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March 21st, 2010
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This Week at
… it's Wine & Chocolate taking center stage - Snapshots in Motion is the debut and that's the cd that's featured on the showcase segment. Hour 2, sees a cutting-edge installment of Fresh Trax. Filtered through for this show are keyboardist Renato Falaschi and saxman Kim Waters. Debuting we have Joe Taylor and Paul Cullen, while the fiery sounds of Gary Carpenter & Tribal Heat provide a scorching finish. Then after the Fresh Trax, we're balancing the daring and the new with the tried and true - and this time that includes Matt Marshak and The Clayton/Scott Group. As well, we have Richard Elliot plus a tune from The Alan Hewitt Project - while sprinkled through out are the likes of David Arkenstone, Gregorie Howard, and Pieces of a Dream!
In This Issue:

Snapshots in Motion - Wine & Chocolate

Traveling Lite - Renato Falaschi
Song of Passion - Kim Waters
Floating Hearts - Joe Taylor
Le Vigne di Alice - Paul Cullen
Native Born - Gary Carpenter

AFTER HOURS : Sunday Serenade
PLAYLIST: Playlist for Ed#563

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Showcase CD
Snapshots in Motion - Wine & Chocolate:

Wine & Chocolate is an intriguing musical concept conceived by Alex Salzman, a Grammy-nominated producer and multi-instrumentalist. With Salzman on guitar, keys & vocals, the combo includes Anthony Aiello on sax & flute and Erin Henry on vocals, while trumpeter Don Harris makes a special guest appearance. All of the members are accomplished performers each with an extensive resume. Anthony Aiello began performing in his teens when he first toured Europe with The Staten Island Stage Band and then upon his return, he appeared at Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center. He graduated from the Manhattan School of Music, and quickly become well known on the New York session scene and over the years he's toured and recorded with the likes of Joe Jackson and Mariah Carey! Erin Henry is a versatile vocalist with both studio and live experience - she is currently a featured member of the TransSiberian Orchestra.

Wine & Chocolate - Snapshots in Motion
Don Harris graduated from the Berklee College of Music and promptly got a gig with James Taylor. He moved to Rio de Janeiro, for ten years and ended up recording with artists such as Jobim and Gilberto Gil. Now back in New York, Harris's credits include Tower Of Power, The Supremes, Jeff Golub and many other smooth jazz stars! For his part Alex Salzman was enrolled in the Moscow Conservatory School for Gifted Children by his mother who herself was a world-class classical pianist. At the age of eleven, Salzman also began studying classical guitar and then later he attended The Westchester Conservatory of Music and The Fordham University School of Business. Additionally, Salzman has worked closely with Alan Menken, an award-winning composer, on numerous animated features in the likes of Beauty and The Beast, and Aladdin! Now together as Wine & Chocolate they present a hip blend of vintage jazz for the sophisticated palate - all nicely inlaid with some of the sweetest sounds from pop and funk. Hence the name Wine & Chocolate nicely connects the many sumptuous and rich elements of their style.
Wine & Chocolate!!
Wine & Chocolate - L to R
Anthony Aiello, Erin Henry, Alex Salzman, Don Harris
Snapshots in Motion is their debut, and a project that's aged to perfection. To begin, we have the rhythmic sway of Islands in the Sun. Mood For A Whale begins with an atmospheric intro that bursts into a spirited sequence only to subside as it began and that opens hour 2. Meantime the remarkably textured Step by Step is set off through an amazing interplay by Aiello on sax and Salzman on electric guitar - this is musicianship that's clearly on a higher plane and this is our closing musical vignette! So, for an album that flows like a fragrant sparkling wine or like the most dark & delicious chocolate, look for the label Snapshots in Motion by Wine & Chocolate!

CD: Snapshots in Motion (2009)
Label: The Factor

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Fresh Trax: Part One
Renato Falaschi - Summer Rain
Traveling Lite - Renato Falaschi:
Hailing from Bari, Italy, a city of 1.6 million that hugs the Adriatic, Renato Falaschi began playing piano at an early age and then started formal training when he was eight. He continued with his lessons through into his teens, while broadening his focus to include organ and guitar. Later on he excelled in big band arranging and composing and obtained a master's degree, while in 1990, he also earned a degree in classical piano. After some work for Italy's top TV network, Falaschi relocated to France where he's frequently recorded with a variety of top vocalists. Summer Rain is his solo debut, a 3-song EP released in 2009, that nicely foreshadows a full length cd that Falaschi has in the works - from it we've selected the easy vibe of a tune called Traveling Lite!

CD: Summer Rain (2009)
Label: PolyRecords
Kim Waters - Love Stories
Song of Passion - Kim Waters:
During his 20-plus year career as a recording artist, saxman Kim Waters has built a solid reputation earning praise from fans & critics alike. Since debuting back in 1989, he's issued 18 releases under his own name, led six studio projects in the Streetwize series, and then enjoyed more chart-topping success teaming with Jeff Kashiwa and Steve Cole on a pair of projects as The Sax Pack. While balancing the demands of a busy performance schedule, Waters has recorded ten #1 hits and sold over a million units, all of which places him among the top five best selling artist on the contemporary scene. The recent Love Stories now brings Kim's overall output to 26 cds as he continues to strike a balance of flavours in a style that's come to be referred to as smooth urban jazz and one that he's helped pioneer. From that very release we've selected a cool tune called Song of Passion!

CD: Love Stories (2010)
Label: Shanachie

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Fresh Trax: Part Two
Joe Taylor - Accidental Sugar
Floating Hearts - Joe Taylor:
Joe Taylor is a veteran guitarist who initially made a name for himself as a New York sessionist. He's toured and recorded with many diverse performers and for a time he was a staff producer at RCA Victor. In addition, he's worked as a TV soundtrack composer for just about every major network - meanwhile he's also enjoyed success as the creator of the ambient Oracle series as well as with several projects issued under his own name. Having garnered top-five chart action in the past in a variety of trade publications, it's been a few years between releases. Nonetheless, Taylor seems certain to replicate that feat with Accidental Sugar - our early nominee as best album title for the year! From that sweet release, we present the full-bodied richness of Floating Hearts!!

CD: Accidental Sugar (2007)
Label: Moonwatcher Music
Paul Cullen - Dreamdance & Paradise
Le Vigne di Alice - Paul Cullen:
Buffalo native Paul Cullen didn't get started in music until after high school when his family had relocated to Florida. He got turned onto the sounds of Jaco Pastorius and after practicing for up to 10 hours a day for 6 months he got his first gig. For the next 9 years he played all across the USA in 12 different bands and then in the early 90s he was recruited by Bad Company for their live shows. As Cullen describes it, "The next 3 years were action packed, playing 254 shows in front of 2.5 million people." Needless to say, Cullen found it tough to go back to playing the bar scene, so for a time he took a break, settled down a bit, and regrouped. Finally, in 2007, he released his solo debut and then followed that with a second project this past year. Now just issued is Dreamdance & Paradise wherein both cds are bundled as part of a deluxe release. From an effort with hints of Jazz, Latin, and Mediterranean styles, mixed with ambient sounds we have the superb selection previously listed as Elu - now renamed as Le Vigne di Alice for a wine producing region in Italy, the tune connects Cullen's passion for wine with his passion for music!

CD: Dreamdance & Paradise (2010)
Gary Carpenter & Tribal Heat - Tierra Madre
Native Born - Gary Carpenter & Tribal Heat:
Coming to us from Santa Cruz California, is world fusion guitarist Gary Carpenter. Carpenter has long held a passion for World Music and guitar - when he was just sixteen, his experimental Indian Raga-rock compositions earned him a scholarship to the Hartford Conservatory. Then, after moving to the Bay Area, he formed Montage, which played to sold out houses; meantime he's also worked with the group Compass, with Blue Note recording artist Samba Ngo, and with Arabic World /Electronica performer MC Rai. Additionally, his talents have led to live performances at the Monterey Jazz Festival among many others. A few years back Carpenter teamed with keyboardist Peter Cor for the band Helios before setting out on his own fronting the project called Tribal Heat. Tierra Madre is now the second offering wherein Carpenter explores unique blends of Latin and World rhythms. From that cd the track Native Born sees Carpenter doubling on Spanish acoustic & electric guitars over a heavily layered bed of percussion - the overall effect being fluid, creative, infectious, & inspired!

CD: Tierra Madre (2009)
Label: Gary Carpenter and Tribal Heat

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After Hours ~ Exclusive to our Site and Select Affiliates :
Sunday Serenade: ... it's the latest installment in our connections series - the operative concept is that all the selections share the word Sunday as part of their titles! From the outset, Jay Soto frames things just right; he's followed by Marcus Johnson and Bill Evans while the band Wavelength completes the set. Saxman Kenny Blake provides the spark for set #2 with the track for which we named the feature. We then continue with Lisa Hilton, Steve Briody, Rick Braun together with Richard Elliot, and Tim Bowman. Then as we round the final turn we have Joe McBride and Chieli Minucci as well as flautist Paul Rozmus while finishing it, it's saxman Konstantin Klashtorni! Playlist for Ed#563

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