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September 13th, 2009
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This Week at ...
… it's Paul Brown + Marc Antoine in the spotlight. We're featuring a three-pack of tracks from Foreign Xchange and we're bringing those to you as part of the showcase segment. In hour two, there's another exciting installment in the Back Trax saga with more favourites from back in the day - this batch is exceptional! Highlights are courtesy of Johnny Clegg & Juluka and the legendary Donald Byrd. Also appearing is Jay Leach, there's vintage Jade Warrior from the 70s as well as a track from Chris Brisciano & Sojourn. Then later in the hour, it'll be time for some of the great ladies of smooth jazz with Althea Rene as well as vocalist Anne Walsh; in addition there's Paula Atherton and Cindy Bradley; while featured thru-out are the likes of Special EFX, Rick Braun, David Benoit, and Oli Silk. But, as we get ready to take-off on a radio show unlike any other, we're checking out a tune from Richard Smith's LA Chillharmonic!
In This Issue:

Foreign Xchange - Paul B + Marc A

"E" Jam - Sojourn
Lansana's Priestess - Donald Byrd
Festejo - Jay Leach
Bride of Summer - Jade Warrior
Fever - Juluka

AFTER HOURS : One More Time
SPINLIST: Spinlist

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Showcase CD
Foreign Xchange - Paul Brown + Marc Antoine:

The phrase 'foreign exchange' takes on added meaning with this aptly titled cd from Marc Antoine & Paul Brown. The popular guitarists - Brown a two-time Grammy winner while Antoine is a former debut artist of the year back in '94 - are now label mates at Peak Records and in 2008 year they joined forces as part of a 30-date tour of the US. This led to an open invitation that Antoine join Brown on a track or two for a follow up to his '07 White Sand cd. The initial sessions between the LA-based Brown and the Madrid-based Antoine proved catalytic and ignited a flow that developed into a complete & genuine co-venture - one that blossomed in the true spirit and to the full promise of the album title! The project was recorded at Brown's Funky Joint in Sherman Oaks, CA and Antoine's studio in Spain - the essential ingredient being the chemistry provided by their distinct yet complementary styles. Augmenting that base is some select talent, particularly in the likes of Philippe Saisse who appears virtually throughout!

Paul Brown + Marc Antoine - Foreign Xchange
Marc A + Paul B
Marc A & Paul B
Therefore, it's with pleasure that we now pause and present Messrs Brown + Antoine and Foreign Xchange as part of the showcase segment. We've selected three deliciously tasty tracks beginning with Brother Earl - a tune upon which the guitar duo pay tribute to the memory of the recently deceased session drummer Earl Palmer - the great back up on this track being provided by Saisse on keys, Roberto Vally on bass, Lenny Castro on percussion, Jerry Hey on trumpet, Bill Richenback on trombone, and sax-man Dan Higgins. The distinctly Parisian flavour of Bridges of Paris, complete with synth-accordion by Saisse and the flute playing of Jessy J, romantically eases us into the second half of the show while sealing the deal so to speak, it's the hopeful spirit of the title track! Catchy and creative, contrasting but coherent, in Foreign Xchange Paul B + Marc A provide a project often charming yet always compelling!

CD: Foreign Xchange (2009)
Label: Peak Records
Sites: Paul Brown Marc Antoine

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Back Trax: Part One
Sojourn - Slammin' The Groove
"E" Jam - Sojourn:
Led by Chris Brisciano on guitar & keys and hailing from Kansas City, the band Sojourn debuted on the national scene in the USA in 2001 with Slammin' The Groove. The project featured an 'in the pocket" sound and faired well, cracking the top 100 albums for the following year. From that release, we have the #51 charting single in a tune called E Jam with Steve Phillips on sax on the track!

CD: Slammin' The Groove (2001)
Label: Mr. Briskers Records
Donald Byrd - Street Lady
Lansana's Priestess - Donald Byrd:
During a prolific career that extends back over a half century, trumpeter Donald Byrd's playing crisscrossed many styles. The Detroit native got his start early on performing with Lionel Hampton while he was still in high school. Military service interrupted his university education but after playing in an Air Force band, he obtained a bachelor's degree and then later a master's. Honing his craft playing with the likes of Art Blakey and John Coltrane, there was a period in the 50s when Byrd was considered the finest hard-bop trumpeter on the planet. Noted for a clear & concise tone and his melodicism, he recorded a series of memorable albums as a leader for Blue Note thru to the late 60s. Inspired by the lead of Miles Davis, Byrd then began a shift into fusion & West Coast funk and it's here that we pick up the story. With the help of the Mizell brothers (Fonce & Larry), he perfected a breezy and commercially potent style that incorporated smooth soul into a fresh pseudo-funk-fusion that has withstood the test of time, and we have an outstanding example - from the 1973 Street Lady release, there's the track Lansana's Priestess. With Jerry Peters pounding on the keys and Roger Glenn's inspired playing on flute, here's a tune that echoes of a great past while being a musical harbinger of a future era!

CD: Street Lady (1973)
Label: Blue Note

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Back Trax: Part Two
Jay Leach - Beyond Words

Festejo - Jay Leach:
In addition to sitting with the house band on American Idol, Jay Leach has backed Gladys Knight, Roy Orbison, and many others. Growing up in Wichita Kansas, Jay was about 8 when, upon the insistence of his grandmother, he began in music by taking up the Hawaiian Steel Guitar - when he was 14 he switched to the electric variety. Coming to LA in the early 70s to pursue a career in music, Leach experienced what might be called an epiphany, if you will - he left music and for a time seriously entertained the idea of going into the ministry. However, after about a year he realized that music was his real calling. With private lessons and thru a combination of studies, by the late 70s Leach landed a gig as Barry Manilow's guitarist. In the time since, he's composed for film and TV, created numerous commercials, and as an LA sessionist, he's appeared on over 70 contemporary Christian albums.

Additionally, he's done hundreds of church and university concerts and issued three instructional publications. Meanwhile a nearly fatal collision with a drunk driver followed by a lengthy convalescence, spurred Jay to embark on a solo career - he's now recorded seven albums. On this occasion we're returning to Beyond Words from 1997 for it's opening track. Aided by the likes of Bill Cantos on keys, Abe Laboriel on bass, Alex Acuna on percussion, and Justo Almario on flute, it's a tune called Festejo - or celebrate!

CD: Beyond Words (1997)
Label: Playlist Record Co.
Jade Warrior - Released
Bride of Summer - Jade Warrior:
Formed in about 1970, Jade Warrior was one of the most eclectic bands to ever come out of Britain. As part of a press release (although the truth of the statement was never substantiated), Jade Warrior was a term used to describe Samurai who were expected to be artists and poets as well as deadly champions - it was chosen by founding members Jon Field (percussion and flute) and the late Tony Duhig (guitar) to describe the contrasting styles they wished to blend. Field & Duhig had played together in a variety of groups before hitting on the Jade Warrior concept and then, joined by Glyn Havard (bass and vocals) they recorded 3 albums in the space of 3 years on the Vertigo Label. They continued to record minus Havard, at times somewhat sporadically, thru until the 90s and Duhig's passing. Recently the band reformed with a slightly altered line-up but on this occasion we returned to the early days for one of their prettiest pieces in the tune Bride of Summer from 1971 and the album Released!

CD: Released (1971)
Label: Vertigo
Fever - Juluka:
Hailing from Rochedale in Lancashire, England, Johnny Clegg grew up in Israel, Zambia, South Africa, and Rhodesia before his family finally settled in Johannesburg in 1965. Early on, he was befriended by a Zulu gardener, from whom he learned a bit about Zulu culture as well as the traditional "inhlangwini" form of dancing. It was during the very height of apartheid, and Clegg's involvement with black musicians would often cause him to run afoul of the law. Word of Clegg spread and eventually reached the ears of a migrant Zulu worker named Sipho Mchunu who became Clegg's friend and musical partner - together they would transform South African music. As Johnny and Sipho, they scored their first hit in 1976 and then a few years later in 1979, with Clegg & Mchunu as the core members, Juluka was formed.
In Zulu, the term Juluka means the "sweat that comes from dancing" and as such, it perfectly described the style they created.Although their music was banned from the air, they accessed their audiences by touring and became a hit by strictly word of mouth. In the six years that they were initially together, Clegg and Mchunu recorded two platinum and five gold albums and became an international success. On this occasion we're featuring Fever with vocals by the "white Zulu" as he came to be known in France - the track is without doubt a personal all-time favourite and one that ever so nicely caps an exceptional BT segment!

LP: Stand Your Ground (1984) - Warner Bros.
CD: Scatterlings of Juluka (The Very Best of Juluka) (1991) - Rhythm Safari

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After Hours ~ Exclusive to our Site and Select Affiliates :
One More Time: Today's chapter is part 2 in a 5-part series wherein each & every spin selection has time or some variation as part of its title. Naturally enough we're calling it One More Time after a selection by Fattburger. So stay tuned for tracks such as Right on Time, Quality Time, and Never A Time, with 13 timely tunes in all. Opening the show is Richard Smith and he's followed by Clarence McDonald, the band 813, & Mike Catalano. Birds of a Feather launch set #2 and we continue with Tom Schuman, Gerald Veasley, the previously mentioned Fattburger, and Terry Disley. Meanwhile the final frame has Daryl Stuermer and saxman Andre Ward in addition to Dave Sereny - then in the end it's electric violinist Evan Garr!

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