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July 5th, 2003
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Highlights !
Catch the radio show that's always distinctive and fresh! This edition has all the right ingredienrs for a fantastic program. We're showcasing Nura and as part of the feature, we're pleased to present several excerpts from an interview with Nura and Stuart Steinhart exclusive to Café Jazz. As usual, we've slated a few of our current favourites by UltraBlue, Steve Cole, Richard Elliot, and Fattburger. Nor would we dare forget the classics. These are tracks that helped establish the SJ format and many continue to sound as vital as the day that we first experienced them. We'll be hearing from Earl Klugh, Tony Gable & 206, Everette Harp, and as well we have one from the recently released The Very Best of Lee Ritenour. As a bonus we have the new singles from Bob James and Kevin Toney, plus the #1 tune in Smooth Jazz for the past couple of weeks or so from Euge Groove; all of this plus a surprise or two.So please join us and make Café Jazz, your escape from ordinary radio !

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Showcase CD
Nura (self-titled) - Nura :
Originally hailing from Ottawa, Nura studied voice training at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto. She spent several years touring with various groups singing Folk, Rock and Jazz and it was during this period that she met Stuart Steinhart, a most innovative musician, bassist & composer . The two teamed up with drummer Randy Cooke with the result being a fresh amalgams of styles that has evolved into the sound of Nura. Her self-titled debut has been out for a short while in Canada and has quickly become recognised as one of the finest releases in Canadian contemporary music in recent times. The CD has just been made available in the U.S. and even at this early date appears poised to impact that market. A tour is in the works with some dates in Ontario and Québec already confirmed. Please see our announcement under "gigs" for details.
Recently we were able to connect with Nura and Stuart and they were kind enough to answer a few questions for us. Join us as Nura tells us a bit about her career to this point, her youth and growing up in Canada’s capital city. Meanwhile Stuart provides some rare insight into the style and sound of the band as well as the music itself. Then of course, there are the selections themselves ! We've chosen We're Not Alone, More Lemons Please, and a Café Jazz favourite, Rue Clarendon, as we showcase Nura!

CD: Nura
Label: St*art Music

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Fresh Trax: Part One
Just Because - Bernie Williams :
Williams is well-known in baseball circles as an all-star center fielder with the NY Yankees. Although he is a gifted athlete, Bernie’s first love was music. Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Williams, at the age of 13, was awarded a scholarship to a attend Escuela Libre de Musica, a high school for promising musicians in San Juan. The curriculum included traditional subjects but the primary focus was music with the second half of each school day devoted entirely to that discipline. As he became more accomplished as a player, his teachers and Bernie himself thought that he might follow a career path as a concert musician. However, at the same time, Williams developed both as a track star and baseball player, to the extent that major league scouts soon took notice. The rest is history as they say, but some of that history remains to be written as now 20 or so years later, Williams has resumed his musical journey by releasing The Journey Within, his debut. From that effort we have the lead single. David Benoit is featured on piano on this one. It’s a pretty track titled Just Because.

CD: The Journey Within
Label: GRP

Happy Times - Jaared :
Jaared Arosemena, who records under his first name only, began playing the sax when he was just 6 years old. The previous year he had been diagnosed with chronic asthma and in fact had almost died after a severe bout with the disease. A specialist advised that he could strengthen his lungs by learning a wind instrument. So after seeing a spirited solo while watching Lawrence Welk with his aunt, Jaared chose the sax. David Sanborn, was one of his earliest influences. However, in the course of things Arosemena has developed his own style, which has continued to evolve over the years. Hang Time, his sophomore cd has actually been out for almost a year, but as often occurs with music in an underexposed genre such as SJ, it sometimes takes a while for a record to become noticed, particularly from a relatively new artist. Such may be said to be the case with the track that we’re playing. The year before last, Jaared had been playing a few gigs with Peter White, and this tune well reflects some of the joy of that experience.

CD: Hang Time
Label: Marimelj
Site: Jaared

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Fresh Trax: Part Two
Simple Call - Cabo Frio :
Named after a city in Brazil, Cabo Frio is a veteran jazz band that emerged from the musically fertile Upstate New York area during the late 70s or so. The group began their recording career in 1982, with the release of their self-titled debut album and over the past two decades, have recorded six cds and toured extensively. Although Cabo Frio have been absent from the music scene for the past few years, they recently reunited to celebrate their 25th Anniversary with a highly successful concert and have just released a new album to commemorate the occasion. With several original members contributing to the project, it’s somewhat fittingly titled Late Return, and presents a fusion of ideas and cultural identities, which have always been hallmarks of the group.

CD: Late Return
Label: Kezia Records
Matter of Time - Kem :
Kem is Kem Owens, another artist who records under his first name only. Owens was born in Nashville and is self-taught as a vocalist. Now a native of Detroit, Kem was at one time homeless. However, his deep love of music, inspired the young artist and enabled him to find his way of his hardships. He wrote, produced and played keyboards on Kemistry his debut cd. Initially the album sold more than 10,000 copies as an independent release before it was picked up by Motown records as part of a five-cd package deal. From that endeavour we've chosen Matter of Time, the moody and ultra smooth opening track.

CD: Kemistry
Label: Motown
Site: Kem
Revelation - Hiroshima :
Hiroshima is a group that has survived as a band for over 25 years while integrating pop, R&B, and jazz with elements of traditional Japanese music into an artful and totally unique blend. To a large extent, the sound of the group is driven by the sound of the koto, played by June Kuramoto. It was June who together with Dan Kuramoto, her husband to be, assembled the first ensemble that bore the name Hiroshima back in 1974. Generally their work has met with a fair degree of commercial and creative success. The Bridge is their newly released cd, 14th over all, and among the various highlights is the track that we've selected.

CD: The Bridge
Label: Heads Up International
Site: Hiroshima

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