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September 25th, 2011
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This Week at
Sounds of Summer - 7th Annual Review!

We're here with all the hottest tracks of the season on a special called the Sounds of Summer. Included on this 7th annual review are DTTB, Andy Snitzer, and Cindy Bradley. There's music by Spyro Gyra and new to the show is the band Journeys out of Switzerland; while also appearing are Michael Franks, Dotsero, Jessy J, Michael e, Keith Andrew, Konstantin, Azymuth, Rocco & Rahj, and Bob Baldwin. Added to that is a terrific tune that'll put you in that good ole summery spirit and it's by Acoustic Alchemy. The new one is called Roseland and from it we have the title track - as we beat heat and pop the cork for the 2011 SOS Review!
In This Issue:

Samasama - Keith Andrew
Distant Memory - Eugene K
Canção de Ninar - Spyro Gyra
Samba Samba - Russ Hewitt
Tá Nessa Ainda Bicho? - Azymuth
New Destinations - Journeys

PLAYLIST: Playlist for Ed#626 ONE YEAR AGO Sounds

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Highlights Hour One
Samasama - Keith Andrew:
Originally, a native of Baltimore, Keith Andrew took up the guitar at the age of 10. When he was in his teens, his family relocated to the Bay Area of San Francisco where he became exposed to that city's rich music scene. Subsequently, Andrew's passion took him to LA where he studied with some of the best contemporary players, among them Robin Ford and Joe Pass. He later attended the Guitar Institute of Technology and graduated at the top of his class whereupon Andrew switched roles from student to teacher by joining the faculty. After a stint in the band Himalaya in the early 90s plus numerous other experiences, he found himself back in the SF area. Now a few albums down the road, Andrew provides proof again of his emerging status as a smooth jazz star. Blue Funky Blue is his latest and third release and a project that's totally unfettered. Incorporating blues licks with world and funk rhythms, the album contains a diversity of styles that nicely mirror Andrew's own experiences. From that effort, we have Keith with a spiffed up take on the retro-sounding Samasama that appeared on his debut!

CD: Blue Funky Blue (2011)
Label: Hardtail Records

Keith Andrew - Blue Funky Blue

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Eugene K - Magenta Green
Distant Memory - Eugene K:
Born into a musical family in Russia, guitarist Eugene K attended the Moscow College of Music where he learned a variety of instruments in addition to composing and arranging. After completing a four year course of studies, Eugene joined the college teaching faculty and for a time taught Jazz Improvisation. In time he became the leader of the Moscow Philharmonic Jazz-Fusion Orchestra with whom he toured and played internationally. Subsequently Eugene relocated to the UK where he lectured and performed at The Royal Academy of Music - additionally he's composed and produced for films, TV, and radio. On the solo front, Wonder Groove was Eugene's 2010 debut with Magenta Green and Just A Hint both following this past year. A fourth cd is currently in the works but what is currently his 'middle release', we present Mr. K and the haunting echoes of Distant Memory!

CD: Magenta Green (2011)
Label: Independent
Spyro Gyra - A Foreign Affair
Canção de Ninar - Spyro Gyra:
Some 33 years after their first release, the veteran ensemble Spyro Gyra has come full circle if you will. Since their 1978 debut on the Amherst label, Jay Beckenstein and the boys have issued just south of 30 releases; they've logged thousand of miles and played countless gigs all over the globe - in the process they've endured as a musical force while endearing them selves to millions. Always intent on stretching the limits of their craft, the world now is their music." A Foreign Affair, their latest release, sees the band back on the Amherst imprint embracing many of the rhythms they played early in their career, now filtered thru the lens of many experiences - it's the "product of seasoned jazz players traveling the globe with ears wide open" according to Jeff Daily at Meanwhile Scott O'Brien at writes, "The chemistry among leader/saxman Jay Beckenstein, keyboardist Tom Schuman, guitarist Julio Fernandez, bassist Scott Ambush, and drummer Bonnie B (the new guy… at five years) is incredible. Their sound is brilliant, … with influences from the Caribbean, South America, Japan, India and Mexico …(A Foreign Affair), might very well be Spyro Gyra's best work yet'! A case in point could very well be our choice in the selection Canção de Ninar, as A Foreign Affair debuts on our show! Spyro Gyra Then & Now feature (Part 1) on Ed #437 - March 11th, 2007Spyro Gyra Then & Now feature (Part 2) on Ed #438 - March 18th, 2007

CD: A Foreign Affair (2011)
Label: Amherst Records

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Highlights Hour Two
Russ Hewitt - Alma Vieja
Samba Samba - Russ Hewitt:
Dallas native, Russ Hewitt first earned a reputation as a "rock shredder" but, in addition he's also a noted classical performer and he's earned his stripes as a sessionist. The graduate of North Texas State backpacked thru Europe and traveled in Turkey and other exotic locals, where he jammed with many of the local players. Drawing on these experiences, Hewitt released Bajo el Sol, his 2008 solo debut and a cd flavored with influences of rumba & flamenco and Arabic & Indian textures. With a few high profile guests in the likes of violinist Charlie Bisharat and saxophonist Michael Lington, Alma Vieja is the new one. From a project awash with 'Latin world' rhythms, we're featuring Hewitt and his flying fingers on the syncopation of Samba Samba!

CD: Alma Vieja (2011)
Label: Saulito Music
Azymuth - Ayrora
Tá Nessa Ainda Bicho? - Azymuth:
Arguably the most successful band to ever come out of Brazil, the veteran combo Azymuth came together in the early 70s, to back Marcos Valle on the soundtrack for the film O Fabuloso Fittipaldi. Taking their name from one of the album's tracks (Azimuth) while slightly adjusting the spelling, Azymuth released their nearly self-titled EP in 1975. Comprised of Jose Roberto Bertrami on keys, Alex Malheiros on bass and guitars, and Ivan Conti on drums & percussion, the band persevered thru the tragic death of Ariovaldo Conresini, an original fourth member. Continuing to record both individually and collectively thru until the present, Azymuth has established itself as one of only a handful of great global jazz bands. Now recording in their 5th decade, the recent issue of Aurora sees the combo returning to their old school sound with a project that celebrates 35 years since their inception. Aurora has been hailed as one of the band's finest efforts since their seminal recordings of the 70s and further cements their cult status as samba legends From the effort we have Tá Nessa Ainda Bicho? and a track that celebrates their signature samba groove!

CD: Ayrora (2011)
Label: Far Out Recordings
Journeys - New Destinations
New Destinations - Journeys:
Journeys is a 6-man combo based in Zurich, Switzerland for whom drummer/percussionist Robert Mark is the driving force. An alumnus of Berklee in Boston, Mark came up with the concept for the band about 10 years ago. Just in time to celebrate a milestone anniversary, and six years after their previous effort, the ensemble issued New Destinations in 2010. With newcomers Philippe Mall on saxes and Willy Kotoun on percussion, the group is a cohesive unit with Angelo Signore on piano & keyboards, Luciano Maranta on bass, and Dennis Roshard on guitar. With a mutual love for a style that combines favours of funk, fusion, and jazz, heir's is a sound designed to take listeners away as they explore many of their favourite musical avenues. Typical of the high adventure that awaits listeners is the finely crafted the title track, featuring Bernhard Schoch on the flugelhorn! Stay tuned - there's much more to come in the weeks ahead!

CD: New Destinations (2010)
Label: Farewell Music

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After Hours ~ Exclusive to our Site and Select Affiliates :
Sounds of Summer (cont): Here we go with another full hour of all the hottest grooves from the summer of 2011 on this the continuation of our 7th annual SOS review. And we're into "spreading the luv", as all of today's selections are brand new to the show. As we delve a bit more deeply into a few releases there's music from Paul Hardcastle and Roman Street plus making their debut on this review are Watson's Riddle, Damien DelRusso, and Kenny Love. We've come in with 14 selections; so this hour has the real feel of an extended Fresh Trax feature. First up is Nick Colionne - the new one is aptly titled Feel the Heat and from that release Nick lays it down and tells us There It Is! Playlist for Ed#626

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