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April 18th, 2010
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American Smooth Jazz Awards:
GIGANTIC news! Yours truly has garnered a nomination as smooth jazz internet broadcaster of the year. We were pleased to receive a similar nod from the Canadian Awards this past season and now we're blown away to mention we're part of the American Awards as well. So if you enjoy the style of the biggest little show on radio, you can show a little luv with your on-line vote!

This Week at
… it's keyboardist Larry White in our spotlight. We have Coronado Breeze as the feature cd on the showcase marquee. Then we're kickin it ole skool with Back Trax in hour 2. Appearing on this instalment are Michael Colina and George Howard; there's a track from Germany's Tab Two; Blue Six led by Jay Denes is on this show, plus there's a fabulous tune done by The Breakfast Band dating back to the early 80s!

In This Issue:

Coronado Breeze - Larry White

Black Panther - Michael Colina
Too Bad - George Howard
No Flagman Ahead - Tab Two
You Just Can't Stop - Blue Six
L.A. 14 - The Breakfast Band

AFTER HOURS : Angel Love
PLAYLIST: Playlist for Ed#567

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Showcase CD
Coronado Breeze - Larry White:

After attending the High School for the Performing Arts in New York City and studying at UCLA, early in his career Larry White toured with The Sandpipers - in 1966, their track Guantanamera was a big hit. After a few years of life on the road, Larry became a staff writer for the Motown record label before embarking upon a long and successful career in musical direction. First it was TV, and then he connected with some of the biggest names in the biz such as Kenny Rogers & Dionne Warwick. Perhaps most notably, for many years Larry was Dusty Springfield's MD - among the many the songs he orchestrated were The Look Of Love and You Don't Have To Say You Love Me! Also having conducted just about every major symphony orchestra in the US and Canada, by 1999, White was up to new challenges and so he turned to singing and playing contemporary jazz and his own music!

Larry White - Coronado Breeze
In short order, Larry became a first call player for many of the finer venues in Las Vegas, and then he released his debut doubling on vocals and keys. 2005 saw the issue of Unsolicited Material which drew Grammy consideration while following a couple of years later was Coronado Breeze, the album under consideration on this occasion. Named for the island located just a short distance from downtown San Diego, Larry's current port of call, this project features eleven original tracks composed by Larry and his wife & writing partner Margaret White.
Larry White on the keys
Larry White at the keys!
Now in Spanish, Coronado means "the crowned one," and as a result, it seems to fittingly describe Larry's chic blend of Jazz and R&B and that contained therein! As such, it's shouldn't come as a surprise that we now nudge album and author into the soft glow of our showcase spotlight. Launching proceedings is the gentle tune which gave its name to the disc. Lonely Lady delicately opens hours 2 while we finish with the nicely crafted Dreamcatcher and its implied wish for nothing but the sweetest of dreams. With Coronado Breeze, Larry White provides ample evidence that he can not only handle the smooth scene just about as well as any player in the game today, but that he also possesses the style and flair to be placed among the very best!

CD: Coronado Breeze (2007)
Label: Coronado Records

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Back Trax: Part One
Michael Colina - Rituals
Black Panther - Michael Colina:
Now based in New York City, Michael Colina is a multiple Grammy winner. As a youth, he travelled between the USA and Cuba while listening to the sounds of the rumba, mambo, and samba, rhythms that his father loved to dance to. Surrounded by American soul and gospel, Colina studied composition at the North Carolina School of Arts while immersing himself in classical music. Over the past three decades he's written for theatre, film, & TV while also producing many of the legends in contemporary jazz in the likes of Bob James, David Sanborn, and Michael Franks. From Colina's own 1990 Rituals debut, we have the stealthy style of Black Panther!

CD: Rituals (1990)
Label: Private Music
George Howard - Reflections
Too Bad - George Howard :
George Howard started his career toward the end 70s and got a big break when Grover Washington asked him to tour in '79. After debuting as a lead man in 1982, Howard broke with Dancing in the Sun, his third release which reached #1 on the contemporary charts in 1985. For the next dozen years or so Howard proved a mainstay and one of the most consistent players in the genre he helped pioneered; remarkably, each of his next three records following DITS also scaled the top spot in the charts. Sadly, Howard passed in 1998 due to lymphoma at an all too early age of 41, having recorded 14 releases; a final cd was issued posthumously. From the Reflections cd, the fourth in a string of four #1's, we have the polished fusion of funk, jazz, and soul in the disc's opening track!

CD: Reflections (1988)
Label: MCA Records

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Back Trax: Part Two
Tab Two - Tab Two
No Flagman Ahead - Tab Two:
For nearly 15 years, Joo Kraus on trumpet and Hellmut Hattler on bass blended hip hop beats with smooth rhythms as Tab Two - their name being an acronym for the instruments they played in the trumpet and bass. The German duo debuted in 1991 and with the issue of their Flagman Ahead in 1995, they gained an international audience. The smooth appeal of the instrumental version of the near title track resulted in the issue of an eponymously titled cd a couple of years later, which contained that same track. From that effort we have the nuanced lines and hypnotic pulse of No Flagman Ahead!

CD: Tab Two (1997)
Label: Virgin Records
Blue Six - Aquarian Angel
You Just Can't Stop - Blue Six:
Hailing from Newark NJ, Jay Denes started performing professionally in the late 80s playing keys and singing in an NYC electronic pop band. He signed a record deal but soon became disillusioned by the experience and so he struck out on his own. Connecting with Dave Boonshoft, a like-minded musician/entrepreneur, they formed Naked Music production; their success in this venture led to the creation of the similarly named imprint a couple of years later. Bent on an artistic mission to deliver quality freestyle music while remaining commercially viable, Blue Six became the alias under which Denes issued a string of singles and remixes. This culminated in a full-length debut in 2002 and was followed by the Aquarian Angel sophomore project in 2007. With contributions by DB on guitar and bass, Mark Anthony Jones on guitar and JD himself on percussion and keys, we have a slick blend of smooth & soulful electronic pop-jazz featuring Catherine Russell on vocals on the track You Just Can't Stop!

CD: Aquarian Angel (2006)
Label: Naked Music
The Breakfast Band - Dolphin Ride
L.A. 14 - The Breakfast Band :
The Breakfast Band was a seven-piece UK jazz-funk unit that was formed in London in 1980. Comprised of Richard Bailey on drums and Ken Eley on sax, the ensemble also included Annise Hadeed on Steel Pans & percussion and Tony Maronie on congas & percussion. Additionally, Kuma Harada played bass while James Lascelles was featured on keys with Winston Delandro handling the guitar duties. For his part, the Guyanese-born Richard Bailey started drumming in Trinidad at the age of nine, and then by eighteen he had recorded with Jeff Beck on Blow By Blow. He then went on to fill the drum chair with Incognito for 15 years. In the interim, he provided the spark for The Breakfast Band who recorded a pair of albums. The tune L.A. 14 from their debut proved a dance hit, and from that release, we have that very ttack - an edgy tune featuring energetic electric guitar, some funky bass, plus steel pans. This one has well withstood the test of time!

LP: Dolphin Ride (1982)
Label: Breakfast Music

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After Hours ~ Exclusive to our Site and Select Affiliates :
Angel Love: … another action packed After Hours edition with our going connections series - on this occasion all the selections have the word Angel as part of their title. The opening face-off sees Pete Gitlin with the tune for which we named the segment; also in the initial set are Jeff Lorber, Nestor Torres, and Hart Ramsey. At the top of set #2 it's Paul Brown and we continue with Hiroshima, Tom Grant, and Acoustic Alchemy. Then for the final frame, there's Steve Laury and Alexander Zonjic as well as Williams Woods while finishing it, it'll be Urban Knights! A set dedicated to 'heavenly beings'! Playlist for Ed#567

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