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January 15th, 2012
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This Week at Cafe The 2011 Review Chapter 2:
We take the utmost pride in our year-end rewind being chockfull of music you won't find anywhere else - this edition is a prime example! Included are Cliff deMarks, Konstantin, and Greg Anderson. Also appearing are a few more familiar names such as Michael Franks, The Rippingtons and Keiko Matsui; featured is Cindy Bradley with a tune from Unscripted - our most played album for the year. Plus there's David King, Darren Motamedy, and Andy Snitzer, as we resume toasting the 2011 résumé!

The Fabric of 2011: The Café Jazz MPL! Café Jazz Most Played List for 2011
In This Issue:

So What - Konstantin
Lifted - Cindy Bradley
Is This Heaven - David King
Blue Ocean - Greg Anderson
State of Feeling - Cliff deMarks
Lausanne - Andy Snitzer

AFTER HOURS : Chapter 2 (cont.)

SPINLIST: Spinlist ONE YEAR AGO: The Café Jazz Best of 2010 - Part 2

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Highlights Hour One
So What - Konstantin:
Making one of the biggest impacts on our show in 2011 was multi-instrumentalist & producer Konstantin. After making inroads on the smooth scene over the course of the last several years, the Ukrainian born musician hit upon a plan to merge elements of smooth and chill and so it was that the Kool&Klean concept came into being. Inspired by the music of Paul Hardcastle and The Jazzmasters, the Kool&Klean series was issued in two volumes and focused on cool atmospheric melodies combined with blues licks. Then to top that Konstantin released Groove Jazz N Chill#1 before year's end and a project he claimed could be his best yet. But that's a story for another occasion as this time around we delve into Kool&Klean Vol.II for the track entitled So What! Konstantin's Kool&Klean Volume II Showcased on Ed#623 - July 10th, 2011

CD: Kool&Klean Volume II (2011)
Label: KVK Music

Konstantin - Kool&Klean Volume II

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Cindy Bradley - Unscripted
Lifted - Cindy Bradley:
After the 2007 release of Just a Little Bit, Cindy Bradley came to the attention of the big wigs at Trippin 'n' Rhythm Records who connected her with ace-producer and Grammy-winner Michael Broening. The result was Bloom, Cindy's 2009 label debut and a most auspicious premier! The project led to Cindy earning Debut Artist of the Year recognition from the Catalina Island Jazz Trax Festival as well as from the Smooth Jazz News. Moreover, Cindy was named Best New Artist by both the American Smooth Jazz Awards and the Oasis Awards! Then in 2011, Broening and Bradley reconnected for the follow-up and a project that took their collaboration to the next level! Life doesn't have a script and so the title Unscripted was selected to reflect the making the album, and the reality of life. Even so, we couldn't have written a better script - Cindy topped our list of most played artists while Unscripted was the #1 cd for the year! Cindy Bradley and Unscripted in the Spotlight on Ed#624 - July 17th, 2011

CD: Unscripted (2011)
Label: Trippin 'n' Rhythm Records
Links: Bradley: Broening:
David King - The Universal Dream
Is This Heaven - David King:
Universal Dream was David King's 3rd and latest cd in 2011 and, after coming to our attention thru Smooth Jazz in the Mix hosted by Norrie, the Scottish guitarist's toughest competition on our show was himself. In all there were five different selections all vying for our weekly attention as part the spin list. In the end, it all turned out good as the Universal Dream gained the #17 spot on the year-end countdown while King landed in the lucky #13 spot on our MPL of artists! From Mr. King and a most regal release, we present just one of our favourites from the disc! David King & The Universal Dream Showcased on Ed#625 - September 18th, 2011

CD: The Universal Dream (2011)
Label: Independent

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Highlights Hour Two
Greg Anderson - Blue Ocean
Blue Ocean - Greg Anderson:
Under the dual headings of best kept secret and best paradox in an album title for 2011, is the Blue Ocean cd by Phoenix based Greg Anderson. A fixture on the Southwest circuit, Anderson plays in several bands and does solo gigs for corporate parties while often working in the studio with long-time friend, producer and keyboardist John Costello. Blue Ocean was the latest in a series of their collaborations. We dove headlong into this one and were swept away. Now the secrets out - from our #12 cd for the year, we reminisce with the swell of the title track! Greg Anderson & Blue Ocean in the Spotlight on Ed #613 - May 1st, 2011

CD: Blue Ocean (2011)
Label: Fervor Records
Cliff deMarks - State of Feeling
State of Feeling - Cliff deMarks:
One of the names most prominent on our catalogue of the best that '11 had to offer is that of Atlanta based Cliff deMarks! Now here's a veteran musician who in just under a dozen years has sold over a million units - yet he's flown below just about everyone's radar. Prolific does not begin to describe Cliff's productivity as he's recorded well over 50 cds in multiple genres. Now the chill-out scene grew just a bit cooler with the issue of State of Feeling - from that effort and the #5 release in 2011 we have Cliff, our #2 break-out artist, featured on the meditative and ultra-moody title track! Cliff deMarks & State of Feeling Showcased on Ed#611 - April 17th, 2011

CD: State of Feeling (2010)
Label: deMarks Studios
Andy Snitzer - Traveler

Lausanne - Andy Snitzer:
During the process of showcasing Andy Snitzer and the cd Traveler back in July of 2011, we made the comment that the cd was 'accessible yet avant-garde', and that Snitzer showed 'all the polish of a performer who has played the world stage several times over!' The project was inspired by Andy and his wayfaring adventures while touring with the likes of the Rolling Stones and Paul Simon, and the album traveled all the way to #7 on our in-house list. Now we re-live a few of our favourite memories with Andy and Lausanne as he musically shares his love for that Swiss city nestled in the Alps and on the shores of Lake Geneva! Andy Snitzer & Traveler Showcased on Ed#622 - July 3rd, 2011

CD: Traveler (2011)
Label: Native Language

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After Hours ~ Exclusive to our Web Site and Select Affiliates:
The 2011 Review Chapter 2 (cont.): The 2011 encore continues with selected tracks by Russ Hewitt, Terry Disley, and Yellowjackets; also appearing are Pete Gitlin, Drew Davidsen, and saxlady Jessy J. In addition there's an Alan Hewitt tune that spans a couple of years while the first sip of bubbly for this show was bottled by Three Deep! Spinlist

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