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May 16th, 2010
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American Smooth Jazz Awards!
GARGANTUAN news! Yours truly has earned consideration as internet broadcaster of the year at the upcoming American Smooth Jazz Awards. So if you enjoy the style of the radio show that's daringly different here's how you can show a little luv - we're conveniently linked to the Awards site and that's where you can vote. So no matter where you're at, be it in the UK listening to RFTK, be sure to vote for all your favourites. This of course includes listeners on KHBL in Hannibal Missouri as well as all our fans on Smooth Groove!

This Week at
On the front-burner for today's show is saxman Jaared with three nifty tunes as part of the Manhattan Nights showcase segment. Then on Back Trax in hour 2 we're kickin' it ole skool - spotlighted on the installment are UB40, Craig T. Cooper, and Gerald Albright as well as music from Mars Lasar and by the band Mr. Gone led by Simon T Bramley. Then later in the hour, we're harmonizing the tried and true with the daring and the new … there's Gregorie Howard and The Rippingtons plus Candy Dulfer and Ken Navarro; while also on the show are The Sax Pack, The James Colah Project, Daniel Domenge, Terry Disley, Dean Krippaehne & Erik Hall, Steve Oliver, Nils, Ron Hutchens, Brian Bromberg, and Lao Tizer. But right out the starting block there's the new one by Drew Davidsen…all on the radio show lying right at the intersection of style & taste!
In This Issue:

Manhattan Nights - Jaared

A Thought Away - Craid T. Cooper
Plateau of the Gods - Mars Lasar
Return of Dr. X - UB40
So Amazing - Gerald Albright
Equation Boogie - Mr. Gone

AFTER HOURS : Southwest Shuffle
PLAYLIST: Playlist for Ed#571

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Showcase CD
Manhattan Nights - Jaared:

He was born Jaared Arosemena in Washington, D.C. and in his childhood he suffered from asthma. However, upon the recommendation of his doctor Jaared took up the sax in order to strengthen his lungs. David Sanborn became his earliest and biggest inspiration but other saxmen who impacted Jaared's style include Grover Washington and Nelson Rangell. It was in the mid-'80s that Jaared became active on the DC music scene playing a combination of funk and R&B with a few local bands while also accompanying the likes of Tina Turner and Etta James - but in due course he shifted towards smooth. Issuing his debut in 2001, that was a time that found Jaared touring for Peter White and it was this combination of events led to Jaared's nomination as the 2002 Best New Artist of the Year. And, while touring extensively as a sideman and featured soloist, Jaared's also developed the front man aspect of his career.
Jaared - Manhattan Nights
Jaared - Promo Shot!
Manhattan Nights is now cd #4 for Mr. A and while it's his second on the Trippin record label, it marks the first collaboration with ace-producer and Grammy-winner Michael Broening. Broening has long worked with Marion Meadows while more recently he produced Cindy Bradley's Bloom cd. The Broening factor is immediately evident on this project, particularly upon the sequence of selections chosen for today's feature as all three are Broening compositions. Leading in is the aptly titled Floating On a Breeze featuring Mel Brown on bass, Freddie Fox on guitar, and Michael Broening on keys. The tender passion of Love You All Night Long features label mate Cindy Bradley at the start of the second hour; while the finale is a simply terrific tune and one we fully expect to be at or near the top of our in house list of favourites for the year. As Jay Soto joins in, it's called Dancing with You. With an unmatched warmth and fullness of expression, Jaared has never sounded sweeter than on Manhattan Nights!

CD: Manhattan Nights (2010)
Label: Trippin 'n' Rhythm Records
Links: Jaared - M.Broening -

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Back Trax: Part One
Craid T. Cooper - Hour Glass
A Thought Away - Craid T. Cooper:
LA native Craig T. Cooper started cello lessons when he was four and then progressed to playing trumpet, drums, and piano before finally settling on the guitar. By 1984, Cooper had already begun to emerge as a prominent sessionist getting his first big break with El DeBarge. Subsequently he's worked non-stop with the likes of Anita Baker, Bob Dylan, Barry Manilow, and many others. Simultaneously Craig T. has developed a solo career starting with a 1989 debut. He now has hundreds of appearances to his credit with over a half-dozen releases of his own. We return now to one of Cooper's more recent efforts in the 2006 Hour Glass cd and from it we have the opening track in the contemplative A Thought Away!

CD: Hour Glass (2006)
Label: CraigLand Records
Mars Lasar - The Eleventh Hour
Plateau of the Gods - Mars Lasar:
Mars Lasar first drew attention in 1991 for his stellar work on the Seal hit Crazy, a project that went on to become a platinum seller. The following year, the German-born Australian-raised composer / producer broke with his own solo debut called Olympus. Used by CBS during their coverage of the Albertville Winter Olympic, the album reached the Top Ten on the Progressive Adult Contemporary charts. Lasar's follow-up in The Eleventh Hour, proved even more successful as it pushed the boundaries of New Age into the avant-garde, as well as areas of dance, acid jazz, industrial, and world beat. Lasar has since gone on to record over 20 cds with an arsenal of production credits to match. His music has been used for TV on Law And Order, America's Got Talent, Baywatch, Young & The Restless, General Hospital and Hard Copy to name but a few, while his song writing and production expertise have spanned multiple of genres. On this occasion we return to what proved a landmark release, and from it we've selected the awe inspiring Plateau of the Gods!

CD: The Eleventh Hour (1993)
Label: Real Music Records

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Back Trax: Part Two
UB40 - Present Arms in Dub
Return of Dr. X - UB40:
Years before they broke commercially, the band UB40 were creating some of the most intriguing original material of the day. Taking their name from an unemployment bulletin in the UK, brothers Robin and Ali Campbell fronted a multiracial lineup that reflected the working-class community its members came from. As their story goes, the band was formed in 1978 in a welfare line. With their first few releases, UB40 solidified their street credentials - in particular tracks like One in Ten from Present Arms, their sophomore effort, appealed to dissatisfied youth while addressing the political issues of the day. Then in the tradition of many Jamaican reggae bands, UB40 issued Present Arms in Dub with rewrites of some of their most popular material - without doubt a standout selection being the nefarious sounding Return of Dr. X!

LP: Present Arms in Dub (1981)
Label: DEP International
Gerald Albright - Just Between Us
So Amazing - Gerald Albright:
After trying piano at an early age, Gerald Albright's interest in music picked up considerably when he tried playing a sax that belonged to his piano teacher. He continued on sax while in high school, and then he enrolled at the University of Redlands where he earned a degree in Business Management with a minor in Music. While attending Redlands, Albright also took up bass guitar, an instrument that he thoroughly enjoyed and one which continues to give him a unique dual perspective as a musician. Shortly after graduating, Gerald he joined a band led by Patrice Rushen, an old friend from high school and soon after, he established himself as a first call sideman. Over the years Albright has worked with a lengthy list of stars including Anita Baker, Quincy Jones, and Babyface. With a new cd on the horizon in 2010, we thought it fitting to return to Albright's 87 debut and a tune that remains one of his biggest hits to date!

CD: Just Between Us (1987)
Label: Atlantic / Wea
Mr. Gone - Fresh Out The Box
Equation Boogie - Mr. Gone :
Rooted in Jazz-Funk, Mr. Gone was a studio project led and produced by bass player Simon T, Bramley. For years, Bramley had been playing with a variety of bands on the UK scene when in 1996 he began to fuse acid and jungle jazz with related styles. After some positive reviews with the debut, Simon T. continued to appear live with other groups but gaining a strong following on the underground music scene, he revisited the Mr. Gone concept every now and again. With contributions by Neil Hunter, Neil Burditt, Jamie M. Harris and Robin Jones, Bramley fielded what proved to be his most successful effort as Mr. Gone with 2002's Fresh Out the Box. From that release, the club-inflected Equation Boogie is a musical solution we're sending out to all you groovin' Math types!

CD: Fresh Out The Box (2002)
Label: Lakeshore Records

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After Hours ~ Exclusive to our Site and Select Affiliates :
Southwest Shuffle: … an After Hours brimming with adventure. On this edition it's part 3 in our current 4-part mini series, wherein we travel to all points on the musical compass. On this occasion we lay in a course that's 45 degrees south of west… the operative concept lying with the tune Southwest Shuffle by St. Pete's saxlady Stacey Knights and that's name for this installment. With selections directing us south or west, we invite you to stay right where you are for the likes of Southside Groove and West Coast Highway in addition to The Western Sky and Southern Living. Initially, Lee Ritenour helps us get our bearings with Southwest Passage - for a special Southwest Shuffle edition! Playlist for Ed#571

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