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January 10th, 2010
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This Week at
… it'll be Richard Elliot in the spotlight - the veteran saxman has a new one called Rock Steady and we're cued & ready with three great tracks on the showcase segment. Then stay tuned in hour 2 for Fresh Trax with all the latest and best in new music. Highlights include selections by Michael Ross and Dee Brown while debuting we have new names in the likes of Tony Vattimo, Larry White, and the band Fingerprints. Then later in the hour, it'll be time to turn back the pages with a few favourites from days gone by - there'll be music from Four80East and from Roger Odell & Beatifik. As well, we have the project known as DeeLight out of Germany plus a track from Acoustic Alchemy - while the remainder of the show is seasoned with selections by Warren Hill, the Slim Dude, and Special EFX. But as we set up the pins for a radio show that's genuinely on the cutting edge of cool, we have a track from Ken Navarro from a few years back. This one's called Delicioso, helping us pop the cork for another bottle of musical bubbly!
In This Issue:

Rock Steady - Richard Elliot

The River Walk - Michael Ross
Street Lights - Tony Vattimo
More Than Real - Dee Brown
Coronado Breeze - Larry White
Dream Life - Fingerprints

AFTER HOURS : Peaceful Flight
PLAYLIST: Playlist for Ed#553

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Showcase CD
Rock Steady - Richard Elliot:

Now who's the baddest sax cat in smooth jazz? Read on and I think you'll know the way we have it figured! Since the release of his solo debut in 1986, Richard Elliot has been making one heck of a case that he is the man laying claim to that title. With a discography of over 15 records and thousands of live dates spanning more than two decades, Elliot has rightly earned a reputation as one of the most popular and most dynamic players in the biz. Now, after a short "break" and after teaming with Rick Braun for both the launch of a record label and for one of the top cds in 2007, Elliot is back on track with his solo career. The new one is called Rock Steady and it was co-produced by Elliot and Braun. Not only does this current effort feature more of the rousing sax player's patented mix of fire & ice, but it's a release with which Elliot proves positively he's among the elite on the scene today! With a sound that runs the gamut from chillin right on thru to a warmth that will make you melt, the former Tower of Power member plays with a richness that's unmatched!

Richard Elliot - Rock Steady
Richard Elliot - Blowin' Fire & Ice!!
Richard Elliot
Blowin' Fire & Ice!
Therefore, it's a treat indeed to zero in the Café Jazz spotlight on Richard Elliot and Rock Steady. We have the usual tasty complement of choice selections and today we're starting with a tune we've specially chosen for the occasion - and since you can't chill without it, Richard Elliot gives us License to Chill, a tune co-written by and featuring Jeff Lorber! To start hour 2, we have Yaquala - as enticing as any of the many seductive ballads Elliot has recorded over the years. While in the end, Philippe Saisse joins Elliot for Candice Dance, a tune named for Elliot's teen daughter and one that Rick Braun helped pen. So who plays the baddest sax on the smooth circuit? That's easier than ever to answer. One or two listens to Rock Steady and it's likely you'll agree, the bad cat must in point of fact be none other than Mr. Richard Elliot! Richard Elliot Then & Now Ed #396 - February 26th, 2006

CD: Rock Steady (2009)
Label: Artistry Music / Mack Avenue

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Fresh Trax: Part One
Michael Ross - A Special Thing
The River Walk - Michael Ross:
Hailing from Chicago, Michael Ross is locally renowned as a guitarist and vocalist who got his first break with a touring company production of "the wiz". A few years back, Ross scored a bit of hit with The Last Love Letter, the near title track from his 1996 sophomore release. In the interim, Ross has 'given back' to the community as a music educator while sharing the stage with some great entertainers in the likes of Ramsey Lewis and Norman Connors. Additionally, he's continued to record with A Special Thing as the new one - from that effort we've selected a great tune called The River Walk!

CD: A Special Thing (2009)
Label: Mihi Records
Tony Vattimo - Can' t Let Go
Street Lights - Tony Vattimo :
A graduate of West Chester University and a veteran keyboardist, Tony Vattimo has worked as a staff composer for Music Library companies on both coasts. He's played the vibrant Philadelphia and New York scenes for many years and after being urged by family, friends, & fans to record on his own, Vattimo committed to a project that became his year-long labor of love. Issued just this past year, Can't Let Go consists of 11 original compositions with Vattimo drawing inspiration from the ocean, the island of Kauai, and from the sites and sounds around him. Backed by up to 9 musicians at a time, the project is a rock solid first effort and an early bet to be among our favourites in 2010. From that release, Tony Vattimo debuts on our show with the lead track from the disc, a melodic & moving tune called Street Lights!

CD: Can' t Let Go (2009)
Label: Independent

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Fresh Trax: Part Two
Dee Brown - A Little Elbowroom
More Than Real - Dee Brown:
Detroit native Dee Brown pursued courses in harmony, writing, classical guitar, piano and vocals all while earning a degree in Biology & Respiratory Therapy. After college, he formed an R&B band called One Wish - they recorded an album and scored a top 100 single with Dee handling first tenor duties as one of three vocalists. Nevertheless, Brown had long dreamed of producing an album that would feature him on guitar - that happened a few years back with Brown as one-half of the smooth duo Shelby Brown. He debuted as a front man in 2007 and now from the just issued A Little Elbowroom, we have the very tasty More Than Real!

CD: A Little Elbowroom (2009)
Label: NuGroove Music
Larry White - Coronado Breeze
Coronado Breeze - Larry White:
A veteran singer, songwriter, and keyboardist, Larry White has long been recognized as one of today's top talents in music. After attending the High School of the Performing Arts in NYC and then later UCLA, White toured with the band The Sandpipers. For a time he worked as a writer at Motown while additionally he's arranged and conducted for some of the biggest names in the biz including Kenny Rogers, Dionne Warwick, and Dusty Springfield. In 1999, White returned to singing and playing his own music. He became a first call player at some of the finer jazz venues in Vegas, and then in 2005, White's Unsolicited Material release drew Grammy consideration. Coronado Breeze is now his long-awaited follow-up and from that effort we have White's chic blend of Jazz and R&B in the album's title track!

CD: Coronado Breeze (2007)
Label: Coronado Records
Fingerprints - Dream Life
Dream Life - Fingerprints :
Formed back in 1986, the band Fingerprints was founded by guitarist Roy Machado and bassist Frederick Nichelson when both were students at the University of North Texas. Their self-titled debut, released in 1991, led to airplay across the USA while subsequent releases, along with live performances, have raised the band's profile to the extent that many who have seen them now consider the band as the southwest's best kept musical secret. Based in Dallas, Nichelson still heads the combo which presently includes drummer Kennan Wylie, saxman Claud Hardrick, veteran guitarist Robert Lacroix, vocalist Tim Jones, and keyboard player Jordache Grant. Dream Life is now their 5th and latest and a project that will no doubt continue to draw the attention of listeners craving something with just a bit more oomph than commercial formula driven jazz. From that effort we have the substantive title track!

CD: Dream Life (2009)
Label: South Memphis Music

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After Hours ~ Exclusive to our Site and Select Affiliates :
Peaceful Flight: … on this edition it's a theme show called Peaceful Flight as each & every selection has the word flight in its title. So stay tuned for tracks as Night Flight, Flight of the Conchords, and In Full Flight with 13 aeronautically alluding tracks in all. The opening set features Keith Robinson with the tune for which we named the segment - that's followed by Gregg Karukas and Sean Grace as well as Greg Manning and Michael Manson. The second set begins with Patrick Yandall and continues with selections by Perry Joslin and the veteran band Cabo Frio. Then wrapping the entire affair are Christoph Spendel and the combo of Paul Brown + Marc Antoine. As well there's Joe Sample and Andreas Vollenweider while in the end it's Australian bassman Wayne Jones … 'in-flight entertainment' courtesy of yours truly! Playlist for Ed#553

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