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October 31st, 2010
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This Week at
… cued for this show is keyboardist Stan Berger. The debut is called Kool Shoes and that's the featured cd on the showcase segment. Then as part of Back Trax in hour 2, we'll peer back into the distant past for some great music from days gone by - this edition has the band Turning Point. Also appearing are Crystal Wind and Cliff deMarks; while rounding the set are Akira Jimbo out of Japan and Germany's Hellmut Hattler. Trailing Back Trax is the fresh and the new with Brian Simpson and The 420 Café, plus there's Will Sumner; while sprinkled thruout are Pete Gitlin, Joyce Cooling and Jonathan Butler … on Café Jazz, serving up radio with relish!
In This Issue:

Kool Shoes - Stan Berger

Rain Dancer - Crystal Wind
Islands - Turning Point
Driftin' - Akira Jimbo
2:00am Rolling - Cliff deMarks
Delhi News - Hattler

AFTER HOURS : Streetwave
PLAYLIST: Playlist for Ed#588

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Showcase CD
Kool Shoes - Stan Berger:

Formerly the keyboardist for Barry White, Stan Berger is a longtime musician who grew up listening to the likes of Ravel's Bolero and Bizet's Carmen. He was born in Mandan North Dakota, but early on the Berger clan relocated to California where young Stan started the accordion at the age of seven. With a father who was a connoisseur of classical music, Stan was exposed to many of the composers from 'the romantic era'. This all had a tremendous impact on Stan's musical direction and his career. But apart from the classics, Berger also worked at establishing his jazz credentials by "learning American and European folk songs, jazz and pop standards." Barry White's music too had a profound influence on his style. Berger went on to study at the University of Redlands and in 1994 he earned a doctorate in composition from Claremont. Working as part of the West Coast music scene for many years, it was only this past March that Berger finally issued his debut in Kool Shoes!

Stan Berger - Kool Shoes
Stan Berger Stan shoes
It wasn't long before the music world began to take notice. In particular, fellow keyboardist Brian Simpson for one immediately recognized the caliber of Berger's compositions and recorded a real nice read on Berger's Our Love while borrowing Stan's sax player Steve Alaniz for the gig. Nonetheless, that's simply one of several choice pieces that gave us pause to shine the Café Jazz spotlight on Stan Berger and Kool Shoes - and in so doing we selected the original take - Our Love Is Here To Stay to initiate the showcase segment. Steve Alaniz is featured on the selection, as well as on the moody gem Trust in Love that's at the top of the second hour. Meantime, the smooth stride of Kool Shoes the title track carries us out on an upbeat note! A gifted musician and composer, with the strength of the music on Kool Shoes, Stan Berger delivers what is hopefully an omen of many more exquisite pieces yet to come in the years ahead!

CD: Kool Shoes (2010)
Label: Stan Berger Music

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Back Trax: Part One
Crystal Wind - Café Tropique
Rain Dancer - Crystal Wind:
With releases in the late 80s and early 90s, the band Crystal Wind issued a pair of fine albums on the old Higher Octave label. With main man Kevin Setchko on flute, keys, synthesizers and various other instruments, Crystal Wind presented elements of reggae fused with a variety of new age influences. From the 1992 Café Tropique release, we have a real nice tune called Rain Dancer!

CD: Café Tropique (1992)
Label: Higher Octave
Turning Point - Turning Point
Islands - Turning Point:
Led by the Sahnas brothers and based in Phoenix Arizona, the band Turning Point took on the club scene in the early 90s. The brothers, Thano on guitar and Demitri on bass, grew up playing in local rock bands but at the same time they were also performing the traditional folk music of Greece. In they early 90s they connected with keyboardist (and now also top producer) Michael Broening, as well as with Bruce Stodola and John Herrera, still a member of the band. They called themselves Turning Point in recognition of the fact that each felt the band signified a pivotal point in each of their careers. Presenting a progressive mix of jazz together with a wide ranging blend of styles, Turning Point issued their eponymously titled debut in 1994 - from that effort we've chosen the varied tempos and flavors of Islands, the opening track on the disc!

CD: Turning Point (1994)
Label: Elfin Music Company

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Back Trax: Part Two
Akira Jimbo - Palette
Driftin' - Akira Jimbo:
Inspired after hearing Steve Gadd, Akira Jimbo didn't start on drums until he was 17, but the 30 plus year veteran went on to become the first Japanese drum set artist to achieve worldwide acclaim on the clinic circuit. After studying at the Keio University in Tokyo, Jimbo joined the fusion band Casiopea in 1980. With Casiopea, he was able to develop both his drumming and his compositional talents on over a dozen albums. Jimbo left in 1989 due to creative differences only to return as a part time member in 1996. In the interim, Jimbo recorded several fine releases on his own. From his '89 sophomore cd called Palette, there's the very pretty Driftin' with Hammer Smith on harmonica!

CD: Palette (1989)
Label: Optimism
Cliff deMarks - Club Night
2:00am Rolling - Cliff deMarks:
After graduating from Alcorn University with an accounting degree, Cliff deMarks supplemented his income by performing as a Church musician. The dream of pursuing a full time career in music was put on the back burner for a few years while he raised a family. But in the year 2000, the dream became reality and in the time since the Atlanta-based keyboardist has issued over 40 albums in a wide variety of styles. From 2006 and Club Night we have the early-am mood of 2:00am Rolling!

CD: Club Night (2006)
Label: deMarks Studios
Hattler - Bass Cuts
Delhi News - Hattler :
After many years of forced violin lessons, Hellmut Hattler was ready to never touch a musical instrument again when he started to experiment with the bass. With that came the resolve that that he would play only the music that truly came from within. Accordingly, Hattler has developed as one of the premier musicians in his homeland; with a distinct sound and masterful technique, he's continued to evolve creatively for over 30 years. In the 70s, he spear-headed the influential combo Kraan, a concept as substantive as many of the USA's jazz-rock pioneers of the day. Having undergone a variety of configurations, Kraan has recorded across 4 decades since their inception. As well, Hattler recorded 8 cds issued primarily in the 90s together with trumpeter Joo Kraus as half of Tab Two. Additionally, Hattler has continued his explore his craft with several projects recorded under his surname - from the 2004 Bass Cuts release we present the 8 minute trance - endental Delhi News!

CD: Bass Cuts (2004)
Label: Bassball Recordings

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After Hours ~ Exclusive to our Site and Select Affiliates :
Streetwave: … the feature is called Streetwave after a selection by The Brothers Johnson and on tap are 13 tracks - each with a name akin to a roadway. So stay tuned for the likes of Justo Almario's Seventh Avenue, Burma Road by Greg Adams, Luis Villegas with Whittier Boulevard, and Creek Lane by Fortune Vinson Cruse! Playlist for Ed#588

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