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November 1st, 2009
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This Week at
...on the current edition, Australian bassman Wayne Jones enters the spotlight - we're spinning a triplet of selections from Saturday Street and those'll be featured as part of the showcase segment. Then stay tuned for the second half and Fresh Trax with all the latest and best in new music. Highlights on this edition are courtesy of David Arkenstone & Tom Braxton. Also appearing - Steve Baxter and Gil Parris, while the band called Avenue H rounds it out. Then later in the hour, there's music from Pieces of a Dream & Novecento featuring Stanley Jordan. We'll be hearing an oldie from Andreas Vollenweider as well as a tune by Spyro Gyra that goes back to the 70s - while woven thruout are the likes of Brian Bromberg, Nick Colionne, and Pamela Williams. But as we set up the pins for a radio show unlike any other - there's a tune by Chris Camozzi from a few years back and it's a smoothie called Suede!
In This Issue:

Saturday Street - Wayne Jones

Jet Lag Mambo - Steve Baxter
Just Past Midnight - David Arkenstone
Soul Purpose - Tom Braxton
Ibiza - Gil Parris
Pinky - Avenue H

Special Feature - Cruisin' Your Way

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Showcase CD
Saturday Street - Wayne Jones:

It was a mishap in his teens that left Wayne Jones with only partial use of his left thumb. Although it sidelined his aspirations as a drummer, Jones was undeterred. Taking up the bass instead, he perfected a technique which allowed him to fully explore its possibilities. Based in Melbourne, Australia, over the last three decades Jones has operated in a variety of settings but, with a characteristic frankness, he explains, "You have to play many styles of music here to survive." From cover bands and sessions to film and TV, the wonder from down under had just about 'done it all' - with the possible exception of issuing an album under his own name. However, after years of 'going around the same block' and getting bored in the process, Jones knew it was time to record on his own. Although it was 7 years in the making, that dream was realized in 2006 with the issue of Forgotten Melody - which in spite of a title suggesting something to the contrary, the cd proved not only a highly memorable first effort, it was also one of the more pleasant surprises for the year!

Wayne Jones - Saturday Street
Wayne Jones - Takin' it to the 'street'!
Wayne Jones
Now with a few more years of seasoning under his belt, the bass phenom is back with Saturday Street, and an effort that was seemingly custom crafted for our feature segment! This all now prompts us to direct the brilliance of our spotlight at Mr. Jones with Saturday Street as the focal point for showcase segment! In spite of ourselves, we've managed to narrow things down to just three super selections - so get ready for a healthy dollop of worldly sophistication, beginning with the ska-flavoured Back in Five! Time Traveler, at the top of hour 2, highlights Jones' range as a player, while Saturday Street, the title track, lays it all down with the sound of a friendly & funky thoroughfare. So it is that with a combination of great technique, catchy rhythms, and tasty melodies, Wayne Jones' Saturday Street is a creative sophomore gem with ample evidence that Jones is primed and ready for the global stage!

CD: Saturday Street (2009)
Label: Dim + Dimmer

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Fresh Trax: Part One
Steve Baxter - Sugar On The Bone
Jet Lag Mambo - Steve Baxter:
Steve Baxter is a multi-dimensional trombonist and composer hailing from Houston Texas. Throughout high school, he performed with the Stage Band, and then he continued his training at Howard University in Washington, D.C., majoring in Jazz Studies. Soon after he did a series of gigs with Ray Charles, Gladys Knight, and others and then moved to LA in '91, to pursue his musical destiny. In the interim, he's played with a litany of names while garnering a reputation as an ace player. Debuting as a front man in 2003, Sugar On The Bone is the new one! From that effort, we're ready to slide to the sweet sounds of the tune Jet Lag Mambo. Named for the change in body rhythms caused by high-speed travel coupled with the motions of a ballroom dance - here's a smooth & soulful sparkler upon which Baxter reveals some of his many skills, not to mention showing he has a great sense of humor!

CD: Sugar On The Bone (2009)
Label: Slubba Bub Records
David Arkenstone - Chillout Lounge
Just Past Midnight - David Arkenstone :
Hailing from Chicago, David Arkenstone was 10 when his family relocated to California, and it was there that he immersed himself in all the music he could find. He played keys and guitar in a variety of bands and for a time after college, he criss-crossed the country playing many of the pop sounds of the day. As the synergy between computers and instruments increased, Arkenstone turned to creating his own signature style, bringing together influences from World music, classical rock, and new age while incorporating many of the best elements from the "electronic world". With a catalogue that's grown to include over 30 projects covering multiple genres, the aptly titled Chillout Lounge is the latest and from it we've selected a frosty late night sensation!

CD: Chillout Lounge (2009)
Label: Green Hill

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Fresh Trax: Part Two
Tom Braxton - Endless Highway
Soul Purpose - Tom Braxton:
Although Tom Braxton's name may not be as familiar as some, he's certainly no newcomer to the smooth scene. The native of Lubbock attended Texas Tech on track and music scholarships, and it was during this period of life that performing as a musician really came to the forefront. As leader of the jazz-fusion band No Compromise, he toured the southwest, opening for the likes of Joe Sample, Stan Clarke, and others. After graduating with highest honors, Braxton released his solo debut in '92 while shortly thereafter he connected with the late Wayman Tisdale with whom he performed for many years. Over the years, Braxton continued to record on his own - a couple of albums were devoted to the spiritual side of his life while Bounce, produced by Tisdale, marked his return to the smooth arena. Endless Highway is now his 7th release overall, and may well be the one that catapults Braxton into the upper echelons of today's top players, and deservedly so. From a project that can't help but impress, we've chosen Soul Purpose, a piece with a terrific lyrical melody and a title that well reflects Braxton's sense of his musical mission in life!

CD: Endless Highway (2009)
Label: Pacific Coast Jazz
Gil Parris - A Certain Beauty
Ibiza - Gil Parris:
An alumnus of Berklee in Boston, guitarist Gil Parris has been Grammy nominated and has issued releases in four different genres. Parris was in the first semester of an Al Di Meola jazz master's scholarship when he landed a gig in a European tour of Jesus Christ Superstar. Shortly after, he was featured in a spotlight article in Guitar Player Magazine, wherein he was described as "the brightest new star in the genre since Larry Carlton." Immersing himself on the NYC session scene, Parris made a name for himself playing with the likes of David Sanborn, Bob James, and Will Lee, and in the early 90s he appeared on recordings by Cissy Houston and Syndicate of Soul. After releasing a well-received debut in 98, Parris enjoyed a stint as lead guitarist in a later version of Blood, Sweat & Tears. Incorporating varying elements of funk, rock, jazz, and blues, Parris has developed a signature style that defies categorization. From the recent issue A Certain Beauty and Gil's 5th release overall, we have the melodic and soulful Ibiza as Parris re-interprets a gorgeous selection that initially appeared on his 2006 Strength cd!

CD: A Certain Beauty (2009)
Label: GPM Records
Avenue H - Off The Floor
Pinky - Avenue H :
Based in Bend Oregon, Avenue H is a trio that's grounded in the sounds of saxman Dan Leonardo with Sam Hobbs on bass and Conor Miller on keys & guitar. Exhibiting trace influences of artists such as David Sanborn, Yanni, Marcus Miller and Sting, the Avenue H vibe is nonetheless unique, well-crafted, & mature. Off The Floor is their just released debut and one which stands as an excellent first foray into the realm of today's jazz. From the effort we have the superb stylized groove of a track called Pinky!

CD: Off The Floor (2009)
Label: Independent

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After Hours ~ Exclusive to our Site and Select Affiliates :
Cruisin' Your Way … it's another of our theme shows called Cruisin' Your Way as each & every spin has the word cruise, cruisin', or some such variation in its title. So get set to motor with Holloway Cruise, PT Cruiser, and Cruise Control with 13 travellin' tunes in all. The opening set features tracks all sharing the same title - so you'll hear Marc Antoine with Cruisin' - followed by Stan Clarke, Doc Powell, and Les Sabler - all with identically named selections. Set #2 has Nate Harasim and continues with Gabriel, Paul Taylor, and Danny McCollim, while Gota the groove activator finishes it with the tune that lent its name to this segment. Then to wrap it up we set the final frame on Cruise Control and this time that's with Michael Dowdle, Tower of Power, Joe Ercole, and Special EFX!

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