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May 29th, 2011
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This Week at
In the spotlight on this show is the veteran combo Three Deep. Common Ground is the debut and par for the course we've selected a real nice trio of tracks, all as part of the spotlight segment. In the second half, it's a brand new feature called The Café Jazz Chill-Out highlighting the laid back grooves of today's downtempo scene. Appearing on this inaugural installment are Rafe Gomez, Planet Lounge, and David Arkenstone while also slotted are HP Hoeger and DeeLight. So as we transform the Café into a lounge, it's time to put he headphones on and to chill and relax to all the best in ambient grooves on today's music scene!
In This Issue:

Common Ground - Three Deep

Not In Love With Me - Hp.Hoeger
Shiva Dance - Planet Lounge
Icy - Rafe Gomez
Dolalalaleng - DeeLight
Just Past Midnight - David Arkenstone

AFTER HOURS : City Speak
PLAYLIST: Playlist for Ed#617

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Showcase CD
Common Ground - Three Deep:

Three Deep - Common Ground
Three Deep
Russ Brannon, Preston Glass, & Billy Shileds as Three Deep

CD: Common Ground (2011)
Label: Joe Street Records

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Chill-Out Feature: Part One
Thompascal & Hp.Hoeger - Alpine Grooves
Not In Love With Me - Thompascal & Hp.Hoeger:

CD: Alpine Grooves (2009)
Label: Musicpark Records
Links - Thomas Partl: Hanspeter Höger: CD:
Planet Lounge - Nadim
Shiva Dance - Planet Lounge:

CD: Nadim (2005)
Label: 4MPO

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Chill-Out Feature: Part Two
Rafe Gomez - The Groove Boutique; Volume One
Icy - Rafe Gomez:

CD: The Groove Boutique; Volume One (2004)
Label: Tommy Boy Records
DeeLight - Dolalalaleng
Dolalalaleng - DeeLight ft. Claudia Valtierra & Tim Rodig:

CD: Dolalalaleng (Digital Single) (2007)
Label: Oh Yes Records
David Arkenstone - Chillout Lounge Just Past Midnight - David Arkenstone:

CD: Chillout Lounge (2009)
Label: Green Hill

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After Hours ~ Exclusive to our Site and Select Affiliates :
City Speak: On this installment, we're starting a new series devoted to the sounds of the city. This initial episode is titled City Speak for a Richard Elliot track from a few years back. Included are selections such as Phat City by Chieli Minucci and Sammy Peralta's City Life. So be sure to tune in for all the sweetest noise the city can offer - on a City Speak edition! Playlist for Ed#617

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