: All I Am (2011)
Label: Revolutions Entertainment
Vincent Ingala - North End Soul
It Is What It Is - Vincent Ingala:
Fast out of the blocks comes Vincent Ingala with a project that may well be the best from a new artist in 2010. Although still in high school, here's a 17 year-old who plays with a maturity that well belies his youth. Starting on drums when he was 4, Vincent has since gone on to add guitar, keys, and sax - which has become his primary instrument. Based in Waterbury Connecticut, Ingala is an honour student who plays in both the school concert and jazz bands. In addition to the increasing demands of his solo schedule, which included a recent invitation to appear at the Vegas Hilton, Ingala plays with a few different bands to help broaden his spectrum and to remain current; meanwhile he still finds the time to perform at charity events and fundraisers. He's already opened for Dave Koz and now with his debut, entitled North End Soul to reflect growing up on the north side of the city, Ingala is poised to become the next big break-thru performer in smooth jazz. Having not only played all the instruments, Vincent also recorded the project and penned 6 of the tracks. The result is a cd that's as good as anything out there! From an artist destined for greatness, we present Vincent Ingala with It Is What It Is and a tune upon which Vin ably demonstrates his grasp of the groove!

CD: North End Soul (2010)
Label: V-Sound Entertainment

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Fresh Trax: Part Two
Fourplay - Let's Touch The Sky
Pineapple Getaway - Fourplay:
It's been 20 years since the quartet known as Fourplay debuted and in the course of a dozen recordings, six have reached the top of Billboard's Contemporary Jazz charts. Bob James, Harvey Mason, and Nathan East, have been the three pillars upon which the band has built a reputation for stretching the parameters of their craft. Initially, Lee Ritenour filled the guitar chair and then it was Larry Carlton, both artists are among the most highly regarded players of the day. After 12 years with the band, Carlton left to pursue solo interests and now easing into that spot while barely a missing a strum, Fourplay welcomes its newest member, guitar virtuoso Chuck Loeb. The infusion of fresh ideas and new energy bodes well for the veteran combo as they continue to explore the limitless dimensions of jazz and to reach for the apex of excellence. From the cd whose title reflects the philosophy we present the Harvey Mason composition, the Caribbean-flavored Pineapple Getaway and one of the album's finest moments!

CD: Let's Touch The Sky (2010)
Label: Heads Up
Walter Bush, Jr. - Long Time Coming
I'm Still Growing - Walter Bush, Jr.:
A native of Montgomery Alabama, Walter Bush, Jr. grew up in a musical environment - before his teens, his mother began teaching him piano and violin and thru his junior and senior years, he played cello with the youth orchestra. Walter then went on to earn a degree in music theory and composition from Alabama State. He seemed destined to follow an avenue that involved teaching at the university, when he did a full 180 and turned to a career in architecture at his father's firm. His calling for music was put on the back burner for some time until the recent issue of Long Time Coming, his debut. With a mix of soulful R&B grooves, we have the ever optimistic vibe of I'm Still Growing!

CD: Long Time Coming (2009)
Label: B-Note
Craig Sharmat - Outside In Ease Up - Craig Sharmat:
Craig Sharmat hails from New York City and studied classical piano while in grade school. In time, his love of the guitar transitioned him away from piano, and as his playing progressed he grew to appreciate many of the fusion players of the day. After performing with various bands and playing some of the venues in Vegas, Sharmat landed a spot with Ronnie Laws and then followed that with a stint with Randy Crawford. At pretty well the same time, Sharmat developed an interest in composing for film and television. For a time that became Sharmat's primary focus and in that regard he's played on and / or written for many movies and over a thousand TV episodes. After being convinced to join a "groove band", the fire to play jazz was rekindled! With the help of Rick Braun, Sharmat released So Cal Drivin, his debut, in 2009. The single of the same name spent 4 months on the Billboard Smooth Jazz Indicator Charts and buoyed by that success, Sharmat has a new cd, Outside In, due to be issued early in 2011. From that album we have the advance single featuring an outstanding mix of smooth and funky grooves!

CD: Outside In (2011)
Label: Scoredog

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After Hours ~ Exclusive to our Site and Select Affiliates :
Right Down Broadway: … it's the 4th in our roadway series. Cued are 11 tunes - each is in some way connected to or named for some form of avenue or artery - be it Will Sumner's Wine Highway or The Fantasy Band with Cyrus Field Road. We have tunes like Shakatak's Street Level, East River Drive by Stanley Clarke, and Freeway from Soundscape UK; then in the end we take things Right Down Broadway, and that's the name for the feature after a tune by Chuck Loeb. The journey begins right off with Acoustic Alchemy and One For the Road to fuel the trip! Playlist for Ed#591

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