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April 12th, 2009
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This Week at ...
...Daniel Domenge enters the spotlight with his Patchwork cd. We've selected three great tracks and those are cued & ready for the showcase segment. In second half of the show, it'll be time for a snazzy batch of Fresh Trax with all the latest and best in new music. Highlights on this edition are courtesy of Terry Disley and Torcuato Mariano. Also appearing - Brian O'Neal and saxman Jackiem Joyner; while the keyboardist formerly with the band known as Bona Fide, Atlanta's Joe Ercole caps the set. Then later in the hour, we're navigating thru time with a pack of tracks from back in the day - this time that includes saxman Paul Taylor and Peter White. As well, there's England's Duncan Millar and guitarist Freddie Fox - while sparkling thruout we have the likes of Joe Fuentes, Gregg Karukas, and Steve Cole to name but a few. But as we launch a radio show unlike any other, there's a track by Ken Navarro from 2003 ...
In This Issue:

Patchwork - Daniel Domenge

Mesmerized - Brian O'Neal
Golden Cup - Terry Disley
Back To The Road - Torcuato Mariano
I'm Waiting For You - Jackiem Joyner
Babaloop - Joe Ercole

Special Feature - Morning Glorious
SPINLIST: Spinlist

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Showcase CD
Patchwork - Daniel Domenge:

From Montpellier located in the wine-producing southern regions of France and just a short distance from the Mediterranean coast comes guitarist Daniel Domenge. With a style influenced by the likes of Wes Montgomery and Pat Martino and inspired by others such as George Benson and Chuck Loeb, Domenge has played professionally for some 20 years or so. Having performed with a variety of bands while recording and arranging for national and local radio, it was about three years ago that Domenge decided to record a smooth project, which has just recently been completed. It's been said, you can't rush a good thing and the wisdom in this saying is now particularly evident with Domenge and his cd, entitled Patchwork. Although in truth the title is well chosen, it may also be a bit misleading as, even though the project is comprised of a variety of seemingly incongruous parts, Domenge knits the pieces together with the skill of a seasoned artisan!

Daniel Domenge - Patchwork
For the album, Domenge wanted to combine retro sounds like the Rhodes piano, the Hammond keys, and wa-wa guitar with some current styles. Additionally, he very nicely melds the Euro-vibe with many of the finer elements of the smooth scene - so suffice it to say the result is a highly impressive debut!
Daniel Domenge
Photo of Daniel Domenge
by Bourric
Like a fine wine that's aged to perfection, this is a vintage collection for the connoisseur. As such, it's with pleasure that we now pause to present Daniel Domenge and Patchwork as the focus for our spotlight feature! We've chosen a trio of sensory delights - beginning with the title track and its intricate pastiche of styles and textures. The reminiscence of Last Summer gently eases us into the second half of the show, while the nonchalant hipness of the track Cool closes the show with semi-chilled poise. As the sounds softly swirl, you'll not only savour the heady Patchwork flavour, you may perhaps also better appreciate the many subtleties that listening to great music entails!

CD: Patchwork (2008)
Label: Independent Release

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Fresh Trax: Part One
Brian O'Neal - Daisy
Mesmerized - Brian O'Neal:
With influences that range from Herbie Hancock and Pat Metheny to Prince Stevie Wonder, Detroit native Brianl O'Neal discovered a passion for music at the age of six. He learned the sax, bass, and trombone, but aspired to be a professional drummer until he was asked to fill in for his high school band on piano. He became hooked on the keys and it was his grandmother, who bought him his first set of ivories. For the most part, he was self-taught but later he received a full music scholarship to Alcorn State; he went on to compose jingles and film scores while for a time in the 80s, he toured with an Atlanta-based jazz band called Take Notes. More recently, he's mentored aspiring artists, such as Kem while sharing the stage with many great musicians. Additionally, O'Neal has recorded a pair of projects with yet another that is scheduled to be issued later this year. As we play a bit of catch-up, we now go to O'Neal's most recent release, his 2007 sophomore cd that he named Daisy in honor of his late grandmother. From that effort, we have O'Neal and a terrific selection aptly entitled Mesmerized!

CD: Daisy (2007)
Label: BCO Media
The Terry Disley Experience - West Coast Jazz Impressions
Golden Cup - The Terry Disley Experience:
Hailing from London England, Terry Disley has performed with the London Metropolitan Orchestra, and on several occasions, he's played that city's prestigious Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club. He's been commissioned by Paul McCartney & Mick Jagger, and for a period of five years he served as Dave Stewart of The Eurythmics' music director. In the smooth jazz arena, Disley is best known for his lengthy association with Acoustic Alchemy, having toured and recorded with the group for six years. Based in San Francisco since 1997, Terry has quickly developed into one of the Bay areas hottest jazz commodities thru countless live appearances and a string of impeccably recorded releases. His latest is titled West Coast Jazz Impressions and according to Terry, he really wouldn't categorize the effort as smooth jazz. Nonetheless, with all respect due Mr. Disley the project is truly an ultra-polished and a highly jazzy affair and as such a welcome addition to so-called smooth jazz show such as ours! From that effort, we have the swinging and extremely tasteful Golden Cup!

CD: West Coast Jazz Impressions (2009)
Label: Disleyworld Music

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Fresh Trax: Part Two
Torcuato Mariano - So Far From Home
Back To The Road - Torcuato Mariano:
After gaining recognition as a pop composer in his adopted homeland of Brazil, Torcuato Mariano spent several years as a sought after sessionist - he then went on to perform and record with greats such as Sergio Mendes and Leo Gandelman, as well as touring with Djavan and Ivan Lins. It was in the early 90's that Mariano first moved to establishing a solo career. Both his '94 debut and its follow up yielded top hits with his '95 sophomore effort, reaching the year-end top 30 in the USA. In spite of these successes, Mariano opted to become head of A&R for a major label in Brazil. After a hiatus of several years, he returned to recording in 2004. Now well into this latest phase of his career, Torcuato has just issued So Far from Home, his NuGroove debut and fifth overall. Early word on the street has it (and we agree) this may well be his most solid effort to date! And, as a bit of a teaser, we're starting with Back To The Road - a great track and a real attention grabber!

CD: So Far From Home (2009)
Label: nuGroove Records
Jackiem Joyner - Lil' Man Soul
I'm Waiting For You - Jackiem Joyner:
A native of Norfolk Virginia, Jackiem Joyner's early exposure to music came thru singing in the church choir and playing drums behind gospel songs. After his family relocated to Buffalo during his middle school years, Joyner took up the sax and on three occasions, he won local competitions in the NAACP's youth achievement program. Moving back to Virginia following high school, Joyner joined Marcus Johnson and ended up playing with the keyboardist for about three years from 2001 to 2004.

During this time, Joyner began to branch out performing with other artists such as Jaared and Bobby Lyle. He co-headlined a 30-city tour with Ronnie Laws, Angela Bofill, and Jean Carne, after which he took a full year off to focus on creating an album. A self-produced effort was issued in about 2005 and using that as springboard, Joyner broke onto the scene in 2007 with his label debut. Now a couple of years later, Joyner returns with his follow-up and an effort which has already seen him catapult to the lofty positions on the charts with its lead single. From the soon to be issued Lil' Man Soul we have the anticipation of I'm Waiting For You!

CD: Lil' Man Soul (2009)
Label: Artistry/Mack Avenue
Joe Ercole - Exposed
Babaloop - Joe Ercole:
After recording a pair of projects, which included a techno effort and his smooth jazz debut, Ercole went on to gain some measure of fame as a founding member of the hip & funky band known as Bona Fide, voted best new smooth jazz group at the 2001 Oasis Award. Having immersed himself in the music of the Middle East for the past several years, Ercole now fuses many contrasting elements into his latest 'oeuvre' and one that may well toss the contemporary scene onto its head! With themes ranging from refined, cinematic, and smooth to techno, Arabic, and full out funk-fests, Ercole entitled this artistic 'mélange' Exposed! Exhibiting musicianship & playing of the highest calibre thruout, Ercole explores various aspects of a multi-faceted style while running a gamut of tempos and textures from delicate to insistent. Now 'exposed' as the major jazz talent that he is, we present a fun-session called Babaloop! Stay tuned, there'll be more from Mr. Ercole in the weeks ahead!

CD: Exposed (2009)
Label: Joe Ercole Music

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After Hours ~ Exclusive to our Site and Select Affiliates :
Morning Glorious's chapter 2 in a two-part series wherein each of our spin selections contains the word morning in its title. So stay tuned for tunes such as Early Morning, The Morning After, and Good Morning To You - as part of a 13 track salute to the AM hours on a special edition we're calling Morning Glorious. Opening things are Mark Barrios and Dave McMurray; they're followed by Tom Grant with the namesake piece for the segment, and then Toronto's Fred Engler. Set #2 has Grady Nichols and continues with The Jazzy Devils, Joe Ercole, flautist Sherry Winston, and Chris Geith. While wrapping it up are Germany's Blue Nights, the band Hiroshima, keyboardist Dan Siegel and finally trumpeter Greg Adams!

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