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December 13th, 2009
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Hip but Humble Host Interviewed!
This month marks the second year that City Sounds Radio has been airing our show and to commemorate the event, yours truly is the guest of honor. Tune in Sunday, December 13th, at 11am PST to catch the festivities!

This Week at
… it's saxlady Jessy J in the spotlight - we're spinning a triplet of tracks from True Love on the showcase segment. Then be sure to stay with us for Fresh Trax in hour 2 with all the latest and best in new music. Featured selections include tracks by Lawson Rollins and Art Sherrod Jr. while debuting we have Ron Hutchens, Rob Tardik, and the down tempo vibe of Clear Voyage. Then later in the hour, it'll be time to switch gears with a few favourites from days gone by - there'll be music from Anthony James Baker, Brian Simpson, & 3rd Force. As well, we have the bands Turning Point and Germany's Dancing Fantasy - while the remainder of the show is gingered with spice and includes selections by Tea, Cinematone, and S-Tone Inc.!

In This Issue:

True Love - Jessy J

Steppin in Blue - Ron Hutchens
Return to Rio - Lawson Rollins
Virtue - Rob Tardik
The J Spot - Clear Voyage
East Coast Steppin' - Art Sherrod Jr.

Special Feature - Next Stop Soulville

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Showcase CD
True Love - Jessy J:

Born of Mexican-American heritage and hailing from Portland Oregon, Jessy J fell in love with music when she was four and shortly thereafter she started on piano. Her family relocated to Hemet California and later, in the fifth grade, she wound up taking sax for her school band. Considered by some as no less than a child prodigy, Jessy spent much of her youth as a competitive artist - by 15, she was named California Piano State Champion. All the while she continued to hone her sax chops - six years at Idyllwild Arts Summer Academy supplemented Jessy's dedication, and helped get her into USC. Graduating "Most Outstanding Jazz Student" in the class of 2001, Jessy was soon backing the likes of Michael Bublé while touring with The Temptations, Jessica Simpson, & Michael Bolton. She then spent a couple of years touring with an off-Broadway musical called "Blast" and then hooked up with ace-producer Paul Brown before bursting onto the scene with her Tequila Moon debut!

Jessy J - True Love
The title track earned Song of The Year from both R&R and Billboard while Ms J was named R&R's Debut Artist for 2008. Understandably, there's now more than a fair degree of excitement as Jessy returns to the limelight with True Love, her sophomore follow up and a project that's once again produced by Grammy-winning Paul Brown.
Jessy J and Jeff Golub perform as part of 'Guitars & Saxes 2009' in San Antonio!!
Jessy J & Jeff Golub - Guitar & Saxes
Backed by Brown and Gregg Karukas, as well as Roberto Vally and a few other A-listers, Jessy draws upon the full richness of her Latin heritage and upon her love of jazz! The result is a venture indelibly stamped with class and finesse and one which rightly gives us cause to direct the sparkle of the Café Jazz spotlight at Ms J and that cd. We have the usual tasty assortment of selections and today we're starting with the first single to radio in Tropical Rain and a tune that not surprisingly has made to the top of several charts! With a tasty guitar intro courtesy of Paul Brown, the melodic sway of the title track gently eases us into hour two - while the on the finale, straight-ahead meets old school in Jessy's Blues! Subtle, seductive, and yet oh so soulful, True Love reveals Jessy J's charm, warmth, and full dynamic range as a player!

CD: True Love (2009)
Label: Peak Records

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Fresh Trax: Part One
Ron Hutchens - Something in Blue
Steppin in Blue - Ron Hutchens:
Keyboardist Ron Hutchens spent his early years playing piano in a variety of bands in his hometown of Asheboro, N.C., before moving to Nashville Tennessee in 1980 to pursue writing and studio work. Setting up shop in Music City USA, in 1990, he co-wrote Take This Heart for the Blue Tears cd. A decade passed filled with sessions and touring gigs after which, as part of The Strange-Hutchens Ensemble, he released Night Dances - the project received airplay nationally on several stations across the US. 2008 saw Hutchens team with guitarist Terry Vuncannon for the issue of A Different State Of Mind. Now seasoned by those experiences, Hutchens is set with his official solo debut in Something In Blue. From that effort, we have a contemporary gem, a nonpareil track called Steppin in Blue!

CD: Something in Blue (2009)
Label: A-Town Music
Lawson Rollins - Espirito
Return to Rio - Lawson Rollins :
Since the age of eight, Lawson Rollins dreamed of being a drummer, but after hearing the great Andres Segovia in his mid teens, he put aside those aspirations and dedicated himself to mastering classical guitar. He developed his dexterity and a distinctive tone, but in time, it was his sense of rhythm and love of improvisation that steered him in the direction of Spanish folk and Latin jazz. After four cds as one-half of the guitar fusion duo Young & Rollins, he issued his debut in 2008 and now follows that with Espirito. Assisted by Flora Purim on vocals, Airto on percussion and Jeff Elliot on trumpet, from that effort, we present the rhythmically enticing Return to Rio!

CD: Espirito (2010)
Label: Infinita Records

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Fresh Trax: Part Two
Rob Tardik - The Right Time
Virtue - Rob Tardik:
In a nearly two-decade career, Toronto-native Rob Tardik has distinguished himself as an award-winning guitarist, a teacher and an entrepreneur. Having played since he was seven, Tardik received a music scholarship in high school and then went on to study at York University. Earning diplomas in Record Engineering and Media Arts, Tardik has worked for Roland Canada as a guitar product specialist while edifying aspiring musicians at the Merriam School of Music for over 11 years. For the past 4 years Tardik has performed at the CSJA, but now with the issue of The Right Time, his sophomore release, Tardik is poised to take center stage on his own as a nominee for a Canadian smoothie. From that very cd, we have the propriety of a track called Virtue!

CD: The Right Time (2009)
Label: Guitardik Music
Clear Voyage - Another Level
The J Spot - Clear Voyage:
The project Clear Voyage has been around the Toronto scene for several years now and provides a perfect vehicle with which to explore the many regions that lie outside the confines of jazz, funk, trip-hop, and soul-grooves. Alex Brans is the sonic whiz behind the sound, for although he's joined by various musicians for his live shows, Brans writes, plays and produces all of the Clear Voyage material. Heavily influenced by the funky jazz/soul and classic Rock of the 70s, Brans also operates under the alias of DJ Fusion Body. Following the Clear Voyage debut a few years back that broke the ice if you will, Brans is back with more of his patentedly stylish rhythms and hip grooves. From that effort, none is more stylish or hip than the track we've selected. From Clear Voyage and Another Level, we have the fused rhythms of a tune that really hits the spot and it's called The J Spot!

CD: Another Level (2009)
Label: SoMuchSoul Records
Art Sherrod Jr. - Seasons
East Coast Steppin' - Art Sherrod Jr. :
A native Texan, Art Sherrod Jr. was 13 when he joined the school band and started playing the sax. He received numerous awards and in 1996, after four years of college, he decided that music would be his focus in life. After performing with local bands and playing in churches, in 2003 Sherrod knew, it was time to step out and pursue a solo career. In this regard, he performed or co-headlined with the likes of Natalie Cole, Will Downing, Chuck Loeb, Najee, and many others. With early inspirations such as Cannonball Adderley, Gerald Albright, and Kirk Whalum, Sherrod has gone on play a variety of festivals from the Brazilian-American Jazz Festival in Rio to the Capital Jazz Fest. While maintaining an exemplary level of commitment to his community thru his work with churches and charitable organizations, or perhaps because of it, Sherrod has continued to progress his career. All 4 Love was his 2005 studio debut and that's now followed by Seasons, his sophomore follow-up effort. Ably backed by a few top names such as Chuck Loeb, Gerald Albright, and Marcus Johnson, this release is guaranteed to win many fans for the very able Mr. Sherrod - and from it, we're steppin' out with the spritely first single to radio!

CD: Seasons (2009)
Label: Pacific Coast Jazz

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After Hours ~ Exclusive to our Site and Select Affiliates :
Next Stop Soulville: … part 2 in a 2-part series wherein we feature selections that are in some way associated with the word soul. Either they have soul in their titles, or the band or artist performing the piece has soul as part of their name. We've called this edition, Next Stop Soulville for a tune by Gerald Veasley. So today, we're spinning tracks such as Secret Soul, Soul Candy, and When The Soul is Smiling with 14 smooth and soulful selections in all! Opening things is Patrick Yandall, and he's followed by Eric Darius and Rodney Lee. As well there's Richard Smith and the Greg Adams led East Bay Soul. Set #2 has Chris Standring and continues with the late great Grover Washington Jr., in there as well are keyboardist Steve Barakatt out of Quebec City, and Gerald Veasley with the tune for which we named this edition. Then wrapping the entire segment are Chuck Loeb, Marion Meadows, Soul Ballet, Ultrablue, and Pamela Williams. So, get ready for a musical trip designed to speak to that spirit within us all! All aboard the 'soul express' - Next Stop Soulville!

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