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April 13th, 2014
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This Week at the Café: Timeline Series - Wayback in '97!
On this edition it's a brand new show and only our second in the past two and a bit years. It's a time travelling adventure - the fourth and latest installment in the timeline series - this is Wayback in '97! We've set the controls and some of the highlights include Boney James, Dancing Fantasy, and Down to the Bone. But as we explore this musical curvature in space and time, this was a year in which the smooth genre really took flight! So it's with great pleasure that we're featuring many of the best tracks - from Wayback in '97!
In This Issue:

Soaring - Bernard Oattes
Film Noir - Philippe Saisse
Fingerdance - Earl Klugh
Valerie - Walter Duda
My Dancing Heart - Chris Camozzi
When Dreams ... - Dancing Fantasy

AFTER HOURS: More Wayback
PLAYLIST: Playlist for Ed#652

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Highlights Hour One
Soaring - Bernard Oattes:
Born in The Netherlands, Bernard Oattes spent a couple of years in England furthering his education. Upon returning to his homeland, Oattes quickly became immersed in the Dutch music scene. One of his earliest projects was The Limit, a pop band that scored an international dance hit & for which he was a founding member. Although he composed for & produced other pop-orientated groups, Oattes worked to expand his own horizons. In that regard, he issued his debut in 1992 and with it he gained exposure in North American. Soul Detective, his sophomore release, followed a few years later with Rules of My Heart, a 1997 effort, completing the trifecta. From that effort, we're featuring Soaring, with none other than Peter White guesting - a favourite artist with a great track from a golden era in the genre!

CD: Rules of My Heart (1997)
Label: Countdown/ULG

Bernard Oattes - Rules of My Heart

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Philippe Saisse - Next Voyage
Film Noir - Philippe Saisse:
Born in Marseilles France, Philippe Saisse studied at the Paris National Conservatory before winning a scholarship to Berklee in Boston. He made his jazz record debut with Al Di Meola back in the 80s and in a 20 plus year career, he's worked with David Sanborn & Al Jarreau, in addition to backing the likes of The Rolling Stones, David Bowie, & a host of others. In so doing, Saisse gained a unique perspective into his own musical aspirations. Among his 9 solo releases, he's explored various avenues - one of the most intriguing occurred on the '97 Next Voyage cd. Named for a cinematic term used to describe stylish Hollywood crime dramas from the 40s and 50s, the track Film Noir remains one of his finest!

CD: Next Voyage (1997)
Label: Verve Records
Earl Klugh - The Journey
Fingerdance - Earl Klugh:
Starting in music on piano when he was three, Earl Klugh followed that with guitar at the age of 10. Known for an attractive style and a mellow tone, Klugh's biggest influence was the late Chet Atkins - when he was 13, Earl saw Atkins on the old Perry Como TV show, and he immediately immersed himself in Chet's music by studying dozens of his albums! In spite of some serious credentials to the contrary, Klugh has never considered himself a jazz musician. Klugh played with Yusef Lateef at 15; at 17, he worked in George Benson's band for a year and followed that by appearing briefly with Chick Corea's Return to Forever. Earl launched his solo career in 1976, making his a seminal voice in the 'smooth movement'; even so he didn't break through until a 1979 Bob James collaboration for which they won a Grammy - Klugh has since gone on to become one of the most played artists in the genre and one of the most prolific. He's recorded well over 30 albums; 22 have entered the Top 10 with four reaching #1, meanwhile he's earned 11 Grammy nominations! From 1997, and a cd that peaked at #6, we have the aptly titled Fingerdance!

CD: The Journey (1997)
Label: WEA / Reprise

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Highlights Hour Two
Walter Duda - DayLight Again
Valerie - Walter Duda:
Hailing from Bridgeport Connecticut, Walter Duda was in college before he started in music. Upon graduating with a BA, Duda became a foreign language teacher. He was pursuing a Master's degree, when in a moment of self-realization he discovered that music was his 'language of choice'. Although guitar was his first instrument, the works of Brian Auger and George Duke inspired him to move to piano. His first recorded effort placed him as a finalist in a nationwide contest sponsored by the Berklee College of Music. With DayLight Again, his second release issued in 1997, Walter gained air play throughout the USA, in Canada, Europe, Brazil, Australia and Japan and of course on our own hip but humble show. From that offering, we present the exquisite stylings of a tune called Valerie!

CD: DayLight Again (1997)
Label: World Alert Records
Chris Camozzi - Suede
My Dancing Heart - Chris Camozzi:
One of San Francisco's top musicians & producers, Chris Camozzi grew up in a musical family and took up guitar at the age of seven after seeing The Beatles on Ed Sullivan. After high school, he played the Reno, Tahoe, and Vegas circuit while picking up the bass, synthesizers and drums as secondary instruments. He returned to the Bay Area and eventually turned to studio work where he became in demand as a sessionist. In addition to commercials on radio and TV, Camozzi appeared on albums by George Benson and Whitney Houston. In the early 90s, Chris left the security of that environment to join Michael Bolton and then Mariah Carey on tour. Then in 1996, he finally issued his solo debut and in all he's released a trio of well-received projects. Nevertheless, in recent years Chris has chosen to focus on session work & producing other artists among them vocalists Victor Fields and Nicolas Bearde. Even so, on this occasion, we return to 1997 and Suede - Camozzi's 2nd release. From that album we have the soaring sounds of My Dancing Heart and a longtime personal favourite!

CD: Suede (1997)
Label: Discovery / WEA
Dancing Fantasy - Love Letters
When Dreams Come True - Dancing Fantasy:
For a period in the 90s into the new millennium, the German based combo of Curtis McLaw & Chris Williams recorded a series of popular album inspired by the So Cal beach scene. In 1990 when they were overheard jamming in McLaw's studio and after being offered a record deal, they went on to record nearly a dozen projects as Dancing Fantasy. Nonetheless it's a genuine treat to return to Love Letters from 1997. From that cd, we've chosen When Dreams Come True - an exquisite tune featuring the tasty guitar work of Bill Joseph Flynn, the track proved one of the biggest hits in the duo's decade long career!

CD: Love Letters (1997)
Label: 1201 Music

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After Hours ~ Exclusive to our Site and Select Affiliates :
Wayback in '97 Continues: … more of our time travelling adventure. Included are The Rippingtons, Paul Hardcastle, and Gota the Groove Activator. Also appearing is Jonathan Cain; while helping fill the bill is the band Aftertouch - and for the first time they're all a part of an extended 2-hour set. But right off the mark, it's Thom Rotella with an all-time favourite! Playlist for Ed#652

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