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December 25th, 2011
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This Week at The Café: A Café Jazz Christmas!
… direct from studio B we're celebrating with the very best in smooth seasonal music on this our 10th annual A Café Jazz Christmas. Featured are fresh takes on long-time holiday favourites by David Arkenstone and Daryl Stuermer; also appearing are Patrick Yandall and the band Shakatak plus there's Chris Standring & Kathrin Shorr - all with carols for the new millennium. I hope you'll enjoy these songs of ceremony & celebration on A Café Jazz Christmas, your champagne of Yuletide listening!
In This Issue:

The First Noel - David Arkenstone
Christmas San Diego Style - P.Yandall
Christmas With You - Shakatak
Little Drummer Boy - D.Stuermer
Good Christian Men, ... - Marc Hoffman
Send Me Some Snow - Standring & Shorr

AFTER HOURS : More Songs
Complete playlist:Complete playlist for the 2011 A Café Jazz Christmas! One Year Ago:2010 A Café Jazz Christmas

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Highlights Hour One
The First Noel - David Arkenstone:
With a catalogue of over 30 releases, David Arkenstone has sold over a million units worldwide. He's covered multiple genres, composed for film & TV, and learned to play numerous instruments. In 2009, the three-time Grammy nominee entered the organic realm of chill and down-tempo with the Chillout Lounge cd and a project that rated as one of the finest for the year. However, pre-dating that was Arkenstone's Christmas Lounge cd. In all, we're pleased to present three tracks on the show (two are in the after hours mix) beginning with David's ambient take on a traditional holiday classic dating back to the sixteenth century!

CD: Christmas Lounge (2008)
Label: Green Hill

David Arkenstone - Christmas Lounge

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Yandall - Christmas San Diego Style

Christmas San Diego Style - Patrick Yandall:
At a rate of nearly one new release per year, the new millennium to this point has been prolific for one Mr. Patrick Yandall. The San Diego based guitarist is well versed and with styles ranging from jazz and blues to rock and funky grooves, Patrick's music has been featured worldwide on film & TV, and on ads & radio. Smooth seasonal music being one of few frontiers left for Patrick to explore, Christmas San Diego Style issued toward the tail end of 2010, features Latin and jazzy takes on a few holiday favourites. Now straight from "America's Finest City" comes one of her finest Christmas celebrations in the all original title track!

CD: Christmas San Diego Style (2010)
Label: Zangi Records

Shakatak - Christmas Dreams
Christmas With You - Shakatak:
Born out of the UK club and dance scene of the late 70s, the band Shakatak has enjoyed success and longevity rarely seen in contemporary music. Prolific both in and out of the studio, there have been many releases - from seasonal projects and compilations to live efforts. Additionally, the standard-bearers of the Brit-funk movement have enjoyed unprecedented success in the Land of the Rising Sun - a Japan only clause ensured they produce a new package on a yearly basis. With a catalogue of over 50 releases, there's little in the Shak repertoire that hasn't attained high caliber success. The convergence of these factors saw the UK issue of Christmas Dreams in 1992, and from that release we present the exquisite Christmas With You!

CD: Christmas Dreams (1992)
Label: Polygram
Links: Anderson Odell Sharpe

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Highlights Hour Two
Daryl Stuermer - A GRP Christmas Collection

Little Drummer Boy - Daryl Stuermer:
In 1975, after winning an audition and at age 22, Daryl Stuermer accompanied Jean Luc Ponty on a world tour. He ended up recording four albums with the acclaimed jazz violinist before connecting with Mike Rutherford of Genesis in 1977. This began a 20-year association with Genesis that in turn led to his selection for Phil Collins band in 1982. In between, Stuermer began writing and working on his own music. He debuted with Steppin' Out in 1988 and was selected to provide the lead-in track for the star-studded A GRP Christmas Collection. From what proved the first and arguably the best in a 3 disc series, we have an electric read on the '41 classic that was originally known as Carol of the Drum!

CD: A GRP Christmas Collection (1988)
Label: GRP Records

Marc Hoffman - Christmas Time
Good Christian Men, Rejoice - Marc Hoffman:
Pianist Marc Hoffman grew up in Salisbury, NC, where he earned a degree in composition. He completed a program in film composition at the University of Southern California while additionally he studied at The Dartington International Summer School of Music in Devon, England. Now based back in Salisbury, Marc is founder and artistic director of the Salisbury School of Music while he performs up to 100 dates a year at home and abroad as a soloist, with his trio, or with other ensembles. Since 2003, he's issued a pair of original projects plus a spiritual and a seasonal release. From the re-issue of the 2006 Christmas Time cd, we have Marc's remix of Good Christian Men Rejoice, a traditional Christmas carol thought to have originated in Germany in the Middle Ages!

CD: Christmas Time (2011)
Label: Virillion Music
Chris Standring & Kathrin Shorr - Send Me Some Snow
Send Me Some Snow - Chris Standring & Kathrin Shorr:
Winning the title as the most fresh & unique seasonal release in 2011 is Send Me Some Snow, the first collaborative effort from Chris Standring and Kathrin Shore. The 10 selections presented therein are all originals and meld the stylings of Ms Shorr, one-half of the acoustic folk-pop duo Sweet Talk Radio, and the rather left leaning but creative mindset of Chris Standring. The result is nothing less than inspired - witty, charming, and easy grooving - a project that evokes feelings of nostalgia while blazing new trails in seasonal music!

CD: Send Me Some Snow (2011)
Label: Ultimate Vibe Recordings

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After Hours ~ Exclusive to our Web Site:
More Songs: True to the tradition of the past many years, we're playing an hour of smooth seasonal music without interruption. Included are selections by Terry Wollman and The Pointer Sisters in addition to Russ Freeman and David Benoit - all as part of a 15-track holiday set! Complete playlist for the 2011 A Café Jazz Christmas!

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