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August 23rd, 2009
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This Week at Season #13 opening show ...
... features Philippe Saisse & At World's Edge in the showcase spotlight. Hour 2 brings Fresh Trax with all the best in new music. Highlighting this edition is Peter White with the title track from his forthcoming release. Debuting we have James Colah & Mike Parlett with the Parlett-Colah Project and a selection that is, as of yet, unreleased! As well, we're playing a bit of catch-up with a couple of tracks from Shane Isenberg and Richard Smith's L.A. Chillharmonic; meanwhile it's the group known as Tea rounding out the set! Then later that same hour, we're peeling back the calendar pages with a pack of tracks from back in the day - this time that includes Paul Taylor, Terry Disley and an all-time favourite from Craig Chaquico & Russ Freeman; while scattered thruout ... like moonbeams in the night ... we have the likes of Tom Grant, Steve Oliver, and Joe Ercole!
In This Issue:

At World's Edge - Philippe Saisse

Santa Fe - Shane Isenberg
Ultimate X - L.A. Chillharmonic
Good Day - Peter White
Ocean Tide - Parlett-Colah Project
Ibiza - Tea

Special Feature - On the Beach

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Showcase CD
At World's Edge - Philippe Saisse:

After scoring one of his biggest hits in 2006 with Do It Again, Philippe Saisse returns with his first disc of all new material in 5 years. Born in Marseilles France, Saisse studied at the Paris National Conservatory before winning a scholarship to Berklee in Boston. He made his record debut with Al Di Meola back in the 80s and in addition to working with David Sanborn & Al Jarreau, in his 20 plus year career, Saisse has backed The Rolling Stones, David Bowie, & a host of others. Additionally, he's issued a series of solo releases with At World's Edge as the most recent and first since relocating from NY to LA. Afforded the opportunity provided by the success of his previous album, Saisse's mind set was to make a definitive statement as to where he currently is as a musician. Using the technology prevalent in these digitized times he was able to reconnect with some cool cats he's prowled with over the years!

Philippe Saisse - At World's Edge
Collaborators include drummer Simon Philips and bassist Pino Palladino (London) whose works with Saisse extend back to the 80s and 90s respectively. Additionally, there's trumpeter Jeff Beal, trombonist Michael Davis (NYC), as well as guitarists Jeff Golub and Marc Antoine (Madrid), saxman Kirk Whalum (Memphis), and percussionist Lenny Castro. Meanwhile the album's co-producer Goh Hotoda contributed from his home studio in Tokyo - so that, the title At World's Edge suitably embodies the fact this project was a somewhat global affair! It's therefore now a privilege & pleasure to pause and present Philippe Saisse and At World's Edge as the focus for our spotlight segment! From a project dedicated in loving memory of his father Maurice Saisse, we've chosen some choice selections - in triplicate no less - beginning with the worldly From Nowhere to Now Here.
Philippe Saisse
Philippe Saisse
Marc Antoine & Jeff Beal combine to create a perfectly sensuous and dreamy late night vibe in Topanga Moon Dance, our opener at the top of hour 2. Meanwhile aided by Jeff Golub, Saisse maintains an equilibrium of influences on The Rover, the rock-edged program closer. To quote Saisse, "Making an album like At World's Edge reminds me how much I enjoy the freedom of being able to make a living from pursuing my true passion." He continues, "But music is a crazy business and so I approached this recording as if it were going to be the last one I ever made … so that if I never had the chance to make another, I could say: Now this is a cool one. I'm quite happy with what I've done," a philosophy & sentiment that we fully share!

CD: At World's Edge (2009)
Label: Koch Records

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Fresh Trax: Part One
Shane Isenberg - Between Clouds
Santa Fe - Shane Isenberg:
Shane Isenberg began studying guitar when he was 12 and went on to graduate from LA's Musicians Institute. Now based in Louisville Kentucky and well versed at numerous styles, the multi-instrumentalist has become established on the local scene in various capacities - from scoring music for independent films and creating commercial jingles for radio and TV, to teaching and playing professionally. A few years back, in 2007 to be precise, Isenberg digitally released his solo debut called Between Clouds. However, as it frequently happens, it does take time for an artist not in the pop realm to receive his just recognition. We hope to somewhat alleviate that situation by featuring the track Santa Fe, an absolutely terrific selection from that very release!

CD: Between Clouds (2007)
Label: Independent
L.A. Chillharmonic - L.A. Chillharmonic
Ultimate X - L.A. Chillharmonic ft. Richard Smith:
Although a Detroit native, Richard Smith spent the better part of his youth growing up in Eugene, Oregon. He attended North Texas State, but temporarily put his education on hold when he joined Dan Siegel's band when he was 19. After relocating to LA, Smith spent the next few years studying at USC where he successfully completed a Masters program in music. Shortly after graduating, at the age of 23, he joined the teaching faculty at that university's highly regarded Thornton School of Music all while performing as a member of Richard Elliott's band. As part of a multifaceted career, Smith simultaneously worked at establishing his solo career and in that regard, he's issued eight or so cds as a front man with 2003's Soulidified as his most recent effort.

However, just over a year ago, Smith brought together an all-star cast of LA-based musicians for an auspicious project. Aided by Brian Bromberg, Gregg Karukas, Greg Adams, and Michael Paulo, along with Vinnie Colaiuta, Alex Acuña, Jeff Lorber, Gary Meek, Eric Marienthal, and Patrice Rushen (have I left anyone out?), the assemblage is as formidable a collection of A-listers as we're likely to see in some time! From their eponymously titled debut, and one that hopefully will not be a one-off release, we've selected a Richard Smith original in the track called Ultimate X!

CD: L.A. Chillharmonic (2008)
Label: Mack Avenue Records

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Fresh Trax: Part Two
Peter White - Good Day
Good Day - Peter White:
Our absolute favourite smooth jazz artist is back! Simply put, there is no other performer who so fully epitomizes the sounds of smooth as does Peter White - an ever so soothing style with loads of substance. The latest is entitled Good Day, his first album of original material since 2004's Confidential release and his 10th overall - that to go along with a pair of seasonal releases and a couple of collections. From that soon-to-be-issued release, we have the title track and one that compares favourably with most any vintage White you might care to name! A Peter White New Year: 3 hour Extravaganza Ed #343 - December 26th, 2004 Peter White Then & Now Spotlight Feature Ed #421 - October 22nd, 2006

CD: Good Day (2009)
Label: Peak Records
Sites: Fan site:
The Parlett-Colah Project - Ocean Tide
Ocean Tide - The Parlett-Colah Project:
Keyboardist James Colah started in music with his identical triplet brothers forming the band The Colah's, when he was 12. He's gone on to work with a variety of high profilers including Edwin Starr and Sheena Easton. A few years back, he set up his own studio, wherein he's produced and recorded hundreds of artists. More recently, Colah connected with fellow Brit Mike Parlett. For his part, saxman Parlett now based in LA is a recording artist in his own right who also runs a production studio while hosting a radio program. From a cd that is still in its infancy, we have (tentatively) the title track in Ocean Tide andt what may well be THE break-thru tune for the year!

CD: Ocean Tide
Label: Talented Productions
Sites: Mike Parlett: James Colah:
Tea - Dreams
Ibiza - Tea:
Hailing from Lyon, France, guitarist Franck Balloffet, first met So-Cal drummer & keyboardist Phil Bunch as members of the LA-based Bateke Beat - then in the early 90s they set out on their own leading what has turned into a series of soulful Afro-beat projects. Tea is their current creation. From Dreams, and what is now the second release, the production team of Balloffet and Bunch dispense the track Ibiza and a vibe that can only be described as intense. Sharing its name with the notorious Mediterranean party-island off the coast of Spain, this tune is well titled. Featuring the legendary Brian Auger on the Hammond B3 & aided by the expressive Steve Ngondo on Congolese vocals, this one percolates from beginning to end … highly addictive, and likely most unlike anything else you'll hear here or anywhere else!

CD: Dreams (2009)
Label: Teajuana Music

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After Hours ~ Exclusive to our Site and Select Affiliates :
On the Beach ... spurred by the summer heat, this edition is slathered with excitement - it's called On the Beach and naturally 'nough each of our spin selections has that very word in its title. So stay tuned for the sandy sounds of Venice Beach, Kissin' on the Beach, and Beach Days, with a dozen seaside tunes in all. We have Chris Rea opening the show with the namesake track for the feature, and he's backed by Germany's Blue Knights; as well as there's Marion Meadows and the down tempo style of the band RioListic. Gregg Karukas launches set #2 and we continue with Tom Braxton, Urban Jazz Coalition, and Earl Klugh. Meanwhile the closing set has David Sanborn, Soul Ballet, and Peter White. Then in the end, as the sun beats down and the surf continues to pound, we have the cascading sounds of Allon Sams!

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