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September 6th, 2009
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This Week at
... it's trumpet lady Cindy Bradley in the spotlight - we're playing a sampling of three great tracks from the cd Bloom and those are part of the showcase segment. Then stay tuned for Fresh Trax in Hour 2 with all the latest and best in new music. Highlights on this edition are from Four80East and Les Sabler. Debuting on the show, we have Clarence McDonald & the Austrian combo of Thomas Partl and HP Höger, while Brian Tarquin & Frank Gambale cap the set. Later that same hour, we're dusting off a stack of tracks from back in the day - this time that includes Dave Koz & Bob Mamet. We'll be hearing from Dirk Richter and Randall Crissman as Vibes Alive as well there's something from Marc Antoine - while woven thruout like strands of silk in a tapestry are the likes of Nick Colionne, Richard Elliot, and Peter White!
In This Issue:

Bloom - Cindy Bradley

Not In Love With Me - Partl & Höger
Neptune's Waltz - Les Sabler
Shot In The Dark - Four80East
Summertime - Clarence McDonald
Spanish Harlem - Brian Tarquin

Special Feature - ... Always Be Time

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Showcase CD
Bloom - Cindy Bradley:

Born and raised in Buffalo, NY, Cindy Bradley's first instrument was the piano, which she began at the age of six. She chose the trumpet in the 4th grade for the school band and then by the age of twelve, she was performing professionally in a jazz group. It was this period more than any other, that led to Cindy's affinity for the genre and subsequently she went on to earn a bachelors in jazz studies from Ithaca, and then a masters in performance from the New England Conservatory. Relocating to NYC shortly thereafter, Bradley honed her chops and seasoned her sound as a sideman, touring and recording with a variety of groups from funk, top 40, and R&B, to jazz-fusion and straight ahead bands. After her promising premier release a couple of years back, Bradley came to the attention of Trippin 'n' Rhythm Records, who connected the budding performer with ace-producer and Grammy-winner Michael Broening. To say the least, the collaboration works exceedingly well the proof being Cindy's sophomore project that's rather appropriately entitled Bloom.

Cindy Bradley - Bloom
Now here's a disc that's a definite winner and one that sees Ms Bradley, poised to burst into full blossom as a serious contender for 'the breakthru artist' for the year! It's therefore a pleasure to pause and present Cindy Bradley and Bloom as the focus for our spotlight segment! We've chosen some great music - in triplicate no less - beginning with the soulful title track.
Cindy Bradley - Studio Shot
Cindy Bradley
Bradley is ably aided by Broening's work on keys, and in addition there's label mate Tim Bowman on guitar, Mel Brown on bass, and Freddie Fox on rhythm. It's virtually the same combo (with Mike White on drums replacing Bowman) on the easy sway of Swing Set at the top of hour 2! The uber funky Broening-penned Brooklyn Bounce sees saxman and fellow 'Tripper' Jaared join the festivities while White bows out - it's the groove and rhythmic smack of this track that may well be the most vibrant of the day and it's our pièce de résistance! A veritable 'tour de force' that's full of passion and yet more than just a bit poetic, Cindy Bradley's Bloom has all the poise, polish and allure of a future classic in the making!

CD: Bloom (2009)
Label: Trippin 'n' Rhythm Records
Sites - Cindy Bradley: Michael Broening:

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Fresh Trax: Part One
Not In Love With Me - T.Partl & HP.Höger:
On the cutting edge, we have Thomas Partl and Hanspeter Höger, or Thompascal/HP.Hoeger as they're otherwise known. Coming to us from the Tyrol area of Austria, a picture-book region noted for its natural beauty where jagged snow-capped peaks tower above fast-flowing rivers, green meadows, and onion-domed churches, the pair are producers of Lounge-Chillout and Nu-jazz music. Using the splendour of the district as inspiration and a backdrop for their creations, they've collaborated for about 15 years and have issued several projects, while successfully placing a variety of tracks on various compilations. Nonetheless, the tune we have for you on this edition is so fresh, it's yet to be released. Featuring some choice sampled vocals by an unidentified singer, this is a catchy, yet progressive ditty entitled Not In Love With Me!

CD: MP3 single (unreleased)
Label: Independent
Sites - Thomas Partl: Hanspeter Höger:
Les Sabler - Live
Neptune's Waltz - Les Sabler :
Our good friend out of the Tampa Bay area is fresh off the Café Jazz #1 cd in 2008 with the album Sweet Drive. His latest release entitled Live was recorded during a performance at the Sarasota Opera House back in 1995, around the time of issue of his second disc. While Sabler toyed with the idea of releasing a record over the years, for a variety of reasons the tapes sat in 'the archives' until the recent passing of one the band members, Steve Gould, reignited Sabler's drive to share the performance with his fans. The seeds sown that fateful night have just come to fruition with the action proving not only timely, but the process also therapeutic. Chock-full of energy and spontaneous moments, the quality of the venture belies the fact that it's been 14 years in the making - from Les Sabler Live, we have the rarefied weave of Neptune's Waltz featuring the flute playing of the late Steve Gould! Les Sabler Then & Now Spotlight Feature Ed #470 - February 10th, 2008

CD: Live (2009)
Label: The Music Force

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Fresh Trax: Part Two
Four80East - Roll On
Shot In The Dark - Four80East:
Nearly 20 years since the launch of Boomtang Records, and after the expiration of 12 full calendars since their own Four80East debut, Rob DeBoer & Tony Grace continue to operate as a crack dance remix and production unit. The veteran Toronto-based team hit upon the Four80 concept as a looser, more creative, and more open ended side venture, that allowed the melding of a dance vibe with some jazzy and more eclectic elements. They've continued in that vein with Roll On as the most recent in a string of genre-busting performances. From that effort, now their 5th to date, we've rather fittingly perhaps opted for track #5 in Shot In The Dark. With DeBoer on keys, bass, & guitar, and Grace on drums, they share in the programming. Add to this exceptionally fertile mix the tantalizing trumpet of Bryden Baird and there it is - electro-trip-jazz at its absolute finest!

CD: Roll On (2009)
Label: Native Language Music
Clarence McDonald & Evolution - Live From Hollywood
Summertime - Clarence McDonald & Evolution:
With musical credits that extend back to the late 60s, Clarence McDonald has enjoyed an over 40-year career. His keys have adorned a myriad of landmark hits - among them (and you'll recognize many of these if not all) Best of My Love, Lovely Day, How Sweet It Is, Shower The People, That's What Friends Are For, Summer Breeze, Sara Smile, and many more, a list that's nearly 300 songs long. In the process McDonald has recorded with Ray Charles, Barbra Streisand, Ella Fitzgerald, and other iconic performers! Now backed by his band Evolution, the multi-talented McDonald steps out as the front man on Live From Hollywood. For the most part the project consists of songs that McDonald has either written, produced, or recorded - however he's not averse to a good cover or two. From this latter category, we've selected one of the absolute best we've ever heard, Summertime, a George Gershwin composition that's been celebrated thousands of times. McDonald not only delivers one of the finest interpretations ever of an American classic, it's done live and direct!

CD: Live From Hollywood (2007)
Label: The Music Group
Brian Tarquin - Fretworx
Spanish Harlem - Brian Tarquin ft Frank Gambale:
He's been described as a guitarist of 'considerable skills' by Jazz Times and one with 'cosmopolitan flair' by Jazziz - Brian Tarquin is certainly all that and a whole lot more. After a trio of great releases on the Instinct label in the late 90s and early in the 00s, and with many tracks that appeared on various compilations, Brian Tarquin seemingly disappeared from the smooth scene early in the new millennium. In actuality, he was probably busier than ever. In 2000, he switched gears forming Asphalt Jungle, a project in collaboration with Chris Ingram based in rock and electronica. Additionally, Tarquin is a TV composer of some repute. He's written for MTV and for dozens of shows - for his work on All My Children, he was Emmy-nominated and became a two-time winner, in 2003 and again in 2005. But there's another dimension yet still - as owner of Jungle Room Studios and Bohemian Productions, Tarquin is the mastermind behind the many projects emanating from a label focusing on guitar instrumentals. In this regard, we have Brian Tarquin Presents ... Fretworx released late last year. From that effort, we've selected the assertive stance of Spanish Harlem featuring Frank Gambale!

CD: Fretworx (2008)
Label: NuGroove Music

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After Hours ~ Exclusive to our Site and Select Affiliates :
Time, There Will Always Be Time ... nowadays there's one thing there just doesn't seem to be enough of and it's time. We hope to address that with today's edition which is called Time, There Will Always be Time and this will be the first of a 5-part series with each & every spin selections having time, or some variation, as part of its title. So stay tuned for a few ageless and epic sounds such as The First Time, This Time Around, and It's Time for Love, with 13 temporal tunes in all. Opening this show is Jay Soto and he's backed by Gregg Karukas; as well as there's Danny Lerman and Chris Botti. Norman Brown launches set #2 and we continue with Snake Davis, Roberto Perera, Alex Bugnon, and Chieli Minucci. Meanwhile the final frame has Scott Wilkie and Marc Antoine in addition to Marion Meadows - then in the end, it's Gota 'the groove activator' with the very track for which we named the segment!

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