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February 5th, 2012
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Stuart Wade & Britain's premier jazz-funk unit Down to the Bone are in the spotlight with The Main Ingredients - we're featuring a hip trio of tracks as part of the showcase segment. In the second half, it's time to re-visit and re-discover music from back in the day on another exciting Vintage Collection - this installment includes David Lanz and Paul Speer with a huge new age hit from the 80s. Also appearing are Larry Coryell, the godfather of fusion, and synth specialist Wally Badarou - then capping things are Lyle Mays from the Pat Metheny band, and Atlanta-based saxman Ben Dye as Rhythm 'n' Jazz. So the stage is set and for the curtain raising track it's Acoustic Alchemy with the lead tune from the Roseland release!
In This Issue:

The Main Ingredients - Down to the Bone

Feet First - Lyle Mays
Chief Inspector - Wally Badarou
Redwing - Larry Coryell
Behind the Waterfall - Lanz & Speer
Slide - Rhythm 'n' Jazz

AFTER HOURS : A Walk in the Park
PLAYLIST: Playlist for Ed#643

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Showcase CD
The Main Ingredients - Down to the Bone:

It's been well over a decade since Down to the Bone first appeared on the music scene. The Manhattan to Staten debut set the direction while in the intervening years, the band's musical compass has steered the ensemble unerringly toward the sound of the good groove. They've sold in excess of a half-million units and stage bands have thrilled audiences on both sides of the Atlantic. 2011 saw the UK combo on a new label with a new release called The Main Ingredients. As always, Stuart Wade is the helmsman for this the 9th cd from Britain's premier jazz funk unit while lending their creative talents to the project are long time main stays in Neil Angilley on keys and Julian Crampton on bass. Just over a year in the making, The Main Ingredients was a labour of love for Wade, a non musician who communicates his ideas to the others verbally and by whatever means necessary when writing the tracks - a unique approach that has stood the band in good stead!

Down to the Bone - The Main Ingredients
This latest effort sees the band traverse familiar territory with a funky fusion of all the base bits that have been integral to their success - yet there's plenty of spice for those who crave it. So it is that the DTTB gang now find themselves in the heady glow of the Café Jazz spotlight with The Main Ingredients.
Down to the Bone - The Live UK Band
Down to the Bone - The Live UK Band!
L to R: Ryan Jacob – trumpet, Chris Dodd (cap) – bass; Davide Giovannini – drums;
Ben Barritt – guitar; Tim Smart (at back) – trombone;
Joe “Bongo” Becket – percussion; Alex Bennett – keys
We have three of its tastiest tracks and right off the mark there's the torque of South Side Overdrive featuring a horn section comprised of Tim Smart on trombone, trumpeter Ryan Jacob, and Tom Richards on sax. Together We Stand soulfully launches the second part of the segment; whereas the collective talents of the crew deliver Uptown Hustle as one of the band's finest tracks ever - a gritty but sure-fire winner, it's the show closer! Sometimes edgy, frequently funky, yet always fueled with a groove, 'there's plenty of meat on the Bone' with The Main Ingredients!

CD: The Main Ingredients (2011)
Label: Trippin 'n' Rhythm Records

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Vintage Collection: Part One
Lyle Mays - Street Dreams
Feet First - Lyle Mays:
Hailing from Wausaukee, Wisconsin, Lyle Mays attended the U of W-Eau Claire before graduating from the U of North Texas. He toured with Woody Herman's Orchestra for a few months before becoming a founding member of Pat Metheny's group in 1976, and for the most part his musical fortunes have been intertwined with those of the acclaimed guitarist ever since. Mays has been a co-composer and arranger of nearly all of the group's material and has won eleven Grammy's. He's continued to tour and record with the Metheny right thru to the present while also pursuing a variety of interests ranging from children's records to composing a classical piece for harp, flute, viola and synthesizer. Additionally, Mays has recorded on his own - from his sophomore effort, the 1988 Street Dreams release, we've selected the melodic Feet First!

CD: Street Dreams (1988)
Label: Geffen Records
Wally Badarou - Echoes
Chief Inspector - Wally Badarou:
He was born in Paris in 1955 and spent most of the 60s in Africa. He had plans to become an airline pilot but shelved those while receiving an eclectic musical education as a session player at studios in England and the Bahamas. Wally Badarou's early career included work on the hit Pop Music with M, as well as with Level 42 - he was often referred to as the band's unofficial fifth member. As part of an in-house recording team for Island Records, Badarou appeared a long list of projects from those of Grace Jones and Joe Cocker to Herbie Hancock and Talking Heads. Badarou also scored a few films and developed into a producer of considerable repute, before he embraced stage acting in the early 2000s. Nonetheless, released in 1984, Echoes was his second offering. According to Badarou, the project wasn't experimental but rather it reflected what technology allowed him to do at the time - to express his multicultural roots "as an African born Parisian who happened to get educated with Brahms, James Brown, Joao Gilberto, The Beatles, Myriam Makeba, Jacques Brel and Celia Cruz all at the same time." From that album, we present the innovative and upbeat Chief Inspector!

CD: Echoes (1984)
Label: Island Records

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Vintage Collection: Part Two
Larry Coryell - I'll Be Over You
Redwing - Larry Coryell:
As a teen Larry Coryell played the rock music of the day but not considering himself good enough to pursue a music career, he studied journalism. Even so, he continued with private lessons and by 1965 things had changed. Shortly after moving to NYC in 1965, he debuted on a record by Chico Hamilton and in 1966, he formed the psychedelic band The Free Spirits on which he sang, played sitar and did most of the composing. Three years later, after apprenticing with vibist Gary Burton and flautist Herbie Mann and after gigging with the likes of Jack Bruce, Coryell arrived. His '69 album Spaces mixed jazz, classical and rock ingredients and included John McLaughlin. The result "formed what many aficionados consider to be the embryo from which the fusion jazz movement of the 1970s emerged." The project was a fiery affair - nonetheless Coryell could move effortlessly between styles as witnessed on The Eleventh House releases and on the 1974 Restful Mind cd. From a true and somewhat unsung pioneer of the fusion movement, we present the sweet and reflective Redwing, and a track that co-features the sax of Donald Harrison!

CD: I'll Be Over You (1995)
Label: CTI Records
David Lanz & Paul Speer - Natural States
Behind the Waterfall - David Lanz & Paul Speer:
Hailing from Lewiston, Idaho, Paul Speer released a pair of solo instrumental albums before he met up with David Lanz in Seattle in the early 80s. The pair worked together from 1981 until 1998. During that time they recorded three albums as Lanz and Speer, with Speer producing several of Lanz's subsequent solo efforts including the gold album, Cristofori's Dream. The 1983 Natural States was their first project as a duo and was the cornerstone of what was to become Miramar Productions. From that effort, the single Behind the Waterfall proved one of the biggest new age hits of the 80s and we have that for you today!

CD: Natural States (1985)
Label: Narada
Rhythm 'n' Jazz - Dance the Night Away Slide - Rhythm 'n' Jazz:
The man behind Rhythm 'n' Jazz and Ben's House of Music is Ben Dye III. After studying economics at Boston College, Dye relocated to Atlanta and in the year 2000 he founded his musical house. A label dedicated to promoting smooth jazzy grooves with funky takes on R&B classics there have been a series of about 10 or so projects under the Rhythm 'n' Jazz banner. Enlisting a few of the finest players on the local scene, they're billed as the smoothest jazz band on the planet and from the 2009 Dance the Night Away release, there's a great read on Slide, the hit recorded by Slave back in 1977!

CD: Dance the Night Away (2009)
Label: Ben's House of Music, LLC

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After Hours ~ Exclusive to our Site and Select Affiliates :
A Walk in the Park: A one hour feature wherein all the selections share the word 'park' as part of the title or band name - in keeping with this we're calling the segment A Walk in the Park and that's after a 1996 Denny Jiosa tune. There are 13 selections with Palmetto Park by The Benoit-Freeman Project, Dancin' in the Park from Mike Gealer, and Thru D Nite from the band Park Lane. But breaking the bottle on the bow of this show it's St. Pete's Florida native TFOXX with his ode to that city's Vinoy Park - as we go for a stroll on A Walk in the Park edition! Playlist for Ed#643

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