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April 19th, 2015
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This Week at the Café: Timeline Series - Wayback in '98!
On this edition it's a brand new show - it's a time travelling adventure - it's the fifth and latest installment in the timeline series - this is Wayback in '98! We've set the controls and as we hurtle back thru time and space here are some of the highlights flashing by - there's Grant Geissman and Nils as well as Steve Cole and Fattburger. Even so, as we explore the echoes from the halls of time, this was one of the golden years for the music we luv! So it's with more than modicum of delight that we're featuring some of the great sounds that for us helped define the genre - Wayback in '98!
In This Issue:

Hide & Seek - Chris Ho
On My Way - Ed Hamilton
Blue Azure - Shakatak
Three Day Weekend - Evan Marks
We Have It All - Bryan Savage
Aqua Funk - Rick Braun

AFTER HOURS: More Wayback
PLAYLIST: Playlist for Ed#655

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Highlights Hour One
Hide & Seek - Chris Ho:
Chris Ho is an LA based keyboardist and composer who has written over 6000 pieces of original music. Many of his composition have been published including several that have been co-published with Smokey Robinson, the Motown legend. Additionally, Ho toured and recorded with Robinson for over 20 years. Starting with his debut in 1996, Chris issued a string of well-received cds in the late 90s and into the new millennium - Growing Up was the second of these. The project saw a conscious effort by Chris to present his melodious side and in that regard Growing Up may well be the cohesive of all of his releases. This time from that effort, we've selected a tune that was first featured as part of the Vintage Collection back in April of 2011.Chris Ho on the Vintage Collection - Cafe Jazz #612 April, 2011 It's called Hide and Seek and it's highlighted by the sax work of Wayne Wayne!

CD: Growing Up (1998)
Label: Merrimack Records

Chris Ho - Growing Up

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Ed Hamilton - Groovology
On My Way - Ed Hamilton:
Ed Hamilton is a life-long musician on a special mission - to make better music. He's invested countless hours honing every aspect of his craft and over the years, he's backed many top-flight players, a list that includes Stanley Clark, George Howard, Special EFX, Rick Braun, and Dennis Chambers to name but a few. In addition, he operated a private project recording studio for nearly 15 years. In addition, he's occupied the guitar chair for several Broadway/Theatrical productions. Back in the 90s, Hamilton's Planet Jazz debut and Path to the Heartland both charted top 5 on Gavin and R&R charts, while his 1998 Groovology release presented s subtle mix of styles. Originally featured on Back Trax back in 2006,Ed Hamilton on Back Trax - Cafe Jazz #425 December, 2006 we've reprised our infatuation with the warm and bubbly On My Way!

CD: Groovology (1998)
Label: Shanachie Records
Shakatak - Shinin' On
Blue Azure - Shakatak:
For a band that can trace its beginnings back to the early 80's, the British jazz-funk unit known as Shakatak, continues to exude an attractive fusion of flavours that has long made them a favourite here on the show. Having issued well in excess of 30 albums, we are none the less zeroing in on Shinin' On from 1998 in keeping with the Wayback theme. From that release there's Blue Azure, a gorgeous mood inducing selection and the first track that got me totally revved on this band. It's selections such as this that have been integral to helping define what our show is really all about! Shakatak with Blue Azure on Back Trax - Cafe Jazz #377 September, 2005

CD: Shinin' On (1998)
Label: Instinct Records

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Highlights Hour Two
Evan Marks - Three Day Weekend
Three Day Weekend - Evan Marks:
After backing groups such as The Platters and The Drifters, Evan Marks did some touring with jazz vocalist Billy Eckstine before he embarked on a solo career. Even so, at much the same time, there was an opportunity to join the band Fattburger and in that regard he's been featured on seven cds. Released in 1995, Long Way Home Even Marks and Feels So Right on Back Trax - Cafe Jazz #418 September, 2006 was his debut effort and one that enjoyed considerable radio success. Nonetheless Three Day Weekend, the 1998 follow up, included a top 5 single in Coast to Coast. From that album, and one that perfectly complements the holiday flavor of the show, we've selected the title track! !

CD: Three Day Weekend (1998)
Label: Verve Records
Bryan Savage - Soul Temptation
We Have It All - Bryan Savage:
After many years of working with the likes of Al Stewart, The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, John Denver and others, Bryan Savage began showing flashes of brilliance on the solo front in the early 90s. The Colorado-based player released his debut in '92 and followed that with several albums that were for the most part well received. A particular high water mark occurred with the cd Saxafaction - its title track remains one of the most energizing sax driven tracks of all time! Saxafaction by Bryan Savage on Back Trax - Cafe Jazz #416 September, 2006 As the 90s drew to a close, Bryan enjoyed his greatest success with the release of Soul Temptation, a cd produced in conjunction with Rick Braun and William Aura & 3rd Force. From that release, Savage shows his adeptness this time on flute on the melodic mover We Have It All!

CD: Soul Temptation (1998)
Label: Higher Octave
Rick Braun - Full Stride
Aqua Funk - Rick Braun:
After building his street creds with the likes of War, REO Speedwagon, Rod Stewart, and Sade, in 1992 Rick Braun launched his solo career. In the time since, he's met both commercial and critical success with awards ranging from top instrumentalist to top producer and album of the year. Fully ushering in the Braun-age, 1998 saw the issue of the aptly titled Full Stride as the man who revitalized the sound of the trumpet did indeed hit full stride in the genre. From that album, we have the liquid sounds of Aqua Funk by one of the most charismatic artists of the 90s! Rick Braun Then and Now Feature  - Cafe Jazz #399 March, 2006

CD: Full Stride (1998)
Label: Mesa/Bluemoon

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After Hours ~ Exclusive to our Site and Select Affiliates :
Wayback in '98 Continues: … on this edition it's a continuation of a time travelling adventure - this is the fifth and latest installment in the timeline series - this is Wayback in '98. Included on this edition are Chieli Minucci, Gabriella Anders, as well as Duncan Millar. Also appearing is Brian Bromberg, while helping fill the bill is Daryl Stuermer - all as part of a 12 track set. But right off the mark, it's Brian Hughes with an aptly titled tune. It's Here We Go - for Wayback in '98! Playlist for Ed#655

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