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June 5th, 2004
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So, what do you look for when choosing a station or a program to listen to? Are you looking for a show that provides a unique listening experience? Perhaps you're craving a program where each & every selection is key to the flow of the music ... and to your enjoyment. Or is it a program that strives to provide the best possible listening experience that today's music has to offer? If you've answered "yes" then you need look no further. You've discovered Café Jazz, the program that dares to redefine radio!

On this edition, we're getting hip to the sounds of The Clayton/Scott Group. After the success of their debut, Jim Clayton & Andrew Scott enlisted the aid of Rob DeBoar & Tony Grace for the production of So Nice, their sophomore project and we'll spin a few tracks from that album on the showcase cd feature.

In This Issue:

So Nice - Clayton/Scott Group

Heard it Before - Gary Fuston
Mind Over Matter - Ed Stone
So Much - NiteFlyte
A House Is Not a Home - Eliane Elias
Put The Top Down - Theo Bishop

Then in hour 2 it's time once again for our exciting FT segment. On this installment we'll be hearing from NiteFlyte, the Tony Campbell project out of the UK. We have brand new music from guitarist Ed Stone and we're also introducing the music of Gary Fuston and Native Language Music cofounder Theo Bishop. Add to that an exquisite piece from Brazilian born Eliane Elias and her new one & we have all the right ingredients for a sensational show. Once again, these all are on the FT segment and that's in hour 2, so please check it out.

Now if you listen to our program regularly, you know there's much more to our show than that. However, if you're a first time listener be forewarned. You're in for a treat! We have more new music from Pete Belasco, Analysis, Dan Siegel, Pieces of a Dream, and Pamela Williams as we explore each of their recent albums. Under the heading of hidden gems we have one from Michael Dowdle and his Soulmate cd. Current favourites include Grady Nichols, Barry Danielian, and Paul Brown. And as well we have vintage selections from Brian Tarquin, Dancing Fantasy, Bona Fide, and J. Michael Verta among others. It's no wonder we say, Café Jazz is the radio show for people who don't like to listen to the radio!

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Showcase CD
So Nice - The Clayton/Scott Group:
Andrew Scott and Jim Clayton met while studying jazz at Toronto's Humber College. After graduating, they went their separate ways. However, upon their return to Toronto, the two reconnected. Shortly thereafter they released August, their debut cd as The Clayton/Scott Group . We considered August to be one of the finest SJ albums to ever come out of Canada. We weren't alone as the album received a fair degree of critical acclaim and garnered enough interest and support for the pair to pursue a follow up project which they've titled So Nice.

For this endeavour Clayton & Scott enlisted the aid of Tony Grace & Rob DeBoar who record as Four80East. The aligning of these creative forces resulted in a superb disc and one that certainly meets and perhaps even exceeds their previous effort. As such, how can we think any less of So Nice. In a phrase, the boys have done it again and for that reason we place So Nice among the same select circle of records as its predecessor ... one of the best SJ projects that this country has ever produced.

Make no mistake, this is a highly polished product and yet it's one that sees the band navigate new waters while remaining true to the smooth grooves of today's jazz. As such it's a terrific choice for our feature. We open with Avital a track that blends many influences from a Latin flavour to a funky flair. Included as well are Waltz for C, a melodic composition somewhat reminiscent of Mr. Guaraldi, one of our favourites from August. We close with a tune that is definitely "in the pocket" titled Back Pocket. This cd is indeed "so nice" that you'll want to include it in your SJ library.

CD: So Nice
Label: Boomtang Records

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Fresh Trax: Part One

Heard It Before - Gary Fuston:
Fuston has been involved in production work for the past 15 years or so, although his passion for music goes back much further. As a student he took up drums, percussion, & guitar. In the late 70's he was part of an R&B group and shortly thereafter he became interested in learning the engineering side of recording. In that connection, he set up his own studio and over the years has produced many artists from a variety of genres. In 1999, he introduced his own music online which resulted in over a million downloads and streams and the start of a worldwide fan base. His latest album titled the Best of G. Fuston, is a collection of 15 tracks from two previous releases on mp3.com which are no longer available to listeners. The music is a blend of acid jazz, jazz fusion, and smooth jazz and features guitar, strings, and piano layered with danceable grooves and rhythmic melodies.

CD: The Best of G Fuston
Label: G House Productions

Mind Over Matter - Ed Stone:
A native of Seattle, Stone began on guitar at the age of 12. In college he furthered his studies in music and played in many jazz and top 40 groups. Now a Detroit resident, Stone has just issued Magic Rhythm. On this his sophomore project, Ed has taken his guitar work to a higher level. His playing is ... well ... inspired. It is always crisp, clean, and indeed quite infectious. In reaction to the requests of many fans, Stone has also included several selections that feature him on vocals as well as on guitar. The result shows Stone at his best as he blends improvisation and soulful rhythms with romantic melodies.

CD: Magic Rhythm
Label: Ed Stone Productions
Site: Ed Stone

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Fresh Trax: Part Two
So Much - NiteFlyte:
The NiteFlyte story begins with Tony Campbell, a seasoned jazz guitarist from the east side of London. Following the success that he enjoyed with the group Perception, one that he founded, Campbell was invited to join the band Act of Faith as guitarist, songwriter and producer. He quickly helped that group to some chart success as well as helping them establish a reputation as a top-shelf act. In the course of events, the lead singer of left to pursue a solo career. Campbell, who had already been playing guitar on the UK's burgeoning street jazz scene, was inspired by the success of Down To The Bone. The combination of these factors led to Campbell's assembling a new group of top players. And so it was that NiteFlyte was born. Building upon the success of previous albums under the NiteFlyte banner, Campbell, in mid 2003, released U-Turn his third project as leader of that ensemble. From that effort we have a great groove inflected track titled So Much.

CD: U-Turn
Label: Passion Jazz
A House is Not A Home - Eliane Elias:
Multitalented and well known for her distinctive style, Elias blends many of the influences of her Brazilian heritage with her impressive jazz and classical skills. Eliane began studying piano at age seven. At twelve she was already transcribing the solos of many of the masters in jazz and by fifteen she was teaching piano and improvisation at Brazil' s prestigious school of music. In 1981 she headed for New York and the following year landed a spot in the group Steps Ahead. Her first release in 1984, was in collaboration with Randy Brecker. Shortly thereafter Eliane began her solo career which now includes over fifteen albums. Dreamer is the latest of these. From that project we're playing the Burt Bacharach/Hal David composition A House is Not A Home. This is a gorgeous treatment of the piece with lush production to match.

CD: Dreamer
Label: Bluebird
Site: Eliane Elias
Put the Top Down - Theo Bishop:
It's been over 8 years since Bishop helped launch Native Language Music, an independent label whose roster has grown to include artists such as Jeff Kashiwa, Steve Oliver & Dan Siegel. Over that period Theo has played a key role in each musician's career, having performed live with Kashiwa and Oliver and also having cowritten the #1 hit, Hyde Park, The Ah Oooh Song. He's also contributed several tracks to that label's series of successful compilation cds. So now after nearly a decade of working behind the scenes Bishop is set to launch his SJ solo career with the release of Newport Nights. The project is a fine first effort as Bishop places the focus squarely on melody and solid playing. In that regard this one does not disappoint!

CD: Newport Nights
Label: Native Language

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