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September 12th, 2010
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This Week at
… the adventure continues with Les Sabler and Crescent Shores as the showcase cd. In hour 2, the latest instalment of Fresh Trax features a hip blend of brand new music. Headlining is Brian Simpson. Also appearing are Patrick Yandall and Nils. Phillip Brooks is on the show while debuting is the band Spring Island out of Hungary. Then following the new is a batch of the tried and true - selections by Pieces of a Dream and Vince Mai; there's The Benoit-Freeman Project as well as the group called Windows. So if you would like to swing on a star, and carry moonbeams home in a jar, be sure to catch all the action and you'll be better off than you are!
In This Issue:

Crescent Shores - Les Sabler

Ocean View - Phillip Brooks
La Jolla - Patrick Yandall
Never Without You - Brian Simpson
Open Dream - Spring Island
Dance with Me - Nils

AFTER HOURS : Raindrops
PLAYLIST: Playlist for Ed#581

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Showcase CD
Crescent Shores - Les Sabler:

It's been said, that revisiting the past can help bridge to the future and that may well be what Les Sabler did in creating Crescent Shores, his sixth and latest release. The ground work for the project was laid in a few sessions recorded in 1991 at Richard Elliot's Tampa studio. It was shortly after releasing his first album, that Sabler and his band started recording material for a follow up . Living in Florida's Sarasota area, Sabler would frequent Crescent Beach on Siesta Key, a stimulating setting from which Sabler drew inspiration for his compositions! Nonetheless, some challenges in the world of business caused the shelving of the record until Sabler rediscovered the original tapes gathering dust. That, together with finding a fresh voice on acoustic guitar, spurred Sabler to action causing him to return to the studio to complete what he'd started nineteen years before. A few of the original performances were retained but the majority of the material was re-done, while Les also added a new track or two.

Les Sabler - Crescent Shores
Moreover, the project proved a re-union effort as Sabler teamed again with keyboardist & producer Allon Sams - the two had collaborated brilliantly on 2003's Bridge the Gap, a cd that lingered near the top of our list of favourites for no less than a couple of years. Subsequently, Les scored big with Sweet Drive - our absolute #1 most played cd in all of 2008. So with all this as background to the present, it's with keen anticipation that Les Sabler now re-enters the Café Jazz limelight with this current release!
Les Sabler
Les Sabler
First up is Turn of the Century. When Sabler titled the track, little could he have imagined that the finished product would connect performances by drummer David "Frankie" Toler, bassist Bruce Waibel, and percussionist Joe Lala recorded in the 90s, with those of Sabler and Sams done in 2010. Some of Tampa's finest in Mic Smith on flugelhorn, Gene Cannon on flute, and Ruben Drake on bass, join in to create some exquisite moments on Lonely Girl, Sabler's great read on a Mark-Almond tune recorded back in 1973, and that's the track opening hour 2. Then in the end, it's Sabler's stirring beach serenade and the title track. A cd that effectively spans the decades, Crescent Shores is a project with which Les Sabler fondly reminisces on an earlier phase of his career while boldly ushering in a new & dynamic chapter! Les Sabler Then & Now Spotlight Feature Ed #470 - February 10th, 2008

CD: Crescent Shores (2010)
Label: Big Deal Records

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Fresh Trax: Part One
Phillip Brooks - Ocean View
Ocean View - Phillip Brooks:
Detroit native Phillip Brooks demonstrated much promise early in his career and by his teens he was recording and performing live. After working for a time in gospel music, Brooks toured with Mary J Blige and the R&B group Silk. In 2003, he became the Music Director for Wayman Tisdale and after gigging the country with the bassman, Brooks discovered the genre that well-suited his own expressiveness and creativity. He debuted in 2008 and the new release called Ocean View is now his 3rd overall and a collection that Brooks offers in memory of his late friend. The project features some of the Motor City's finest and from it we have the groovalicified title track!

CD: Ocean View (2010)
Label: Mojoy Records
Patrick Yandall - The Window
La Jolla - Patrick Yandall:
In the early 80s, the native of Bay City Michigan relocated to San Diego, where he became entrenched on the LA-SD session scene. Launching his solo career back in '94, Yandall has issued a series of well-received cds all while demonstrating many flashes of brilliance along the way and in recent years, his output has become nothing short of prolific. With richly layered grooves and textures of jazz and blues, the recently issued The Window is now his 12th. From that effort we have a breezy tune that suitably shares its name with the trendy seaside resort community within the northern limits of America's Finest City. "La Jolla, with its laid-back Caribbean flavor, steel pans, and acoustic touch from Yandall makes you want to don your beach hat and shades and just settle back to bask in that warming island sun and soak in all that richness. Hey, you've got it all: Music, beach, life. Pretty glorious ..." (courtesy of Ronald Jackson & The Smooth Jazz Ride) Patrick Yandall Then & Now Spotlight Feature Ed #487 - June 8th, 2008

CD: The Window (2010)
Label: Innervision Records

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Fresh Trax: Part Two
Brian Simpson - South Beach
Never Without You - Brian Simpson:
Dave Koz's musical director continues creating albums that rate a solid 10 on the Café Jazz wow factor! South Beach is now cd #4 in the Simpson catalogue and it likely represents Brian's most accomplished effort to date. It was back in 2007 that Simpson simply floored us with Above the Clouds, a project that surged to the #3 spot on our in house list of most played album in the year. Now following a well-deserved ASJA nomination as keyboardist of the year, comes a project with the full potential to be a chart-buster! Simpson shares "While working on South Beach in my studio I often stepped back to a corner of the room and closed my eyes, as if listening for the first time, to see if the music compelled an emotion. I truly hope the listener can feel the love and care that all of the musicians contributed to the recording." One of the most expressive and heart-felt tracks on the disc is a gorgeous ballad called Never Without You and it features Brian on piano together with Peter White on guitar and Steve Alaniz on sax. Suffice it to say, the players don't play the notes, they caress them. Gentle, reflective, and caring - this one will definitely tug at your heart strings! Brian Simpson Then & Now Spotlight Feature Ed #387 - December 4th, 2005

CD: South Beach (2010)
Label: Shanachie Records
Spring Island - Get Movin'
Open Dream - Spring Island:
A band that comes to us from Hungary in the heart of central Europe, Spring Island is a 6-man combo led by keyboardist Akos George. A versatile & gifted musician well-versed in a variety forms, George graduated from the Bartók Béla Institute of Music and in the time since, he's played with many of the most prominent jazzers on the Hungarian scene. Co-founder & guitarist Balazs Galgoczi is an alumnus of the Liszt Ferenc Music College, and so it goes with each of the members having established impressive credentials. With exciting harmonies and improvisational themes, the band name is really quite reflective of their style, implying the freshness of spring together with an island flavor. Get Movin' is their debut and from it we had the plush sounds of Open Dream. The tune features Gyula Csepregi, one of the nation's leading sax players as well as Dave Samuels formerly of Spyro Gyra fame who guests on vibes on the track. So in Hungarian, how do you say, "It's a cool & groovy scene!"?

CD: Get Movin' (2010)
Label: Magneoton
Nils - What The Funk?
Dance with Me - Nils:
He recorded the most played track for the past decade in Pacific Coast Highway - it's Nils and he's back with a new one called What the Funk? With several #1 hits to his credit plus a nomination as best guitarist for the year at the upcoming ASJA, Nils is now set to expand on an already impressive set of accolades with this, his fourth album on the Baja label and his 5th overall. The title of this latest project clues you in right off - this effort is rife with soulful riffs and full of danceable grooves. From an effort upon which he broadens his horizons, Nils gives us an upbeat mover aptly entitled Dance with Me! Nils Then & Now Spotlight Feature Ed #443 - May 20th, 2007

CD: What The Funk? (2010)
Label: Baja Records

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After Hours ~ Exclusive to our Site and Select Affiliates :
Raindrops: …another in our ongoing connections series - on this occasion the operative concept was to include selections having the word rain, or some variation of a rain theme, as part of the title. We're calling the segment Raindrops, in deference to a track by Doc Powell and that's the tune that opens the show!Playlist for Ed#581

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