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April 11th, 2010
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This Week at
… we have David Arkenstone taking center stage - Chillout Lounge is his latest release and that's the album on our showcase marquee. Hour 2, sees another exciting edition of Fresh Trax. Featured on this show are Eric Leone and Lynn Riley. Also appearing is saxman Jaared; keyboardist Michael Scherer debuts; while Alan Hewitt covers an Isaac Hayes classic from the 70s. Then after the Fresh Trax, we're balancing the new with the tried and true - and what a set we have for you this time. It begins with Les Sabler and continues with Roberto Perera and Danny Jung, plus there's a tune from 3rd Force - while sprinkled through out are the likes of Allon Sams, Walle Larsson, and Steve Baxter!
In This Issue:

Chillout Lounge - David Arkenstone

Cruisin - Eric Leone
Tag You're It - Lynn Riley
Dancing With You - Jaared
Simple Pleasures - Michael Scherer
Shaft - Alan Hewitt

AFTER HOURS : Café Amore
PLAYLIST: Playlist for Ed#566

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Showcase CD
Chillout Lounge - David Arkenstone:

He's been described as "a musical storyteller" who "is passionate about taking his listeners on a journey," and with Chillout Lounge, David Arkenstone creates yet another thrilling chapter in his musical saga. Hailing from Chicago, Arkenstone was just 10 when his family moved to California. Immersing himself in all the sounds that the West Coast had to offer, Arkenstone learned keys and guitar, and played in a variety of bands. Following college, he travelled all the across the USA covering the pop styles of the day - all the while, the synergy between technology and instruments was increasing exponentially. Influenced by the music of Kitaro, Arkenstone merged elements of World music, classic rock, and new age, and by incorporating aspects of electronica, he fabricated his signature style! Debuting in 1987 with Valley In The Clouds, a "blend of cinematic New Age rock and world music", Arkenstone then followed that with two #1 albums in 1990's Citizen of Time and '91's In the Wake of the Wind!

David Arkenstone - Chillout Lounge
As a three-time Grammy nominee, Arkenstone has sold over a million units worldwide. Additionally, he's composed for TV and film, and learned to play a variety of instruments including bouzouki, mandolin, bass guitar, harp, cello, flute, and many others yet still! Now with a catalogue that's grown to include over 30 releases covering multiple genres, the aptly titled Chillout Lounge is Arkenstone's latest. Easily one of the most engaging downtempo albums of the year, here's a project that reworks the boundaries between genres. It's cool and hip with a nicely frosted feel - so having selected a complement of choice selections it's now a pleasure to feature David Arkenstone and Chillout Lounge as the subject for our showcase presentation!
David Arkenstone!
David Arkenstone
When Brian Eno coined the term ambient back in the mid 70s, he may well have had Arkenstone's electro-acoustic Down By the River in mind - ambient meaning that existential form lying somewhere between melody and texture - and that's the tune with which we begin. Easing into the second hour of the show is the sonically sculptured Crystal Sky while the organic chill of Just Past Midnight makes for compelling listening regardless of whether it's night or day. With a vibe that's unique & fresh, David Arkenstone's Chillout Lounge is a great fit for "the hippest show on radio" as well as providing a perfect soundtrack to just chill & relax!

CD: Chillout Lounge (2009)
Label: Green Hill

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Fresh Trax: Part One
Eric Leone - Cruisin
Cruisin - Eric Leone:
Inspired by musical parents, Eric Leone Pritchett is a graduate of the Hartford Conservatory where he studied jazz guitar - nonetheless Leone is well-versed as a pianist as well as on several other instruments. After playing locally in the Hartford area in numerous R&B bands, he made his smooth jazz debut back in 2002 with the cd Outstanding. Now with a few more years to further hone some snazzy jazz chops, Cruisin is Leone's recently issued sophomore release and from it we have the groovin title track!

CD: Cruisin (2009)
Label: e Entertainment
Lynn Riley - Too Cool
Tag You're It - Lynn Riley:
Hailing from Washington, D.C., and raised just outside of Philadelphia, Lynn Riley developed her sensibility to different musical cultures while earning a Bachelor's in Ethnomusicology from the University of Hawaii. She continued her studies at the University of Missouri and with private lessons with the Kansas City Symphony's principal flutist, all while performing on that city's vibrant jazz scene. Additionally, Ms Riley became involved with the Women's Jazz Festival, an international celebration highlighting women musicians. After returning to Philadelphia, she played with many of the greats like Grover Washington Jr., David Bromberg, and Rachelle Farrell. Leading her own groups, Riley has opened for Najee, Spyro Gyra, and many others while performing throughout the US, in Europe, and around the world. After an initial local release, Riley and her band, the World Mix, have now taken her debut to the national level. From that effort, we're presenting the playful Tag You're It!

CD: Too Cool (2008)
Label: Independent

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Fresh Trax: Part Two
Jaared - Manhattan Nights
Dancing With You - Jaared:
In his childhood, Jaared Arosemena suffered from asthma and upon the recommendation of his doctor he took up the sax in order to strengthen his lungs. David Sanborn became an early influence for the DC native, but additionally other saxophonists who have had an impact on his playing include Grover Washington, Jr. and Nelson Rangell. In the mid-'80s, Jaared became active on the Washington scene where he played with a variety of funk and R&B artists - but, over the years he began to shift to smooth. Releasing his debut early in the 00's, that was also a time that found Jaared touring extensively as a sideman for Peter White. This combination of activity led to Jaared's 2002 nomination as Best New Artist of the Year by the National Smooth Jazz Association.

Manhattan Nights is now cd #4 and Jaared's second on the Trippin Records label but his first with ace-producer and Grammy-winner Michael Broening. Broening has long worked with Marion Meadows while more recently he produced Cindy Bradley's Bloom cd which is in the contention for Album of the Year at the upcoming inaugural edition of the American Smooth Jazz Awards. Broening's guiding hand is immediately evident on the project, particularly upon the selection we've chosen. Jaared's never sounded sweeter than on the gorgeous tune entitled Dancing With You. Even on the very first listen, this expressive ballad became an early odds-on-favorite to be one of our most played selections for the year and I have no doubt that you're gonna luv it too!

CD: Manhattan Nights (2010)
Label: Trippin 'n' Rhythm Records
Links: Jaared - M.Broening -
Michael Scherer - Exceeding Expectations
Simple Pleasures - Michael Scherer:
Michael Scherer began in music at the age of five training classically on the piano. However, by the time he was in his teens, jazz was his thing. Scherer earned a degree in Commercial Music from Millikin University and he then traveled throughout the US, Europe, Central America and the Caribbean, performing at festivals such as The North Sea Jazz Festival, and at Montreux. Now back in his home town of Decatur Illinois, Scherer recently finished recording Exceeding Expectations, his third cd overall. His 2004 debut featured inspirational piano, while a 2006 project could be described as gospel hip-hop. Add to all of this, Scherer's experience as owner and CEO of Dream Vizion Productions, a one-stop audio production company, and you may get the idea that Scherer's tastes and abilities run a gamut of styles. With an eclectic blend, Michael Scherer now presents a unique & intriguing twist on the genre. From that effort we have one of his finest in a simply pleasurable tune aptly titled Simple Pleasures!

CD: Exceeding Expectations (2009)
Label: Dream Vizion Productions
Alan Hewitt - Retroactive
Shaft - Alan Hewitt:
After his last pair of releases rocked the foundations here on "the biggest little show on radio", Alan Hewitt makes a triumphant return to the smooth arena. The native of northern Michigan attended Berklee in Boston and although he'd issued a handful of well received releases, for the most part he'd devoted his career to backing artists from EW&F to Donnie Osmond. Having composed for film & TV, Hewitt was an award winner with credits that included The Osbournes, ET, and Oprah among many others. That direction changed with the 2004 issue of Noche de Pasion, our #3 most played cd for the year and with his Metropolis follow-up that duplicated that positioning a couple of years later. Since then, Alan has enjoyed numerous guest spots, most recently backing Steve Oliver on Steve's latest cd, while also appearing as a headliner on several smooth cruises. Now with an absence of about 4 years between studio releases, we have the 2010 issue of Retroactive. From that dynamic assemblage consisting primarily of Alan's original compositions, we have Hewitt's tribute to the genius of the late Isaac Hayes with an inspired cover of the theme from Shaft!

CD: Retroactive (2010)
Label: Nu Groove Records

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After Hours ~ Exclusive to our Site and Select Affiliates :
Café Amore: ... the most recent installment in our ongoing connections series. To be eligible for inclusion on this show, all the selections had to share a concept near and dear to our hearts, that being that the word café was part of their title … we have quite a fine collection for you today all under the heading of Café Amore! The Acoustic Alchemy bunch get things started and subsequently there's Marcos Ariel, the combo known as ReDux, as well as Bradley Leighton. First at bat in our second inning is the band Spyro Gyra with the tune that lent its name to the segment. Meantime, in the on-deck circle we have Peter White and trombonist Wayne Henderson, while also doing a few warm-ups are Jeff Golub and David Benoit. Then following our seventh inning stretch if you will, we have Otis Hayes III and Craig Chaquico plus Candy Dulfer while finishing it, it'll be David Boswell! Luv is in the air! Playlist for Ed#566

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