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April 5th, 2009
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This Week at The Quarterly Review: Q.1 - 2009!
…we're looking back at all the best from the past 90 days on one of our regular features called The Quarterly Review. We've cued selections by Gregg Karukas, Boney James, and The Rippingtons - also appearing: Richard Elliot, Pieces of a Dream, and U-Nam as well as Paula Atherton, Russ Kunkel, and The Bahama Soul Club. Additionally, we're introducing John Carrozza and the Velez Brothers while featuring the latest from Darren Rahn, Jeff Kashiwa, U-Nam, and the dynamic duo of Paul Brown & Marc Antoine! They're all right here! So just sit back and relax as we present two full hours of the absolute best - beginning with Nils!
In This Issue:

Easy Does It - Darren Rahn
Defining Moment - John Carrozza
Free Flyer - Jeff Kashiwa
Foreign Exchange - Paul B & Marc A
The Invisible - Velez Brothers
Shine On - U-Nam

ONE YEAR AGO:The QR for Q.1 2008

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Highlights Hour One
Easy Does It - Darren Rahn:
Saxman Darren Rahn has been working behind the scenes since the mid 90s, producing and programming tracks for other artists. However, it wasn't until 2004 that his work on Wayman Tisdale's #1 Ain't No Stopping Us Now would bring Rahn to the forefront of the smooth scene. Since then, Rahn has himself been virtually unstoppable having produced three consecutive #1 tracks with the likes of Dave Koz, Eric Darius, & Tim Bowman. After connecting with Deborah Connors on vocals and Nate Harasim on keys as 1/3rd of De'Nate', Rahn and his mates earned recognition from the CSJA with a nomination as group of the year. Now with the recent issue of Talk Of The Town, Rahn seems rightly poised to enjoy a #1 of his own. From that effort, now his second on the nuGroove label and 3rd overall, we have Darren Rahn and the track Easy Does It with Mr. Bob James guesting!

CD: Talk Of The Town (2009)
Label:NuGroove Records
Site: Darren Rahn ; DR/Space ; DR/nuGroove

Darren Rahn - Talk Of The Town

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John Carrozza - Defining Moment
Defining Moment - John Carrozza:
After playing guitar and piano from an early age, native Floridian John Carrozza relocated to Atlanta in 1992. Having worked with some of that city's finest, including Grammy winner Earl Klugh, Carrozza has produced, performed, or arranged for many top gospel artists. A few years back he recorded his own acclaimed instrumental worship album and, while performing regularly with the North Point Community Church Band, for the past two years he's also appeared as part of the J-Mood Jazz Band. As the owner/operator of Ultraphonic Productions, Carrozza seems to have an innate feel for jazz, all of which he ably demonstrates on his latest effort. From the Defining Moment EP, we've selected the beautifully reflective melody of the title track!

CD: Defining Moment (2009)
Label: Blue Canoe Records
Jeff Kashiwa - Back In The Day
Free Flyer - Jeff Kashiwa:
After re-uniting with The Rippingtons as part of the band's 20th Anniversary Tour, Jeff Kashiwa's career has literally gone into overdrive. In addition to appearances with his longtime band Coastal Access, with Steve Cole & Kim Waters as part of The Sax Pack, as well as dates with Acoustic Alchemy and others, Kashiwa had no sooner completed work on his own album, than The Sax Pack vaulted to the top of the charts with their debut. Jeff parlayed that success into a new record deal and while contributing to the most recent Rippingtons release, he's just issued Back In The Day, now his seventh and first on the Shanachie record label. From that effort, we have Jeff Kashiwa at his best on the track Free Flyer!

CD: Back In The Day (2009)
Label: Shanachie Entertainment
Site: Jeff Kashiwa ; JK/Space

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Highlights Hour Two
Paul Brown & Marc Antoine - Foreign Xchange
Foreign Exchange - Paul Brown & Marc Antoine:
The phrase 'foreign exchange' has just taken on added meaning with the recent issue of the similarly titled release from Paul Brown and Marc Antoine. The popular guitarists and Peak Records label mates joined forces on several occasions in 2008 as part of a 30-date bi-coastal tour of the US. These performances led to Brown's open invitation that Antoine play on a track or two for a follow up disc to his '07 White Sand cd. The initial sessions between the L.A. born Brown and the native Parisian, Madrid-based Antoine sparked a creative flow that soon developed into a complete trans-oceanic collaborative effort - one that blossomed in the true spirit and to the full promise of its title!

CD: Foreign Xchange (2009)
Label: Peak Records
Site: PB ; MA ; PB/Space ; MA/Space
Velez Brothers - Everything I Love
The Invisible - Velez Brothers:
Hailing from Puerto Rico, Joan and Cristian are the Velez Brothers. Joan started playing drums at the age of 11, but he took to the tenor sax about a year later. While a student at La Escuela Libre de Música, he also took up soprano and alto saxes as well as the flute. Early on, he was influenced by the Bomba and Plena rhythms of his homeland, and by Cuban and Brazilian traditions. In 1996, Joan enrolled at Universidad de Interamericana with a major in jazz performance while in the year 2000 he was awarded an "Outstanding Musicianship" Certificate by Berklee College. For his part, Christian started on percussion while also dabbling in guitar, trumpet and bass - by 16 he was playing professionally. Now Illinois based, the brothers Velez released their debut early in 2008 and they already have a follow up effort in the works. In the meantime, from that initial effort we present The Invisible!

CD: Everything I Love (2008)
Label: Independent
Site: VB/Space ; JV/Space
U-Nam - Unanimity
Shine On - U-Nam:
With three releases to his credit, there seems to be a growing consensus concerning the talents of Emmanuel U-Nam Abiteboul. He started playing the guitar at the age of 12, and for three years, he studied at the prestigious CIM in his native Paris. Turning professional at 19, U-Nam's North American debut a few years later focused on a snappy blend of jazz, funk, soul, and hip-hop. Having scored a smash with his follow-up project a couple of years ago ("Street Life" was the #3 song for 2007), U-Nam is now back and set to build on his previous successes. Judging from the advance for the soon to be issued Unanimity release, early opinions are pretty well unanimous, the slick guitarist has another major hit in the making!

CD: Unanimity (2009)
Label: Trippin 'n Rhythm Records
Site: U-Nam ; U/Space

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After Hours ~ Exclusive to our Site and Select Affiliates :
More of The QR: ... we're continuing with grooves from the past 90 days. Here's a quick run down of what we've lined up for this installment. Included in the opening set is Patrick Yandall and he's followed by John Novello, Jackiem Joyner, Dan Siegel, and Jim Peterik's Lifeforce. Kicking off set #2 is saxman Dean James; while also appearing are Philippe Saisse, the team of Peter Kater & Dominic Miller as well as Atlanta's Joe Ercole. Some of the names you'll be hearing in the final set include Daniel Domenge, Terry Disley, and Conspire and finally there's a track from Brian O'Neal & that will be our closing selection!

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