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February 19th, 2012
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This Week at
On this edition we're nudging Bob Baldwin into the spotlight. The latest from the veteran keyboardist is 2, also known as Re-Vibe - we're taking a peak inside that release with a choice sampling of 3 tracks as part of the showcase segment. The second hour spotlights new music with the Fresh Trax feature. We're 'all in' on this installment with Peter White and Najee - Chris Standring is on the show, plus we have Patrick Yandall and Konstantin - on the radio show where musical dreams come true!
In This Issue:

Re-Vibe - Bob Baldwin

Sail - Konstantin
Oliver's Twist - Chris Standring
Steal Your Heart - Patrick Yandall
In The Clouds - Najee
Here We Go - Peter White

AFTER HOURS : Children at Play
PLAYLIST: Playlist for Ed#645

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Showcase CD
Re-Vibe - Bob Baldwin:

With a career that stretches back to the 80s, Bob Baldwin is a veteran performer who's enjoyed both critical acclaim and chart-topping success. Bob learned piano from his father, an accomplished musician in his own right, and after earning a business degree, the younger Baldwin worked for MCI and Sprint before setting out in music full time. In addition to his solo career, Baldwin has collaborated with some of the genre's top talents including Pieces of a Dream and the late Grover Washington Jr. He toured with Marion Meadows for 4 years and more recently he's worked with Joey Sommerville and Ragan Whiteside - all while advancing his solo career as a musician and as a radio show host. For the past few years Bob's mellifluous tones have been heard pumping out the sounds at The NewUrbanJazz Lounge heard on various stations from "Springfield Maryland and Miami to Hawaii and Alaska"!

Bob Baldwin - Re-Vibe
The recent issue of 2 is now somewhere around Baldwin's 15th release over all and a welcome sequel to the 2008 proto-type for the series. On the new album subtitled Re-Vibe, Bob continues exploring the avenues where soul and funk intersect with traditional and smooth jazz..
The name is Baldwin!
The name is Baldwin !
So it's with a fair measure of pleasure that we ease Bob and Re-Vibe into our showcase spotlight and to begin we have the track that lent its name to the disc. Joey Sommerville joins our resident keyboard whiz on the gorgeously reflective Unthinkable at the start of the second half of the show. Then we 'Get Over It' with the upbeat closing track, which features a contribution by Ms Ragan Whiteside on flute. Urban and funky, spirited and fashionable, 2 re-affirms Bob Baldwin's position as part of the vanguard for the urban-jazz scene!

CD: 2 / Re-Vibe (2011)
Label: Trippin 'n' Rhythm Records

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Fresh Trax: Part One
Konstantin - Kool&Klean Volume III
Sail - Konstantin:
With the release of no less than 5 full length projects in the span of about 18 months, Konstantin has morphed into one of the most creative and prolific players on today's smooth scene. The Ukrainian-born saxman, producer, and multi-instrumentalist honed his chops through a variety of experiences, from earning a Masters degree in sax performance to extensive touring throughout Europe and parts of South America. 2010 saw the issue of the first in the Kool&Klean series, a crossover concept bridging Smooth Jazz and Electronica that was inspired by the works of Paul Hardcastle and The Jazzmasters. From what is now the third volume to bear the banner, we weigh anchor with the smooth sounds of a track entitled Sail !

CD: Kool&Klean Volume III (2012)
Label: KVK Music
Chris Standring - Electric Wonderland
Oliver's Twist - Chris Standring:
After the issue of Blue Bolero in 2010 and following the release of Send Me Some Snow, a seasonal release in collaboration with Kathrin Shorr in 2011, guitarist Chris Standring is back to his left-leaning ways. The new cd entitled Electric Wonderland due for release in March is Standring's 7th under his own name and in many ways it's a culmination of the many facets in Chris's career to date. For this latest project, Chris revamped the portal to his web site, which sports a picture of him posed and appropriately leaning left. The music is diverse, upbeat and for the most part quite dreamy. In typical fashion, the first single is not only a twist on the name of a famous novel; it's also a twist on the album title. From Electric Wonderland we present an acoustically driven gem entitled Oliver's Twist! Chris Standring Then & Now on Ed #418 - September 24th, 2006

CD: Electric Wonderland (2012)
Label: Ultimate Vibe Records

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Fresh Trax: Part Two
Patrick Yandall - Acoustic Dreamscape
Steal Your Heart - Patrick Yandall:
Patrick Yandall is back with a new one called Acoustic Dreamscape and it's his 15th over-all. Our love affair with the music of the San Diego based guitarist extends back many years, to his earliest days, and in that time we've frequently featured Patrick's multi-faceted talents in a variety of settings. Yes Patrick can do it all - releases in the last 24 months alone have included efforts in rock, the blues, there was a seasonal album and not the least of these was a smooth jazz cd, the genre with which Patrick is most closely associated. After busting down a few doors with a couple of highly charged efforts, Acoustic Dreamscape sees Patrick ease into a zone that we here at The Café find very comforting. There'll be a lot more from PY and Acoustic Dreamscape in the weeks ahead but to begin we're most drawn to Steal Your Heart. Right from the first couple of bars, here's a track that wraps you in its notes and holds you tight. Easily one of the most gorgeous melodies that we've heard in many a year, Steal Your Heart is brilliant in its simplicity - but that's where the essence of true genius lies! Patrick Yandall Then & Now Spotlight Feature Ed #487 - June 8th, 2008

CD: Acoustic Dreamscape (2012)
Label: Zangi
Najee - The Smooth Side of Soul
In The Clouds - Najee:
The Smooth Side of Soul is the title for Najee's 12th and latest album issued just a couple weeks ago. The platinum selling saxman is one of the most readily identifiable names in the smooth genre, one that he helped pioneer back in the 80s. Throughout the intervening years, Najee has continued to record steadily although it's readily evident he's never felt compelled to issue a record for the mere sake of simply issuing it. The moment and the message must be right, and in that regard the material on and timing for The Smooth Side of Soul are both on the mark. Joined by special guests Phil Perry, Jeff Lorber, Chris "Big Dog" Davis, and James Lloyd (Pieces of a Dream), the tracks range from the club ready to the romantic. Falling into latter category is the Lorber-Najee collaboration 'In The Clouds', a subtle and moving serenade from the longtime master of the tender!

CD: The Smooth Side of Soul (2012)
Label: Shanachie
Peter White - Here We Go Here We Go - Peter White:
Now into his 4th decade as a musical force, Peter White continues to be a welcoming beacon to all of us who crave 'melody with mustard'! Mr. White can do it all - from the most tender ballad to the grittiest groove, the lad from Luton (England) is inspirational and inspired on Here We Go, his latest effort due for issue in a few weeks or so. Special guests include some of the top draws in smooth such as Philippe Saisse and Kirk Whalum. However, it's the ruff and ready title track, written for and featuring sax legend David Sanborn, that's our initial focus. As the promo literature so aptly puts it, here's a tune that "finds White riding the groove for all it's worth"! Peter White Then & Now Feature Ed #421 - October 22nd, 2006 A Peter White New Year: 3 hour Extravaganza Ed #343 - December 26th, 2004

CD: Here We Go (2012)
Label: Heads Up

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After Hours ~ Exclusive to our Site and Select Affiliates :
Children at Play: The connections series continues with a one hour musical recess called Children at Play after a track by Marc Antoine. All the selections have the words child or children as part of the title; there's The Child in Me from Marion Meadows, Urban Children is by the Blue Knights, while John Klemmer gives us Forest Child and so it goes. But starting it is Marc Antoine with the tune that lent its name to this edition! Playlist for Ed#645

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