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June 5th, 2011
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Chomping at the bit for this show is Euge Groove with S7ven Large, his latest, on the showcase segment. The second part of the show highlights Fresh Trax with selections at the forefront of the new music scene. Headlining are Nick Colionne and Down to the Bone. Also starring is Michael Franks with his first new release in about five years. There's an exciting project billed as Kool and Klean from saxman Konstantin, while the remaining attraction is from Mandorla led by Clive Stevens out of the UK!
In This Issue:

S7ven Large - Euge Groove

So What - Konstantin
Music is the Key - Down to the Bone
The Windy Dance - Nick Colionne
Now That ... - Michael Franks
Deep Kiss - Mandorla

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Showcase CD
S7ven Large - Euge Groove:

As a journeyman saxplayer Steve Grove played with Tower of Power for about 4 years in the 90s and then followed that with freelance and session work with the likes of Joe Cocker, the Eurythmics, Huey Lewis and others. Towards the end of the 90s, Grove was backing Tina Turner when he developed the Euge Groove persona, a twist on his surname and his middle name of Eugene. A demo tape landed him a record deal and his 2000 debut proved one of the break-thru albums for the year. Now firmly established as one of the favourites on the smooth scene, Groove's recently issued his new one and second on the Shanachie record label. Naming the project ending up being tougher than it should be - so Euge opted to tag the disc as S7ven Large in honor of it being his seventh release overall.

Euge Groove - S7ven Large
Euge Groove
Euge Groove
S7ven is lucky indeed for Groove's admiring legion of fans - and for us as the man born to groove takes center stage as the star of our spotlight feature! The fun with names and numbers doesn't end with the album title as the opening cut on the disc is aptly ID'd as Track 01. A sincere and sensitive piece, here's a mellow tune upon which Euge shows off the expressive aspects of his playing - and that's the tune that initiates our review. Track #9 is To The Nines with Peter White in a guest role; and if you'll pardon the pun, Euge gives us one sweet reed! Then in the end we're livin' large with the candy-coated sway of S7ven Large the title track! Rich and relaxing, smooth and soothing, Euge Groove's S7ven Large is a sweeping statement that bestows upon us the largess of his copious talents!

CD: S7ven Large (2011)
Label: Shanachie Records

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Fresh Trax: Part One
Konstantin - Kool&Klean Volume II
So What - Konstantin:
Kool & Klean is a concept produced by Konstantin Klashtorni. A versatile and experienced sax player, Konstantin has toured and performed thru out Europe and South America. He started his studies in jazz sax at the Music College in Kiev, and then later received his Masters Degree in Music from the Rotterdam Royal Conservatory in Holland. Since debuting back in 2004, Konstantin has issued a string of well received projects while ever continuing to made inroads on the smooth scene. Inspired by the music of Paul Hardcastle and his projects as The Jazzmasters, Klashtorni has chosen to travel a parallel path with a studio project that blurs the lines between Smooth Jazz and Electronica. From what is now Volume II in the Kool and Klean series and one upon which he plays all the instruments, we present the Hardcastlesque groove of the track So What!

CD: Kool&Klean Volume II (2011)
Label: KVK Music
Down to the Bone - The Main Ingredients
Music is the Key - Down to the Bone:
It's been well over a decade since Down to the Bone catapulted to the forefront of the music scene with their Manhattan To Staten debut. That effort set the direction, and in the intervening years, the band's musical compass has unerringly steered the ensemble toward the sound of the good groove. 2011 sees the UK combo on a new label with a new release set to be issued in a couple months or so. Called The Main Ingredients, Stuart Wade is the helmsman for this, the 9th cd from Britain's premier jazz funk unit - from that effort we have the edgy and primal advance single in Music Is The Key!

CD: The Main Ingredients (2011)
Label: Trippin 'n' Rhythm Records

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Fresh Trax: Part Two
Nick Colionne - Feel the Heat
The Windy Dance - Nick Colionne:
From a teen who would paint on a moustache to make himself look older when he played, to an artist who is riding the crest of his popularity, Nick Colionne is reaping the rewards of many years of devotion to his craft. After a trio of well-received releases in the 90s, Colionne broke in a big way with 2004's invitingly titled Just Come On In. Since then his star has continued to rise so that he now finds himself comfortably nestled among the elite in the genre. Fresh off being named a co-recipient as humanitarian of the year at the ASJA, Nicko as his friends call him, was also honored to be named the best live performer at the Catalina Island JazzTrax Festival. Feel The Heat is Nick's soon to be issued 7th cd and from that effort the Chicago native struts out on The Big Windy Dance, the album's first single to radio!

CD: Feel the Heat (2011)
Label: Trippin 'n' Rhythm Records
Michael Franks - Time Together
Now That The Summer's Here - Michael Franks:
Michael Franks is back with his first new record since the 2006 Rendezvous in Rio. Readily acknowledged as one of the most imaginative lyricists in contemporary music, Franks debuted in 1973 and enjoyed tremendous popularity throughout the 70s and 80s. Always true to a unique and somewhat quirky style, Time Together is now somewhere around cd #19 in a catalogue that also includes several compilations and a seasonal effort. On the project, Franks reconnects with old friends: Chuck Loeb, Mark Egan, Romero Lubambo, Till Brönner and Eric Marienthal to name just a few. From that soon to be issued album, we have the leisurely sounds of Now That The Summer's Here!

CD: Time Together (2011)
Label: Shanachie Records
Mandorla - Bacana Beat Club Deep Kiss - Mandorla:
Hailing from Bristol, England, a city famous for its innovative Reggae and Trip Hop scene, Clive Stevens has developed into an internationally acclaimed recording artist, composer, and producer. After studying the sax locally in England, Stevens left for the US to further his musical education at the famed Berklee College of Music in Boston, while moreover he's studied in San Francisco, London, and beyond. In addition, with a record career dating back to the 1972 he's travelled the world extensively. Just issued is Bacana Beat Club, Stevens' second effort as Mandorla on his own Planet 8 Records, a label he established a few years back. In religious art, a Mandorla is an almond-shaped aureole of light surrounding a holy person. In any event, teaming with Stevens is Miami-based producer, programmer, and musician Greg Minnick - from that collection of modern mix ambient lounge cool cuts, we have lingering caress of Deep Kiss!

CD: Bacana Beat Club (2011)
Label: Planet 8 Records

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After Hours ~ Exclusive to our Site and Select Affiliates :
The City: We're picking up with part 2 of our city sounds series. Included on this segment are A Night in the City from Lao Tizer and City Lights by Dave Grusin. Also appearing as part of a "City of ..." set are Yulara with City of Joy and Patrick Yandall with City of Dreams. But giving its name to this installment is the Marc-Almond classic from the 70s that's simply called The City. So be sure to catch all the excitement on The City edition! Playlist for Ed#618

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