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November 7th, 2010
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This Week at
… stepping into the spotlight on this edition it's Patrick Yandall - the new one is called The Window and that'll be the feature cd on the showcase segment. Following in hour 2 is the Fresh Trax section of the show with a cutting edge blend of new music. Starring on today's installment are Dave Koz and Blake Aaron. Appearing for the first time are veteran saxman Butch Thomas, and the Turkish band called Synthpathic while also debuting is Alessandro Magnanini out of Italy! Later the hour it's a Café Jazz four pack of favourites with Rick Braun and The Benoit-Freeman Project as well as Paul Taylor and Joe Ercole … so dream along with me!
In This Issue:

The Window - Patrick Yandall

Caribbean Woman - Butch Thomas
Cocktail - Synthpathic
When Will I Know For Sure - Dave Koz
Encantadora - Blake Aaron
Open Up Your Eyes - Alessandro Magnanini

AFTER HOURS : Crossroads
PLAYLIST: Playlist for Ed#589

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Showcase CD
The Window - Patrick Yandall:

Born and raised the son of a jazz musician, it was only natural that Patrick Yandall would gravitate to that idiom. A native of Bay City Michigan, Yandall tried trumpet and guitar but the latter won out with George Benson and Wes Montgomery becoming major influences. By his early teens, Patrick was playing underage clubs and in the late 70s, he toured with the fusion group Clockwork. Following a summer symposium at Berklee, in the early 80s Yandall relocated to San Diego where he soon became entrenched on the SoCal session circuit. Launching his solo career in 1994, Yandall has enjoyed a string of well-received cds and in the last few recent years, his output has become nothing short of prolific. All the while he's shown many flashes of brilliance along the way. Well versed in a wide variety of styles, diversity has always been a strong suit. These past years, not only has Yandall pursued a career as a front man, but his compositions have been licensed for various media outlets while his studio and live performance schedule includes work with Michael Paulo, Scott Wilkie, J. Michael Verta, and others.

Patrick Yandall - The Window
Patrick Yandall - KiFM Event
Patrick Yandall - KiFM Event
The Window is his latest and 13th overall, and a project upon which the veteran musician ably demonstrates the maturity of his craft. With richly layered grooves, and textures of jazz and blues, Yandall moves easily between funky grooves, cool tropicality, and retro jazzy-soul thus offering a unique view of the musical passion that comes from within - thus The Window is a rather fitting moniker for the disc. Therefore it's with singular pleasure that we have Patrick Yandall's The Window as the spotlight release. And within that framework, Jersey Shore is the tune to launch the showcase feature. Love is in the air at the start of hour 2 with the pretty love ballad You and I. Finally, we have La Jolla, a breezy tune that shares its name with the trendy seaside resort community within San Diego's northern limits. So it is, that 16 years after breaking onto the scene, the multi-dimensional Patrick Yandall remains as dynamic and as committed as ever as to exploring a musical vision that is further revealed thru The Window! Patrick Yandall Then & Now Spotlight Feature Ed #487 - June 8th, 2008

CD: The Window (2010)
Label: Innervision Records

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Fresh Trax: Part One
Butch Thomas - Caribbean Woman
Caribbean Woman - Butch Thomas:
Born and raised in St Louis, Missouri, Conrad "Butch" Thomas graduated with a Bachelor's in Music from Webster University in 1983. Soon after, Thomas relocated to NYC and in short order he connected with bassist Jaco Pastorius appearing live and on record with the late legend from 1983 thru until 1987. This led to a series of high profile gigs and over the course of a near 30-year career Butch has backed the likes of Lenny Kravitz, Aretha Franklin, and Sting. Thomas debuted as a front man in 2008 with a self-titled release for which he was earned a Gold Artist Winner from the Radio Indy Awards. Now after a couple of years, Thomas has issued Caribbean Woman, released on iTunes and, and we're offering the highly danceable title track!

CD: Caribbean Woman (2010)
Label: Spectra Records
Synthpathic - Waiting in Lounge
Cocktail - Synthpathic:
Irfan Davazli and Onur Ozman represent a new generation of Turkish musician. Ozman is well-known for his house music tunes - with nearly 30 EPs plus many appearances on various compilations, he is considered one of its most talented producers. In contrast, Davazli's technique is deeper and more underground exploring a range from Latin beats to Eastern influences. Drawing from these opposing backgrounds, they team as Synthpathic creating an amazing crossover sound that is redefining the downtempo style. From Waiting in Lounge, their debut we present a great example of this hybrid strain of NuJazz/House in a tune called Cocktail!

CD: Waiting in Lounge (2010)
Label: Lemongrass Music

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Fresh Trax: Part Two
Dave Koz - Hello Tomorrow
When Will I Know For Sure - Dave Koz:
In a 2-decade career, Dave Koz has distinguished himself as a platinum-selling artist and a six-time Grammy nominee who has played with luminaries such as Burt Bacharach and Ray Charles. Additionally, Koz is a well-respected radio show, an entrepreneur, and a philanthropist. For 17 years, Koz has served as global ambassador for the Starlight Children's Foundation. For his accomplishments, Koz was honoured with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2009. But more recently, Dave was a two-time winner as entertainer of the year and broadcaster of the year at the American Smooth Jazz Awards held in Chicago. Now with the issue of Hello Tomorrow, his 10th release overall, we'll be singing more of Dave's praises in the weeks ahead. From that cd we have When Will I Know For Sure. With Boney James playing tenor in perfect concert with 'The Koz', this represents one of Dave's prettiest selections ever!

CD: Hello Tomorrow (2010)
Label: Concord Music Group
Blake Aaron - Encantadora
Encantadora - Blake Aaron:
In the early days of his career, Blake Aaron played as an LA studio musician and as sideman and over the course of his career he's backed artists from The Drifters and Carlos Santana to Hiroshima and Marion Meadows. Additionally, Blake has played for film & TV having appeared as the guitarist on Mad TV for 14 years along with a wide variety of other gigs. In 2001, he issued With Every Touch, his debut release. The project drew a fair bit of media attention with 3 charting singles and included guest appearances by Eric Marienthal and David Benoit. Aaron built on that momentum with Bringin' It Back in 2004 and with Desire in 2007; the later release lingered among the R&R Top 20 for 15 weeks and maintained the #1 spot on the Indie Charts for an astonishing 20 week period. Since 2008, Aaron has been hosting the internationally syndicated Blake Aaron Radio Show specializing in an artist to artist format. Nonetheless, the wheels are already turning in anticipation of Blake's next album entitled Soul Stories. From that cd due to be issued in 2011, we have Encantadora the enlivening lead single!

Single: Encantadora (2010) / CD: Soul Stories (2011)
Label: Innervision Records & Entertainment
Alessandro Magnanini - Someway Still I Do
Open Up Your Eyes - Alessandro Magnanini:
Magnanini grew up in Reggio Emilia in northern Italy and from an early age he showed a keen interest in music. With a focus on jazz greats such as Ellington, Davis, and Jobim, he became enthralled by the evolution of the genre. Initially self-taught as a guitarist, composer and producer, Magnanini gained experience thru a variety of club activity and recording sessions. The year 2006 proved pivotal, when upon the suggestion of a friend, Magnanini contacted Mario Biondi. Their resulting collaboration as Was-a-bee gained wide-reaching recognition. Using this success as a springboard, Alessandro assumed the directorship for the 25-piece Duke Orchestra and it was during this period that he hatched the idea for a solo project. Taking his inspiration from the great adult pop productions of the past, Magnanini released Someway Still I Do, his debut, in 2009. Creating orchestral atmospheres reminiscent of a bygone era, but filtered thru a jazz lens, here's as bold and dynamic a statement as we've heard in some time! From that effort, we have the opening number with vocalist Jenny B sounding like a re-incarnation of the great Shirley Bassey!

CD: Someway Still I Do (2009)
Label: Schema Records

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After Hours ~ Exclusive to our Site and Select Affiliates :
Crossroads: The second in our current series … we're takin' it to the roads, the streets, and the byways. On tap is a 12-track set wherein each selection is named for or connected to some form of roadway or thoroughfare - be it the likes of Michael Lington's Ocean Drive or the Boney James / Rick Braun collaboration Central Avenue. We've dubbed the feature Crossroads after a tune by Dan Siegel. So stay with us if you will for tunes such as Reflections on the Highway by Briza, Acoustic Alchemy's Road Dogs, Coastal Route from Beatifik, and Kilauea with Midnight on the Boulevard. Meanwhile, playing it a bit free and easy, we adjusted the parameters for inclusion in this set with the opening track - Always There by Avenue Blue - yes-sir-ee - first we make the rules and then we break them! Playlist for Ed#589

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