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February 28th, 2010
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This Week at
… it's JD Daniel in the spotlight. The new release from the veteran keyboardist is Back To The Groove and that's the album that's featured on our showcase marquee. Then in hour 2, we're kickin' it ol' skool with Back Trax. On this occasion, we have Ricardo Scales and Larry Klimas; there's a tune from Kelvis and Kendall Duffie as Kloud 9, keyboardist Phil Klein is on the show plus there's a terrific track from the band Tri Atma! Then appearing later in the hour are Tony Vattimo and Chris Standring in addition to Gregorie Howard and Wine & Chocolate; while featured thru-out are Mike Catalano, David Wells, and Peter White!
In This Issue:

Back To The Groove - J.D. Daniel

Mujer Latina - Ricardo Scales
Ganja - Larry Klimas
Lullaby for K.C. - Kloud 9
The Secret In Your Eyes - Phil Klein
Namaskar - Tri Atma

AFTER HOURS : Sunny Side Up
PLAYLIST: Playlist for Ed#560

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Showcase CD
Back To The Groove - J.D. Daniel:

Raised in Seattle Washington, JD Daniel began classical training on piano at the age of six. He'd moved to Tucson Arizona, by the time he was 19 and it was there that he led a band that featured Brian Bromberg and Diane Schuur. Afterwards JD relocated to Los Angeles, where he became the go-to-guy for sessions and tours. In addition, Daniel has an extensive list of credits working in the media - from TV and film to documentaries and game shows - and thereby he's been heard by millions the world over. With tastes ranging from diverse to eclectic, Daniel is not only well-versed but versatile - over the course of his career, he's backed the likes of Dave Koz and Rick Braun; moreover his performance experience extends to the areas of pop, rock, R&B, and beyond! His résumé includes working with Andy Williams and Supertramp, The Four Tops and Dori Caymmi, as well as many, many more!

J.D. Daniel - Back To The Groove
As a lead man, JD's recorded a few piano cds and fronted a jazz trio. Now having set up shop in the 'Sunshine State', Back To The Groove is the new one upon which Daniel puts his musical wares on display! Featuring eleven bold and expressive original compositions, this is a project with flare, funkitude, and finesse! It's therefore a pleasure to ease album and author into the glow of the showcase spotlight.
J.D. Daniel
J.D. Daniel
We have a crisp assortment of tracks - starting with one of our favourites in the 'spectacle' called Firedance, a selection inspired by one of JD's formative experiences when he saw McCoy Tyner play. For the ultra moody Tristere at the top of hour 2, Daniel creates a magical atmosphere reminiscent of the times he worked with Brazilian legends such as Sergio Mendes - that's Brandon Fields guesting on sax on both tracks. Meantime the quasi-classical and kinetic Dolphin Waters is our finishing selection - originally a solo piano piece, the tune was orchestrated with the help of guitarist Mike Miller and soprano saxman Brad Baker. Covering a spectrum of styles while featuring inspired playing thruout, JD Daniel is a master of many moods on this his most daring venture called Back To The Groove!

CD: Back To The Groove (2009)
Label: Blue Yak Music

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Back Trax: Part One
Ricardo Scales - Forever Love
Mujer Latina - Ricardo Scales:
A gifted musician as a youth, Ricardo Scales went on to win a scholarship to the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. Unfortunately, when he was 19, he suffered an accident that severed the cords to three fingers in his left hand and he was told he would never play piano again. Unwilling to accept that negative prognosis, Scales devised his own therapy wherein he used his right hand to help re-teach his left hand how to work the keys. After many months, he slowly regained some dexterity, and thru continued efforts, he eventually reacquired his ability to play. In the time since, he's developed into a staple on the music scene in The City by The Bay while issuing over a dozen cds. Today we return to 1996 for one of his best. From Forever Love, we have the tune that remains Scales' biggest hit to date in the track Mujer Latina and the Café Jazz edit thereof!

CD: Forever Love (1996)
Label: Bay Sound Records
Larry Klimas - Retro-spec (t)
Ganja - Larry Klimas :
A veteran musician, sax and flute man Larry Klimas has a diverse resume that includes tours with Manhattan Transfer and Neil Diamond. Additionally, Klimas has a long working relationship with LA keyboardist David Garfield - they've worked together in many capacities for the past 30 years or more. Klimas appeared on several of Garfield's solo cds, while also joining him on a few different incarnations of the band Karizma. Moreover Klimas has issued a pair of cds under his own name and we're heading back to first of these in Retro-spec (t) from 1999 that was co-produced by his old friend. From that effort, we have the heady Ganja for you today!

CD: Retro-spec (t) (1999)
Label: Creatchy Records

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Back Trax: Part Two
Kloud 9 - On Kloud 9
Lullaby for K.C. - Kloud 9:
Originally hailing from a small town near Chicago but now based in Nashville, fraternal twins Kelvis and Kendall Duffie are Kloud 9. By the time they were 14, their talents were already getting noticed when they were performing as part of a contemporary gospel quartet called Meekness. They ended up playing and / or recording with legends such as Take 6 and Bebe and Cece Winans - still, after a few years, the project ran its course and they disbanded in the mid 90s. Driven by his passion for music, Kendall moved to London where he lived for nearly two years. While there he met Bluey Maunick the front man for Incognito who would later contribute to their debut, and in due course Kendall caught the attention of Ralph Tee and his Expansion Records label. Their first single with Kirk Whalum was included on an Expansion compilation cd and that momentum led to their 2002 full length premier. From that effort entitled On Kloud 9 we have the exquisite Lullaby for K.C. !

CD: On Kloud 9 (2002)
Label: Expansion Records
Phil Klein - Cruise Control
The Secret In Your Eyes - Phil Klein:
After releasing his solo debut in 1994, keyboardist Phil Klein reappeared a few years later with Cruise Control, his sophomore project. Generally operating more as a master of ceremonies for an assemblage of Bay Area all-stars rather than the star of the show, Klein lays down a rock solid bed of keys that allows his guests ample opportunity to strut their stuff. Among others, personnel on the disc include Ray Obiedo, Norbert Stachel, Bill Ortiz, Pete Escovedo, William Kennedy, and Andy Narell. In particular, Marc Russo fills in with some hot sax licks on the track in question on today's show, a gorgeous ballad entitled The Secret In Your Eyes!

CD: Cruise Control (1997)
Label: Philmo Betta Music
Tri Atma - Essential Tri Atma
Namaskar - Tri Atma :
The band Tri Atma was a German-Indian collaboration. Formed in 1977 by guitarist and composer Jens Fischer from Hamburg and percussionist Asim Saha, the project fused elements of Western electronic pop with the buoyant rhythms and mysticism of the East. In 1982, the duo met producer Klaus Netzle who added the sounds of the Fairlight and Synclavier synthesizers to their music. Their debut was recorded that year - then thru the remainder of the 80s, they issued a series of releases while attaining a strong following. On this occasion, we opted for Namaskar, a track which originally appeared on the '89 Belong to the Sun cd. This time we went to the compilation labeled Essential Tri Atma that followed a year later. Offering selections from their previous three releases, the tunes were all digitally remastered by none other than William Aura!

CD: Essential Tri Atma (1990)
Label: Higher Octave Music

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After Hours ~ Exclusive to our Site and Select Affiliates :
Sunny Side Up: … part 2 in our current series of 'sun-drenched' specials. This one is labelled Sunny Side Up in deference to a track from Freddie Ravel as each & every selection has the word sun or some variant in its title. So stay tuned for Chasing The Sun, Sunrise, and Sunshine and Me as we present a baker's dozen of delightful sun beamy tracks in all. The first rays on this show are from Marc Antoine; he's followed by the band Shakatak and then Peter Kater with Dominic Miller, plus there's the Swedish project known as Koop. Set #2 features a 5-pack of selections starting with The Rippingtons - and continues with Jeff Lorber. Additionally, there are selections by Alexander Zonjic, the late Chet Atkins, and Soul Ballet. Then winding down in the final frame there's Jay Beckenstein with Spyro Gyra as well as Freddie Ravel and the tune which lent its name to this feature - that's together with Maurice Gordon. Finally, it's keyboardist Rob Mullins! Playlist for Ed#560

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