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November 27th, 2011
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This Week at
For today's show Terry Wollman is in the spotlight. Buddha's Ear is the new release and as part of the feature we've selected a real nice trio of tracks. In the second part of the show it's time for a dimension of sight and sound called The Euro Zone. On this occasion our pan-European tour includes Swiss harpist Andreas Vollenweider and Russian born guitarist Eugene K. Also appearing is Italy's S-Tone Inc. and there's Germany's Michael van Droff as well as Scottish guitarist David King. But first musical ray is from the cd Second Light and it's Jim Savitt helping us to get our 'groove' on with the tune of that very same name!
In This Issue:

Buddha's Ear - Terry Wollman

Silver Wheel - Andreas Vollenweider
Happy Mode - Eugene K
Human Touch - Michael van Droff
Promenade Sur La Lune - S-Tone Inc.
Above and Beyond - David King

AFTER HOURS : Hard Times
PLAYLIST: Playlist for Ed#635

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Showcase CD
Buddha's Ear - Terry Wollman:

Originally from Miami, guitarist Terry Wollman was educated at Berklee in Boston where he earned a degree in arranging. He then moved to the west coast and rose through the ranks as a first call sessionist and a top producer. His debut was the cd Bimini released in 1988; with the support of a triple-A cast that included Joe Sample, Abe Laboriel, and Dean Parks, the cd received world wide acclaim. After a '98 sophomore release, Terry has worked non-stop composing for film and TV, producing a variety of projects, and acting as the musical director for Billy Preston, The 5th Dimension, Al Jarreau, and many others. An adept musician able to embrace a variety of styles, Wollman moves easily between jazz and pop and from rock and blues to R&B. He co-wrote and produced a high-energy dance record for the super group Baila as well as a healing musical collaboration called "Sleep Suite". Personal projects have for the most part been put on the back burner, making the recent release of Buddha's Ear only Wollman's 3rd album in a 20-plus year career.

Terry Wollman - Buddha's Ear
Terry Wollman
Terry Wollman
A project well-suited to those requiring substance in their music in addition to style, Buddha's Ear presents an adventurous blend of flavors and is an ideal subject for that select stage we refer to as the showcase segment. So it is that Terry Wollman and Buddha's Ear are now our focal point and from that album we're starting the feature with Obrigado, which in Portuguese means thanks. Full of warmth and affection Love You, Miss You, Kiss You sweeps into the second half of the show. Then we finish with Gettin' Ready to Get Ready. Featuring an eclectic mix from a string quartet to fluid guitar and soaring sax (courtesy of Tom Evans), this track is a gem and it's the show closer. Now the Buddha's long ears are part of Buddhist iconography; the Buddha is all-hearing and his ears are said to denote superb perception. So with as solid an effort as to have come along to this late point in the year, it would appear that the title Buddha's Ear is indeed well chosen!

CD: Buddha's Ear (2011)
Label: Ollie Llama Music

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The Euro-Zone: Part One
Andreas Vollenweider - Down to the Moon
Silver Wheel - Andreas Vollenweider:
Born in Zurich in 1953, Andreas Vollenweider was exposed to that city's diverse music scene through his father, one of Europe's leading organ players. A combination of influences led the young Vollenweider to pursue proficiency on several instruments but in the course of events, he found his passion in the harp. He modified the instrument in a way that allowed for more rhythmic playing, and broadened its tonal range by electrifying it. Buoyant beats, exotic influences, and colorful improvisations led to Vollenweider securing a record deal, and in time his music swept across Europe and around the world. From the Down to the Moon cd that led to the first of his Grammy awards, we present vintage Vollenweider!

CD: Down to the Moon (1986)
Label: Columbia
Eugene K - Wonder Groove
Happy Mode - Eugene K:
Guitarist Eugene K was born into a musical family in Russia, where he attended the Moscow College of Music. It was there he learned a variety of instruments while also honing his composing and arranging skills. After the completion of a four year program, Eugene was asked to join the college faculty and for a time taught Jazz Improvisation. In due course, he rose to become leader of the Moscow Philharmonic Jazz-Fusion Orchestra with whom he toured internationally. Subsequently, Eugene relocated to the UK where in addition to lecturing and performing at The Royal Academy of Music, he's composed and produced for film, TV, and radio. On the solo front, Wonder Groove was his 2010 debut - from that effort we have the up tempo Happy Mode!

CD: Wonder Groove (2010)
Label: Independent

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The Euro-Zone: Part Two
Michael van Droff - Wave Music Volume One
Human Touch - Michael van Droff:
Michael van Droff is perhaps the man most responsible for the growth of Smooth Jazz in Germany. Influenced by Gino Vannelli his first music idol, van Droff hoped to land a record deal on this side of the Atlantic as a vocalist. However when that didn't materialize van Droff was undeterred and launched California Sunset Records back in his homeland - the label has proved most influential in the dissemination of smooth jazz and chill and their related genres. Nonetheless, Van Droff's contributions to the music scene go well beyond that of being a record label exec. Indeed, he's been a driving force as a producer, promoter, radio-DJ, and entrepreneur and in so doing he's earned the respect of the Smooth Jazz community at home and abroad. Now all of hasn't come without a cost as Michael's activities have to a certain extent waylaid his aspirations as a recording artist. He's still never released an entire solo project, but has recorded a few excellent tracks. A case in point being Human Touch, a track included on the compilation Wave Music Volume One and one of the first releases to have been issued on the CSR label !

CD: Wave Music Volume One (1999)
Label: California Sunset Records
S-Tone Inc. - Free Spirit
Promenade Sur La Lune - S-Tone Inc.:
For the past 20 years or more, the main man behind S-Tone Inc, Stefano Tirone, has altered between his career as an architect and his life's passion as a musician. He graduated from the Polytechnic of Milan back in the 80s and his first efforts in music were during the new wave period. The inception of the S-Tone concept occurred back in 1992 when acid jazz ruled, but it took nearly a full decade for the Stefano to find his true direction. In the meantime he collaborated with various DJs on projects that fused a variety of styles. 'Love Unlimited' was the first full S-Tone Inc. album released in 1996, and since then there have been a totally of 5 S-Tone projects that have travelled that fertile middle ground lying somewhere between Brazilian, jazz, house, funk, and soul. On this occasion we're heading back to the sophomore 1999 Free Spirit release for Promenade Sur La Lune and a seminal S-Tone Inc track!

CD: Free Spirit (1999)
Label: Milano 2000
David King - Son of Strangely Above and Beyond - David King:
While growing up in Scotland, David King was exposed to the rock of the day, through his many visits to Glasgow and its famed venue The Apollo; however, after he discovered the music of Martin Taylor, jazz became his passion. The styles of Larry Carlton, Pat Metheny, and Acoustic Alchemy proved instrumental in his development as a player and a composer. Following a variety of band related experiences, King obtained a degree in media composition. Feeling a bit unfulfilled in a band setting he entered his studio and recorded Strangely Familiar, his debut release. The 2007 album was a groove-based effort with elements of fusion providing an added dimension. Son of Strangely, issued a couple of years later, incorporated a somewhat more urban feel and from that sophomore cd there's the melodic energy of Above and Beyond!

CD: Son of Strangely (2009)
Label: Independent

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After Hours ~ Exclusive to our Site and Select Affiliates :
Hard Times: We've fallen on Hard Times on this the 4th in our cover tune series. Yes these are Hard Times indeed as all the selections are cover tunes, be it from pop, jazz or from regions in between. We have a 13 track set featuring Our Love by Brian Simpson, a tune called Fallen by Warren Hill, as well as Club 1600 with Stay, and it's all named for a Queen Latifah take on a track by Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band from 1976. And to begin it's Jeff Golub. From the cd Do It Again, Jeff gives us a spin on the Stevie Wonder tune Jesus Children of America - on the Hard Times edition! Playlist for Ed#635

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