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October 18th, 2009
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This Week at
… on today's show, Richard Smith & LA Chillharmonic step into the dazzle of our spotlight - we're playing a 3-pack of tracks from their self-titled debut and those are part of the showcase segment. Then it's Fresh Trax in Hour 2 with all the latest and best in new music. Highlights on this edition are courtesy of The Sax Pack & Matt Marshak. Also appearing - AJ Baker and a project called Cinematone, while UK saxman Sean Horsey rounds it out. Later in the hour, there's music from 3rd Force & David Lanz. We'll be hearing from The Jazzmasters and Acoustic Alchemy - while woven thruout are the likes of Alan Hewitt, David Benoit, and Alexander Zonjic. But as we rack'em up for a radio show unlike any other - there's a track that we enjoy playing every year right about this time - it's from Steve Laury and it's named for the month we're in!
In This Issue:

L.A. Chillharmonic - The L.A. Chillharmonic

She's So Precious - AJ Baker
In The Zone - Sean Horsey
Gas Lamp Groove - Matt Marshak
Cosmic Cocktails - Cinematone
Can't Help Myself - The Sax Pack

Feature - Till The End Of Time
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Showcase CD
The L.A. Chillharmonic ft. Richard Smith:

Detroit native, Richard Smith spent the better part of his youth growing up in Eugene, Oregon. For a time, he attended North Texas State, but he put his education on hold when he joined Dan Siegel's band when he was 19. After relocating to LA, Smith put in the next few years studying at USC, successfully completing a Masters in music. Shortly thereafter, he joined the teaching faculty at the prestigious Thornton School of Music while landing a gig in Richard Elliott's band. As part of a multifaceted career, Smith too has recorded several cds under his own name with 2003's Soulidified being somewhere around his 8th overall. However, a few years back, Smith gleaned an idea that started as solo album but, as he brought together an all-star cast of LA-based players, it morphed into a truly auspicious project. Aided by Brian Bromberg, Gregg Karukas, Greg Adams, and Michael Paulo, along with Vinnie Colaiuta, Alex Acuña, Jeff Lorber, Gary Meek, Eric Marienthal, Patrice Rushen, and Hans Zermuhlen, this assemblage is as formidable a collection of A-listers as we're likely to see in some time.

The L.A. Chillharmonic ft Richard Smith - L.A. Chillharmonic
Additionally, there's a killer horn section comprised of some of the previously mentioned as well as Lee Thornburg and Nick Lane - both have extensive discographies in multiple genres; meanwhile spot duty goes to Herman Jackson, Jeff Carruthers, Tollak Olstead, Larry Antonino, and yet a few others! Then just over a year ago, Smith was finally able to share the results of those sessions with the issue of the LA Chillharmonic. In a word - incredible, and hopefully a concept that will prove to be more than just a one-off release! Nevertheless, this now gives us cause to pause and present LA Chillharmonic and their eponymously titled debut as the focus for our spotlight segment!
The L.A. Chillharmonic
Richard Smith & The L.A. Chillharmonic
L to R: Brian Bromberg, Gregg Karukas, Richard Smith,
Michael Paulo, & Greg Adams
We've chosen a helping of three super selections beginning with Ultimate X. Sharing its name with a form of wrestling match, here's a tune that body slams the competition! Sounding the bell for round 2 in the show are the sonorous tones of the title track while the boffo Alvinator delivers a knock out punch as part of our grand finale! There's no doubt, this is fantastic stuff as one exceptional track follows another! In the end, L.A. Chillharmonic creatively is not only one of the finest efforts for the year of its release but, in our humble opinion, it could well be one of the best to this point in the decade!

CD: L.A. Chillharmonic (2008)
Label: Artistry Music / Mack Avenue Records

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Fresh Trax: Part One
Anthony James Baker - Looking Ahead
She's So Precious - Anthony James Baker:
Anthony James Baker moved to London in the 80s where he landed gigs with Tears for Fears and Big Country before relocating to LA in the 90s. After studying with guitar greats such as Norman Brown and Frank Gambale, AJB packed his bags and moved again, this time to Denver, Colorado. While there, he became well established on that city's cosmopolitan scene, releasing his debut in 2004. Now back in London, Baker appears to be none the worse for wear from travels and, if anything judging by his just released EP, he seems to have gained immeasurably from his many varied experiences. The disc is titled Looking Ahead, and although it contains but a mere 5 selections, there isn't a weak one in the bunch! Suffice it to say, we'll be going to it frequently … all starting with the first single to radio in She's So Precious. With Bobby Wells the composer of the track on keys, Baker's rich & full-bodied tone has never sounded finer! Get set, there's another British invasion on the way!

EP: Looking Ahead (2009)
Label: Independent Release
Sean Horsey - Zone 44
In The Zone - Sean Horsey :
UK saxman Sean Horsey started playing at the age of 5. He joined the National Youth Jazz Orchestra while in his early teens and by 17, he was playing professionally. Thru the 80s and 90s, Sean was an active member in a variety of bands while teaching up to 30 pupils a week. Some of Horsey's more noteworthy projects included a band called Trax, working with keyboardist Tim Best, and a couple of other groups named 4AM and The Fundamentals. Recently hooking up with Oli Silk, Horsey has spent the last few months working on a new album - from Zone 44, that recently issued cd entitled, we 're featuring the well-titled In The Zone with co-composer Oli Silk chipping in on keys!

CD: Zone 44 (2009)
Label: MP3 Digital Download

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Fresh Trax: Part Two
Matt Marshak - Family Funktion
Gas Lamp Groove - Matt Marshak:
A lot has happened to Matt Marshak since he debuted on our show back in 2004. After winning Best New Smooth Jazz Artist in New York City, one of our top break-thru artists delivered the Café Jazz #9 cd for the year. He's gone on to issue two additional projects that have gained national airplay in the USA and international exposure. Specializing in an exciting blend of soul, jazz, and R&B, Marshak has garnered an avid worldwide fan base playing gigs, festivals, and cruises from Bratislava to the Bahamas. The recently issued Family Funktion now brings his cd output to five and from we have the funky and chilled vibe of Gas Lamp Groove! Matt Marshak Then & Now Feature Ed #414 - August 27th, 2006

CD: Family Funktion (2009)
Label: Nuance Music Group
Cinematone - Smooth Deluxe
Cosmic Cocktails - Cinematone:
Musician & film composer Leonard Rogowski was born and raised in LA. He embarked on a professional career when he was 17 while continuing his musical education. After receiving a BA from UCLA, he furthered his studies with Advanced Courses in Composition, Arranging and Orchestration and with private lessons with the Oscar-winning songwriter Al Kasha. For a time, he was a staff writer for Screenmusic West a Hollywood-based production company; and then followed that with commissioned original cues for Lorimar Productions. Additionally, Rogowski has written for network & cable TV while performing on cruise ships and at hotel chains and resort casinos. His most recent venture is Cinematone, wherein he captures the efforts of some of LA's finest musicians, orchestrators and engineers. From the recently issued Smooth Deluxe, we're sipping Cosmic Cocktails - a swank & heady beverage to say the least!

CD: Smooth Deluxe (2009)
Label: Hollywood Jukebox
The Sax Pack - The Pack Is Back
Can't Help Myself - The Sax Pack :
The idea for The Sax Pack came about when Jeff Kashiwa & Miles Gilderdale (of Acoustic Alchemy) were watching a PBS documentary on the legendary Rat Pack from the 50s - Gilderdale jokingly said 'yeah you can do the sax pack.' The seed was planted! The following day Kashiwa called Steve Cole and Kim Waters and sold the concept. Their first concert was a sell-out and they continued to play to packed houses wherever they went. To satisfy an ever-increasing fan base, the sax trio released their self-titled debut in 2008 - a project that delivered a level of excitement comparable to their live shows and an 11-week #1-hit in Fallin' For You! The appropriately titled follow-up takes up where that release left off with the funky and upbeat Can't Help Myself as the first radio single!

CD: The Pack Is Back (2009)
Label: Shanachie Ent.

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After Hours ~ Exclusive to our Site and Select Affiliates :
Till The End Of Time … on this episode, it's the 5th and final chapter in our 5-part series wherein each & every selection has time as part of its title. We're calling this edition Till The End Of Time after a selection by Earl Klugh. We've chosen timely tunes such as Time and Love, One Day At A Time, & Better Times, with a dozen-plus-one timeless tracks in all. First out of the time tunnel, it's Steve Briody and he's followed by Everette Harp, Brian Simpson, and Rick Braun & Richard Elliot. As we re-enter the time zone, Pat Kelley launches set #2 - then time rolls on with Anthony Pope, Finger Roll, Wilton Felder, and Ken Navarro. After which it's the final frame with Harvey Mason and Four80East as well as Earl Klugh and the exquisite selection that gave its name to this segment. This one is simply put, heavenly - one of the prettiest selections it's ever been our pleasure to play - while in the end it's Tom Grant with an all-time favourite featuring the late great Art Porter Jr.!

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