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May 8th, 2011
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This Week at
… on this edition, we have our swagger on high with Boney James and the Contact release. Featured is a nifty triplet of musical Boneyisms, as we nudge author and album into the spotlight on the showcase segment. In the second half of the show it's a retro party with the Vintage Collection and a five pack of tunes from back in the day. Headlining this installment is the most celebrated flutist of a generation in the late Herbie Mann. Also appearing are Tomazz and Maxwell, while rounding it out are Germany's Colors in Motion and The Jazz Steppers out of the UK!
In This Issue:

Contact - Boney James

Take it Slow - The Jazz Steppers
Secrets - Colors in Motion
Cosmopolitan - Tomazz
The Urban Theme - Maxwell
Dry Land - Herbie Mann

AFTER HOURS : Night Grooves
PLAYLIST: Playlist for Ed#614

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Showcase CD
Contact - Boney James:


Boney James - Contact
Boney James Boney James photo by Andy Argyrakis at the Horseshoe Casino, 2009

CD: Contact (2011)
Label: Verve Forecast

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Vintage Collection: Part One
The Jazz Steppers - The Next Step
Take it Slow - The Jazz Steppers:

CD: The Next Step (2000)
Label: Passion Jazz
Colors in Motion - Secrets
Secrets - Colors in Motion:

CD: Secrets (1996)
Label: Night Sky

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Vintage Collection: Part Two
Tomazz - Orient Bay
Cosmopolitan - Tomazz:

CD: Orient Bay (2007)
Label: Blue Claw Music
Maxwell - Maxwell's Urban Hang Suite
The Urban Theme - Maxwell:

CD: Maxwell's Urban Hang Suite (1996)
Label: Columbia Records
Herbie Mann - Opalescence
Dry Land - Herbie Mann:

CD: Opalescence (1989)
Label: Kokopelli Records

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After Hours ~ Exclusive to our Site and Select Affiliates :
Night Grooves: It's to the breach once more with this the seventh and final installment in our night time series. All of the selections appearing on this installment share the key word night as part of their nomenclature, and they're all part of a Night Grooves edition named for a track by Chieli Minucci. Included on this show are the likes of Paul Taylor's Nightlife, Into the Night by Lin Rountree, and Night Sky from Bob James - those plus other on a 13-track feature! Playlist for Ed#614

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