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November 15th, 2009
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This Week at
…on this next chapter of the show, we present Paul Hardcastle and The Collection - there'll be a trio of tracks and those'll be featured as part of the showcase segment. Then stay tuned in hour 2 for Fresh Trax with all the latest and best in new music. Featured on this installment are Euge Groove & Jesse Cook while debuting are Vision Jazz, Weathertunes, and keyboardist JD Daniel. Later in the hour, we have music from Peter White with Mindi Abair. There's Nestor Torres & David Mann as well as Steve Oliver and Ric Mandell - while thruout the remainder of the program are East Bay Soul, Cinematone, and Omar Akram. But helping us as we cast-off for a radio show unlike any other - is a tune by Matt Marshak from 2006!
In This Issue:

The Collection - Paul Hardcastle

On Your Knees - Euge Groove
Bogata by Bus - Jesse Cook
Wanderlust - Vision Jazz
Ladies First - Weathertunes
Firedance - J.D. Daniel

Feature - Drowning In Your Eyes

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Showcase CD
The Collection - Paul Hardcastle:

Long a personal favourite on our hip but humble show, there is no doubt Paul Hardcastle is one of the most popular and prolific performers in the genre that we luv! As a teen, he'd messed with tape recorders and electronic gadgets before he traded his video camera for a synthesizer. After three months of experimenting, he joined his first band. With his initial projects, Hardcastle scored a pair of modest hits while cracking the UK dance charts - following this, his '84 Rainforest track took off in the USA reaching #1 in sales as a 12-inch! Ever staying true to the dance floor feel that has always been integral to his sound, when Hardcastle was next heard from, it was on a tune called 19 - a concept based on the average age of combat soldiers in the Vietnam War. That track went to #1 in 13 countries and sold 4 million copies worldwide! It was one of the top single for '85 and marked the official jettison point for a career that's become legendary!

Paul Hardcastle - The Collection
For a time, Hardcastle switched gears and worked as a remix producer for the likes of Barry White, Hiroshima, & others while also composing for TV. But in 1991, the release of Kiss The Sky was a harbinger of things yet to come - the project presented a slight modification or refinement in style and proved to be a proto-type for the next offering in The Jazzmasters. Initially released only in Japan, in due course Hardcastle's hybrid blend of jazz & dance swept the world and helped re-define the sound of the form affectionately referred to as smooth jazz! Having issued a lengthy string of well-received releases under various monikers as well as under his own name, Hardcastle has earned countless accolades while racking up #1 hit singles as though they were going out of style! There have been a variety of compilations over the years. However, the most recent in the series simply entitled The Collection may very well be the best of the bunch! As such, this now gives us cause to direct the Café Jazz spotlight at perhaps the most potent player in the game, that of course being Paul Hardcastle and The Collection!
Paul Hardcastle!
Paul Hardcastle
From that effort, we've selected a trio of tracks as the focal point for our feature and it all begins with a brand new tune called The Circle and Hardcastle's latest chart busting single! The delicious groove of Valley of the Harps comes from The Jazzmasters 4 and that opens hour 2! While previously appearing on the Journey to a Different State of Mind DVD, the smooth and snappy Dancing Lights is the crescendo that caps the feature! Always easy and ultra-groovey, Paul Hardcastle's The Collection was compiled from instrumental selections he personally enjoyed recording and not necessarily tracks that were radio hits. Now if Paul enjoyed recording these even half-as-much as we enjoy spinning them on the show, then the 2008 smooth jazz artist of the year must have had a terrific time 'cuz they're exactly what the smooth scene is all about! Paul Hardcastle Then & Now Spotlight Feature - Ed#380 October 16th, 2005

CD: The Collection (2009)
Label: Trippin 'n' Rhythm Records
Links: Fan Sites:

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Fresh Trax: Part One
Euge Groove - Sunday Morning
On Your Knees - Euge Groove:
In the 90s, Steve Grove backed Joe Cocker & Huey Lewis and the News while taking a turn with the prestigious horn section in Tower of Power. Then as the new millennium dawned, as Euge Groove he became one of the most down loaded artists on the old site. This led to a successful 2000 debut right when he was in the middle of a tour with Tina Turner. Besides garnering a 2001 smooth jazz song of the year award for Sneak A Peak, he's subsequently scored numerous hits. The new one is Sunday Morning and from it we have a tune with a reverent theme in On Your Knees with Paul Brown guesting!

CD: Sunday Morning (2009)
Label: Shanachie Records
Jesse Cook - Rumba Foundation
Bogata by Bus - Jesse Cook :
Born in Paris, Jesse Cook first tried playing 'Gypsy guitar' during the time he spent in southern France as a youth - it was then that he developed a passion for flamenco and other free-spirited forms. After his parents separated, Cook moved to Canada with his mother, but between annual Gypsy festivals back in France and studies at some of most prestigious music schools, he honed his skills while developing wide-ranging tastes. He released his debut in 1995 and in the time since, he's ipso facto become Canada's ambassador to the world of rumba & flamenco. The Rumba Foundation is the new one and his 8th to go along with a '05 double compilation. In the process of recording the project, Cook wanted to bring the mix known as 'rumba flamenca' back to the Americas - but as he shares, somehow he ended up in Columbia. From that effort we have the first single in Bogata By Bus!

CD: Rumba Foundation (2009)
Label: Coach House / E1 Music

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Fresh Trax: Part Two
Vision Jazz - Distant Visions
Wanderlust - Vision Jazz:
Combining many of the finer elements of Funk, Fusion, and Latin Jazz, Denver's Vision Jazz is a project featuring the talents of Burt Shur and Chuck Leichner. A drummer and percussionist, Shur has been playing professionally since he was 14. During service in the Navy, he formed his own band and backed touring USO shows. Afterwards, he played in various jazz clubs in the San Francisco area before relocating to So-Cal in '79. Following a stint as on a cruise line, he played with Vicki Carr, Danny Kaye, and others before ending up back in Denver. For his part, keyboardist Chuck Leichner experienced classical training starting at the age of four but, he developed a passion for jazz due to the influence of his grandfather's New York jazz trio. Gigging professionally since he was 15, over the past three decades, Leichner has performed both as a soloist as well as with a variety of groups spanning many genres. In addition, his experience includes session work as well as jazz clinics with the likes of Dizzy Gillespie.

Created in 2007, Vision Jazz provides a perfect vehicle for Shur & Leichner to explore jazz in its many varied forms - Distant Visions is their debut. Guesting on the project is saxman Greg Vail and from that recently released effort we have a musical excursion called Wanderlust!

CD: Distant Visions (2009)
Label: Independent
Links: Leichner: Shur:
Weathertunes - Palm Beach
Ladies First - Weathertunes:
Weathertunes is German project inspired by and capturing the vibe of sun-drenched beats - the aptly titled Palm Beach is their first release on Lemongrassmusic. Led by the brother combo of Roland and Daniel Voss, this latest release delivers a series of selections with an ambiance that shimmers - the brothers share performance, mixing, and arranging credits while Daniel is featured on keys and Roland handles production duties thruout. From that effort, we have the frosted & chilled, slow-mo, downtempo style of Ladies First!

CD: Palm Beach (2009)
Label: Lemongrassmusic
J.D. Daniel - Back To The Groove
Firedance - J.D. Daniel :
Raised in Seattle, JD Daniel began classical training on piano at the age of six. By 19 he'd moved to Tucson, where he led a band featuring bassist Brian Bromberg and vocalist Diane Schuur. Later relocating to LA, he became a go-to-guy for sessions and tours and while having worked media from TV and film to documentaries and game shows, he's been heard by millions the world over. With tastes ranging from diverse to eclectic, Daniel is both well-versed and versatile - he's backed jazzers such as Dave Koz and Rick Braun; additionally his credits included many well-known performers in the fields of pop, rock, R&B, and beyond! He's recorded a few piano cds as well as leading of a jazz trio. Back to the Groove is the latest and from that effort, there's the fervid passion of Firedance!

CD: Back To The Groove (2009)
Label: Blue Yak Music

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After Hours ~ Exclusive to our Site and Select Affiliates :
Drowning In Your Eyes … on this installment it's a theme show called Drowning In Your Eyes as every tune we play has eyes in its title. So stay tuned for Behind Closed Eyes, Angel Eyes, and Into Your Eyes, with 14 optic-based tracks in all. Opening things are The Rippingtons, and they are followed by Marcos Ariel and 3rd Force as well as Jim Brickman and Chieli Minucci. Set #2 has Patrick Yandall and continues with André Ward and Ephraim Lewis with the tune for which we named this segment, and then concludes with Pamela Williams the first lady of sax. While wrapping it up are Brandon Fields, Rayford Griffin, Michael Haggins, Kenny Kleinpeter, and Japan's T-Square. So, it's time to gaze into those baby blues … well I guess indigo will have to do - as we have The Rippingtons and Girl With The Indigo Eyes - as we get into an ocular Drowning In Your Eyes special edition!

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