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November 14th, 2010
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This Week at
… ready for this show is Island of a Thousand Dreams – the new one from keyboardist Chris Geith - and that’s the spotlight album on the showcase segment. Then on the Back Trax section in hour 2, we’re rolling out the red carpet for music from days gone by. This edition features a joint effort by Paul Winter & Oscar Castro-Neves as well as a one-off project from Joe Sample and the Soul Committee. Also appearing are Chanté Moore and Rodney Lee; while rounding the set is a tune from Kenny Pore. Then after the Back Trax are Phillip Brooks and Les Sabler, there’s Dave Koz plus the Turkish band known as Synthpathic; while sparkling thruout are Steve Cole, Marion Meadows, and Pamela Williams. But first out of the starting blocks is Nils ... on Café Jazz, serving music with mustard!
In This Issue:

Island ... Thousand Dreams - Chris Geith

Aula de ... - Winter/Castro-Neves
Sky Islands - Rodney Lee
While It's Good - Sample/Soul Com.
Wey U - Chanté Moore
Cielo Bailarin - Kenny Pore

AFTER HOURS : Route 101
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Showcase CD
Island of a Thousand Dreams - Chris Geith:

Chris Geith started on piano when he was six, and after classical music and jazz, he branched into mood and groove, as well R&B. Geith earned a Master's degree from the Manhattan School of Music, and then in 1995 he gained key recognition as the recipient of a Keyboard Magazine award. The 2000 Prime Time release, his 3rd album, made Geith one of the most downloaded artists in the history of the old site. He then went on to issue Timeless World, and a project that climbed to the #2 spot on the list of Café Jazz favourites for all of 2008. In the interim, Geith was very active. His compositions were featured on network TV and he produced commercials for several high profile clients. Additionally, he performed at top venues such as the Birdland Jazz Club and the Apollo Theatre, both in New York City, while appearing at a number of international festivals! Meanwhile in 2002 he recorded Window on the World, a project which remains unreleased. However, fortunate for us, most of the music was redone, rerecorded, and ended up on Chris's current effort in Island of a Thousand Dreams!

Chris Geith - Island of a Thousand Dreams
So now following on the momentum he built with Timeless World, Chris is back with that very release and a cd that blends new age, smooth jazz, and classical influences. Good things continue to happen to Mr. Geith as right out of the box this project has been a top seller for several months with several tracks earmarked for play on The Weather Channel where Geith has earned the status of a perennial favourite!
Chris Geith Chris shot
It's therefore with a measure of satisfaction that we direct the Café Jazz spotlight at Chris and Island of a Thousand Dreams as the focal point for the showcase segment. For the ice breaking track we have Once in a Lifetime and a tune which well illustrates that Geith has made substantive stylistic gains over the years. On The Mirror of Happiness, Chris demonstrates his classical training, while Coastal Daydreaming is the upbeat show closer. So come along as we sail away to Chris Geith's Island of a Thousand Dreams - it's a place where your musical fantasies will soon be fulfilled!

CD: Island of a Thousand Dreams (2010)
Label: Timeless World Productions

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Back Trax: Part One
Paul Winter & Oscar Castro-Neves - Brazilian Days
Aula de Matemática - Paul Winter & Oscar Castro-Neves:
Hailing from Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, Oscar Castro-Neves emerged in the early '60s as one of the founding figures in the movement that became known as Bossa Nova. His first song recorded at 16 became a national hit and in 1962, he helped lead the Bossa Nova invasion of the U.S. Subsequently, Castro-Neves went on to record historic albums with some of the biggest names in music. For his part, Paul Winter was 17 when he embarked on his first professional tour. In the early '60s, Winter formed a jazz sextet which the U.S. State Department sent on a six-month stint of 23 Latin America countries. The junket affected Winter deeply. For a good part of the mid-60s, he made Brazil a second home - he assimilated the musical culture and recorded several albums. Each has credentials much too lengthy to mention here. Having worked together on several occasions during various stages in their careers, the 1998 Brazilian Days release was a reunion for effort from two gifted and well-traveled musicians and featured interpretations of many bossa nova favourites. From that cd we have Aula de Matemática translating to A Mathematics Lesson. Now having taught Math for the past 37 years, this tune is nothing short of a natural for us!

CD: Brazilian Days (1998)
Label: Living Music
Rodney Lee - The Satellite Orchestra
Sky Islands - Rodney Lee:
Rodney Lee spent a few years designing circuits for Bell Labs after graduating with a Bachelors and a Masters in Electrical Engineering. Nevertheless, with a background in classical and jazz piano he relocated to LA in the 90s to pursue a career in music. In 1994, he began a five-year stint with the group B-Sharp and then a couple of years later, Lee teamed with Chris Standring to release a project entitled Solar System. The pair has continued to collaborate with Lee co-producing Standring's break-thru debut and subsequent projects. Additionally, Rodney has scored for film and TV; he's backed the likes of El DeBarge, Marc Antoine, Mindi Abair and others - all while releasing several projects on his own. The Satellite Orchestra released in 2006 was Lee's journey into what he terms as jazz-tronica and from it we have the track Sky Islands!

CD: The Satellite Orchestra (2006)
Label: Innocent Bystander Records

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Back Trax: Part Two
Joe Sample and The Soul Committee - Did You Feel That?
While It's Good - Joe Sample and The Soul Committee:
Houston native Joe Sample started out playing hard bop but he veered in the direction of electric during the days of fusion. In the late 50s, Sample helped found The Jazz Crusaders, who garnered numerous awards over the course of nearly three decades thru to 1987. Concurrently, Sample launched a successful solo career staring in 1978 and had several top-selling records. In 1994, Sample led a one-off all-star gathering billed as The Soul Committee. Featuring A-listers such as Oscar Brashear on trumpet, Lenny Castro on percussion, Steve Gadd on drums, Michael Landau on guitar, and Ready Freddie Washington on bass, the project presented a slightly more assertive approach than Sample had employed on many of his solo efforts. From the album cleverly titled Did You Feel That? (following the big LA Northridge quake of '94) we have the after-the-shaking-had-stopped relative calm of While It's Good with Joel Peskin on sax!

CD: Did You Feel That? (1994)
Label: Warner Bros.Records
Chanté Moore - Waiting to Exhale (Original Soundtrack)
Wey U - Chanté Moore:
Chanté Moore was born to a gospel minister and grew up singing in her church. She decided to pursue a career in music while in high school and at age twenty-two, she signed a record deal. Moore debuted in 1992 and then a few years later, she appeared on the soundtrack for the film Waiting to Exhale, which was scored by Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds. The cd spawned 4 top 10 hits, although with Moore still early in her career, she may have been overshadowed by the likes of Whitney Houston, Brandy, Toni Braxton, Aretha Franklin, Patti LaBelle, and Mary J. Blige. Even so, Chanté's hypnotic vocalise set a personal high water mark for the project!

CD: Waiting to Exhale (Original Soundtrack) (1995)
Label: Arista
Kenny Pore - Together As One
Cielo Bailarin - Kenny Pore :
Coming from a musical family, Chicago native Kenny Pore left high school at the age of 16 to pursue a career in music. He was attracted to pop festivals around the country and eventually found himself playing on the street-corners of San Francisco. He took a few guitar lessons and after stops in Detroit and Dallas, he landed up in LA with a demo project. Nobody seemed interested; so after working the midnight shift as a hotel bellhop and sleeping in his car, he went back to Dallas. In due course, Pore picked up a few production skills and back in LA he booked a three hour block of studio time. Alex Acuna was scheduled to take part in these sessions, but because of a scheduling mix-up, Vinnie Colaiuta became a final minute replacement. So it was that Kenny debuted in 1984.Supported by Rick Riso, Russell Ferrante, John Patitucci, Brandon Fields, Tommy Emmanuel, Michael Landau and others, Together As One in 1989 was Pore's 4th
album and to date, it remains his most recent original project. From that release, we've selected the fusiony flavours of Cielo Bailarin or Sky Dancer, a tune that Pore reprised for the '99 compilation Sessions Volume One!

CD: Together As One (1989)
Label: TBA Records
Kenny Pore - Sessions Volume One
Sessions Volume One
KGP / 1999

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After Hours ~ Exclusive to our Site and Select Affiliates :
Route 101: … on the burner are 13 tracks as part of our current byway/highway series. Each of these selections is loosely connected to the name of some form of roadway and they’re on this Route 101 feature named after a terrific Herb Alpert track from the early 80s. Included are Mack Avenue, Pathway to Glory, Adderley Street and Caledonia Road, while it’s Coast Road Drive getting us underway! Playlist for Ed#590

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