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April 6th, 2008
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This Week at The Quarterly Review: Q.1 - 2008!
Now celebrating our 5th anniversary since we began The Quarterly Review feature, The QR covers the finest and freshest in new music for the preceding 90-day period! Just 3 months in and 2008 has already provided new music from Bob Baldwin, Chris Standring, and Steve Oliver. True to form, we have something from each - but add to that other fresh & cool sounds from artists like Chris Geith, Valarie King, Bob Gaynor, and Fyord 7 that you're likely to hear only here & nowhere else. So just sit back and relax as we present a radio show unlike any other!
In This Issue:

Serengeti - Jeff Oster
Shag Carpet - Brian Bromberg
Down To Business - Mark Elliott
Simple Pleasure - Jeanne Ricks
Continuando - Marc Macisso
Poiema - Jay Leach

ONE YEAR AGO:The QR for Q.1 2007

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Highlights Hour One
Serengeti - Jeff Oster:
Jeff Oster is now entering incarnation #2 in his life as a musician. The Florida native was attending college in Oregon when a visit to Los Angeles led to an unsuccessful audition as Ray Charles' trumpeter; nevertheless, it did result in Oster's relocating to the glitter capitol. A record deal never really materialized and so he worked as a limo driver, played in a few cover bands on the LA-Vegas-Tahoe circuit, and even tried stand-up comedy. Then in 1987, Oster abandoned his aspirations for the stability and success that he enjoyed for 20 or so years as a broker and planner in the financial services industry. Even so, dreams never really disappear, sometimes they only hibernate, and so it was when Oster stirred from his musical version of Rip Van Winkle. Using computer software and a "whizzo mike", Oster recorded a few tracks that placed among the top 10 downloads on

Jeff Oster - True
All the attention led to his connecting with Will Ackerman, founder of Windham Hill Records and Oster's musical idol since the late '70s. Their collaboration resulted in Released, Oster's 2005 debut, and its subsequent selection as the New Age Reporter album of the year. Following on the heels of that success, the pair recently reprised their partnership for the album True, Oster's recently issued sophomore cd. Now enjoying the financial where-with-all to create music that he loves without compromise, Oster takes us on an ambient-chilled-jazz excursion with the track Serengeti!

CD: True
Label:Retso Records
Site: Jeff Oster

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Brian Bromberg - Downright Upright
Shag Carpet - Brian Bromberg:
Following the lead of both his father & brother, Brian Bromberg initially took up drums but began playing cello for his school band, when upon the suggestion of his instructor he tried the upright bass. He immediately connected with the instrument and thereafter he practiced incessantly. The Tucson-born musician was just 19 when he successfully auditioned for The Stan Getz Band in December of '79 and toured with the famed sax player for the better part of a year before moving on to other pursuits. In the period that followed, Bromberg developed into a highly regarded sideman before releasing his critically acclaimed debut in 1986. Now based in LA, Brian is in demand as both as a bassist and producer.

Regarded as an innovator in his field, Bromberg enjoys a diverse stylistic range and is equally at home on both straight-ahead and contemporary projects - additionally his personal catalogue has grown to about a dozen releases. Although superlatives have abounded thruout his entire career, with the Grammy nominated Downright Upright, Bromberg's latest installment in a remarkable series, the bass virtuoso reaches yet another new creative plateau! Forgoing the traditional jazz trio format, Bromberg enlists the aid of several of the top triple-A players of the day in George Duke, Jeff Lorber, Rick Braun, Boney James, Kirk Whalum, Vinnie Colaiuta, and Lee Ritenour. From that effort, we're featuring the latest single to radio in the wall-to-wall sounds of Shag Carpet!

CD: Downright Upright
Label: Artistry Music
Site: Brian Bromberg
Mark Elliott - The Transition
Down To Business - Mark Elliott:
In reality Mark Elliott is Mark Elliott Davenport, a native of Lansing Michigan, who has long held a fascination with composing and the infinite creative possibilities presented by sequencers and synthesizers. After relocating to Chicago, Elliott's exposure to the smooth sounds of the day thru jazz station WNUA, helped shape his tastes - in particular Ronny Jordan's The Antidote proved highly influential. In due course and after years of collaborating with many of the locals and after serving as keyboardist at his church, Elliott's passion led to the design of his debut album entitled The Transition. Exclusively crafted by using digital sources, the project presents a unique hybrid approach to smooth while simultaneously managing a tricky balance between warmth and surrealism. It's in this context, that we've selected the funky and persuasive rhythms of Down To Business!

CD: The Transition
Label: Mark Davenport/Riverside Midiworks

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Highlights Hour Two
The Weather Channel Presents Smooth Jazz
Simple Pleasure - Jeanne Ricks:
Hailing from Chicago, Jeanne Ricks has performed with artists such as Najee, Branford Marsalis, and Bob James. She took up guitar when she was eight and by her senior year of high school, Ricks had already written a full scale musical before going on to attend the famed Berklee College of Music. While earning a Bachelor's in Film Scoring, she also studied audio record engineering and won a pair of faculty awards for her live performances. Since that time, Jeanne has scored short films, composed a number of successful jingles, and written for and produced several aspiring artists. Additionally, she wrote the title song for George Benson's Love Remembers cd.

Performing in and around the Manhattan area with her band Jenjii, Ricks issued her Listening Room debut in 2001 and subsequently many of the tracks have been spotlighted on The Weather Channel during the Local Forecast segment. In keeping with that, Ricks is now the featured performer on the compilation The Weather Channel presents Smooth Jazz, the very first issue from that barometer of meteorological forecasting. From that release, we have Ms Ricks and the jazzy textures of Simple Pleasure, a track that will also appear on Jeanne's forthcoming sophomore cd!

CD: The Weather Channel Presents Smooth Jazz
Label: Midas Records
Site: Jeanne Ricks ; Weather Channel Music
Marc Macisso - Movin' On
Continuando - Marc Macisso:
Although he began on guitar when he was 10, Portland Maine native, Marc Macisso was recruited by his high school music teacher after he was found playing harmonica in the hallways. At 16, Macisso learned flute, clarinet, and saxophone in short order before heading off to Berklee in Boston where he developed a love for jazz while earning his Bachelor's in Applied Music. Heading off to LA upon graduating, Macisso's talents have since augmented a variety of TV programs, movies, and commercials. In addition, he's played on albums by Bette Midler and Al Stewart while backing Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, and Steve Winwood among many others. A 2007 appearance with Peter White at the Catalina Jazz Trax Festival prompted White to return the favour by guesting on Macisso's Movin' On cd, now his fourth and latest solo release. From that effort, we have the intriguing interplay of Macisso and White on the collaboration Continuando!

CD: Movin' On
Label: Independent
Site: Marc Macisso
Jay Leach - Cleared For Takeoff
Poiema - Jay Leach:
In spite of many high profile gigs, veteran guitarist Jay Leach has for the most part flown below the musical radar as a solo performer for many years. In addition to sitting with the house band on American Idol, Leach has backed Gladys Knight, Roy Orbison, John Denver, and Patti Labelle while in the late '70s he was Barry Manilow's guitarist. He's composed for film and TV, created numerous commercials for high profile clients such as McDonald's and Mercedes-Benz, and as an LA sessionist, he's appeared on over 70 contemporary Christian albums. After hundreds of concerts at churches and universities across the entire continent, and three instructional publications, Leach recently issued Cleared For Takeoff, now his seventh solo release. From that effort, we've selected the expressive and touching Poiema as Jay's debut on our humble show!

CD: Cleared For Takeoff
Label: Playlist Record Co.
Site: Jay Leach

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After Hours ~ Exclusive to our Site and Select Affiliates :
This week on After Hours .... more smooth grooves from the past 90 days as The Quarterly Review continues. We're featuring Kenny G, Paul Hardcastle, and Marc Antoine as part of a 14-track hour filled with great selections. Included as well, are Danny Lerman, Patrick Yandall, Michael Manson, and Snake Davis. Some of the other names that you'll be hearing: Dr. Guy's Musiqology, Stuart Steinhart, Patrick Bradley, and Miles Stiebel. Also appearing is Rob Mullins while The Juju Orchestra will wind the hour - they're all part of this terrific segment!

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