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October 1st, 2006
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A Special Presentation: The Quarterly Review - Q3, 2006!
We launched this feature last year and the concept has consistently provided some of the finest smooth jazz you're likely to hear anywhere. Now, as we round the final turn and head into the home stretch for 2006, we present this, our third installment for the year. It would have been difficult to predict in advance, the large volume of superior music released in the past 90 days. Included were albums from Greg Adams, Joyce Cooling, and The Rippingtons. We have those as well as brand new music from Fourplay, The Jazzmasters, David Benoit, Michael Lington, Doc Powell, and a few choice others, such as Vince Madison and Italy's Westbound. Just let me put it this way, if it was new and if it was great you're likely to hear it right here on The QR!
In This Issue:

Boys' Night Out - Chris Korblein
Ivan - Westbound
It's Too Late - Michael Lington
Saxy - Vince Madison
Lift Me Up - Torcuato Mariano
Another Place & Time - Doc Powell


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Highlights Hour One
Boys' Night Out - Chris Korblein:

As a kid, Korblein would practice for hours, often imitating singers and sax players, all of which shaped his philosophy and approach to playing. His debut was produced on a tiny budget and released in 1997, while producer Derek Nakamoto (Gerald Albright and Keiko Matsui) was enlisted for Chris's second album, which followed in 2000. They shared a genuine enthusiasm for the music and so, when it came time to start recording again, Korblein went back to Nakamoto without any hesitation. Love Notes is the title of Chris Korblein's 3rd and latest release. For the new project, Korblein was looking for an organic sound, using live musicians, strings, and tracking wherever possible. A full year in the making, the music reflects a wide stylistic variety. Korblein reflects it's "record I always wanted to make," and from it we have the lead single to radio, called Boys' Night Out. It features the interaction of Ray Parker Jr on rhythm guitar, Steve Cole on sax, and Korblein on lead guitar. They're obviously having fun, a fact that results in a track with a terrific feel and a great party flavour!

CD: Love Notes
Label: New Music International
Site: Chris Korblein

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Ivan - Westbound:
Westbound is the Italian duo of guitarist Cristian Rocco and drummer Enrico Catena. Rocco graduated from the prestigious CPM music school in Milan, and fine-tuned his chops by attending various clinics conducted by guitarists such as Frank Gambale and Alain Caron. Meanwhile, Catena played piano for 3 years as a kid before switching to drums. He played festivals across Europe, worked in some of the most prominent Italian recording studios, and appeared in many national TV shows. Rocco and Catena first connected in 2001, after more than a decade of session work and touring in Italy and abroad. United by their common passion for "the West Coast music scene" and inspired by the works of Lee Ritenour, Larry Carlton, and David Benoit, they began working toward a long-time ambition. Recently that dream was realized with the release of Miles Away, their debut as Westbound. In spite of being miles away from the West Coast, Westbound is right in tune with the smooth groove of today's jazz. From that release we have their excellent Brazilian tinged tribute to Ivan Lins!

CD: Miles Away
Label: Independent
Site: Westbound
It's Too Late - Michael Lington:
Since launching his solo career in 1997, Michael Lington has delivered a steady stream of hits. His previous release, Stay with Me, yielded two #2's and a #6 hit while past efforts bore a trio of top five tracks to go along with the chart topping Tell It Like It Is, a duet with Bobby Caldwell, from his self-titled debut. Now Lington is back with A Song For You, his second on Rendezvous Entertainment. Lington explains, "With this album, I really wanted to focus on … songs from the '70s that have been rarely covered in a jazz instrumental format", and, "to create a classic album, with a timeless feel that is as current today as it is 40 years from now." Now, if the rest of the album lives up to the advance single, a cover of the 1971 Carole King hit It's Too Late, Lington may well have succeeded in creating that timeless classic!

CD: A Song For You
Label: Rendezvous Entertainment
Site: Michael Lington

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Highlights Hour Two
Saxy - Vince Madison:
A Colorado native, Madison began his career as a guitarist but switched to piano as a sophomore in college feeling it would be a better vehicle for his true passion of composing. He graduated with honors, earning a degree in music composition and went on to become the keyboardist for a top jazz group in Denver before relocating to New York City. There he continued his studies at Julliard while becoming immersed in the NYC studio scene, working with rap and R&B artists, such as Grand Master Flash. Upon his return to Denver, Madison focused on what became a series of works for solo piano, garnering many positive reviews while achieving impressive sales.

After a half-dozen projects that primarily fell into the new age category, he chose a new direction, returning to his jazz roots, with Spice of Life. Regardless of the genre, Madison's philosophy has always been to make music for people who love music, an ideology that meshes perfectly with our own. From Spice of Life, we've selected a tune that pretty well rates as a modern jazz classic. The sax playing of Jacob Teichrow is featured on the selection but it's Madison's own keyboard work that creates the wonderful groove that drives this melody!

CD: Spice of Life
Label: Firefly Records
Site: Vince Madison
Lift Me Up - Torcuato Mariano:
As a youth, Mariano grew up listening to the music of his native Argentina while American artists such as Santana and Stevie Wonder also proved to be highly influential. When he was 14, Mariano moved from Buenos Aires to Brazil where in time he became established on the thriving Rio de Janeiro music scene. Initially, he won accolades as a pop composer but by 1988, he was also rising as a jazz musician. In a matter of a few years, Mariano performed with Leo Gandelman, toured Europe with Ivan Lins, and did extensive session work while recording with many of Brazil's finest artists, including Sergio Mendes. In the early to mid 90s he released a pair of well received solo projects, yet opted to become head of A&R for a major label in Brazil, continuing in that capacity for several years. After nearly a ten-year hiatus, he resumed his record career in 2004. Lift Me Up is the just released follow up project. Combining the rhythms of Brazil with bossa and funk, the melodies are nicely varied, while Mariano's experience and maturity are reflected in the ease with which he moves between styles & between acoustic and electric guitar. From Lift Me Up, we have the uplifting album opener, the first single to radio and the title track!

CD: Lift Me Up
Label: 215 Records
Another Place & Time - Doc Powell :
Two decades and ten cds into his solo career, Doc Powell is still going strong. Powell's musical journey started in Spring Valley, NY. He began playing guitar when he was six and started recording and performing while still in his teens. Completely self-taught, Powell received his first big break when Wilson Pickett chose him as his music director. Powell was barely in his 20s at the time. This subsequently led to a stint with Luther Vandross and an affiliation that lasted a dozen or more years. Performing with Vandross catapulted Powell to another level as a musician!

Although he released his debut in '87, it wasn't until his third album, '94's Inner City Blues that Powell began to hit his stride as a solo artist. A couple of years later, he enjoyed his biggest commercial success with Laid Back; by year's end, it was rated the #2 jazz record for 1996. It's taken another full ten years but The Doctor is now poised to celebrate what may be his best release to date. From that effort, we have Another Place & Time, a track that harkens to some of the finest moments in a long and distinguished career!

CD: Doc Powell (self-titled)
Label: Heads Up
Site: Doc Powell

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After Hours ~ Exclusive to our Web Site :
On this edition, more smooth grooves from the past 3 months of '06. Included are Peter White, Boney James, Wayman Tisdale, Michael Franks, Lee Ritenour, Marilyn Scott, Will Donato and Jay Rowe. Also appearing are David Boswell, Paolo Rustichelli, Bakithi Kumalo, and 2AZZ1; we've also included a few selections new to the show from Michael Manson, Esteban, Andy Snitzer, and Donald Harrison so listen for those thruout the show. Those and a few others are part of an action packed fun filled feature that comes in with 26 selections and 110 minutes of music in two parts. So let the grooves begin!

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