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October 4th, 2009
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…on the current edition it's Peter White in the spotlight. We're featuring three great tracks from Good Day and those'll be part of the showcase segment. In hour two, there's another exciting Back Trax episode with a handful of favourites from back in the day. Highlights include Stanley Jordan and Yellowjackets. Also appearing - Snake Davis and Donald Fagen while guitarist Johnny A. rounds out the set. Then later in the hour, we have Cindy Bradley and Walter Beasley, in addition there's music from Richard Smith's LA Chillharmonic; while featured thru-out are Jonathan Fritzén, Pamela Williams, Rick Braun, Paul Jackson Jr., Dave McMurray, Brian Culbertson, Richard Elliot, Joe Ercole, and Brian Kelly. But getting us off the launch pad it's Jay Soto with something from his latest!
In This Issue:

Good Day - Peter White

The Lady In My Life - Stanley Jordan
Homecoming - Yellowjackets
You're The One - Snake Davis
New Frontier - Donald Fagen
In The Wind - Johnny A.

Special Feature -
Precious Time

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Showcase CD
Good Day - Peter White:

For nearly two decades, Peter White's music has shone like a welcoming beacon while proclaiming all that's best about the genre we luv! Acknowledged as THE most played in all of smooth jazz, it takes but a momentary listen to fully understand why White has earned this distinction. Simply put, there is no other who so fully epitomizes the sounds of smooth - dynamic and expressive, yet ever so soothing with loads of substance. As such, it comes as no surprise that Peter's latest release is an instant favourite right out of the wrap! It's called Good Day and it's his first album of original material since 2004's Confidential - his 12th overall to go along with a pair of compilations. For the most part, the project sees Peter in familiar territory - moving and sometimes moody, yet always melodic. Some of these selections go as far back as 10 or 15 years but they've just been completed - so there's a newness but also a comfort level that can't be denied. Yet our man White is not averse to stepping outside the norm. Aided by the expertise of "DC", who's recently engineered a slew of smoothies, as well as by Philippe Saisse, an adventurous sonic architect in his own right, here's a crew with a definite sense of mission!

Peter White - Good Day
Peter White
Peter White/Temecula CA.
Photo by Sherry Fisher
Therefore, it's with pleasure that we now pause and present Peter White and Good Day as the feature cd for the showcase segment. We've selected three exceptional selections that favourably compare with most any vintage White you might care to name. First up is an upbeat tune called Bright dedicated to the late Wayman Tisdale - its climb on the charts has been steep and steady so that the prestigious #1 slot is already well within reach! Our second look at the disc features the title track, a riveting rouser highlighted by a slick Saisse vibe solo! Then in the end it's Mission 2 Mars - with uncompromising integrity and a spirit of discovery Peter continues to boldly go where no artist in the genre has gone before! There's more of course to tempt the discerning listener as Peter paints from a broad sonic palette but to put it neatly in a single phrase - good day is not only a friendly greetings, it represents the some of finest from one of the most endearing performers of our time! A Peter White New Year: 3 hour Extravaganza Ed #343 - December 26th, 2004Peter White Then & Now Spotlight Feature Ed #421 - October 22nd, 2006

CD: Good Day (2009)
Label: Peak Records

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Back Trax: Part One
Stanley Jordan - Magic Touch
The Lady In My Life - Stanley Jordan:
Born in Chicago, Stanley Jordan trained classically on piano - but at the age of 11 he chose the greater freedom afforded by the guitar. Nonetheless, Jordan transferred the concept that his hands could work in conjunction with or independent of one another and in so doing he perfected a technique that few had mastered. Jordan's expertise in tapping the guitar fret board with both hands allowed him to play melody and chords simultaneously. After graduating from Princeton in 1981, he played the streets of New York but he was soon discovered - thereby gaining the opportunity to play with Benny Carter and Dizzy Gillespie. Jordan recorded a solo album on his own and then in 1985 his Blue Note label debut thrust the then 26-year-old into the limelight. In particular, smooth jazz radio's support of The Lady in My Life (first recorded by Michael Jackson), propelled the project to the top of Billboard's jazz chart for 51 weeks. The album sold in excess of a half-million units and was named Billboard's top jazz album for the year. From that release, we have the tune that led the way!

CD: Magic Touch (1985)
Label: Blue Note
Yellowjackets - Samurai Samba
Homecoming - Yellowjackets:
Founded in 1981, Yellowjackets initially featured guitarist Robben Ford - however, when Ford left the band they chose to redefine their sound. Comprised of Russell Ferrante on keys, bassist Jimmy Haslip, and Ricky Lawson on drums, their direction was set with the addition of sax altoist Marc Russo in the mid 80s. Adopting a fusionesque style, they released a string of well-received albums. Over the years, there have been a couple of personnel changes, but with Ferrante and Haslip at the helm, Yellowjackets have continued their legacy thru to the present and are now quickly approaching their 30th anniversary. On this occasion, we're returning to 1985 and Samurai Samba, their 3rd release, for the track Homecoming!

CD: Samurai Samba (1985)
Label: Warner Bros.

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Back Trax: Part Two
Snake Davis - Snakebites
You're The One - Snake Davis:
Chris Snake Davis picked up his unusual moniker on account of the way he twists and writhes about when he plays - and as one of the most in demand sax players on the UK scene, he's played with the likes of M-People, The Eurythmics, and Lisa Stansfield as well as a host of others. Additionally, Snake has been Paul Hardcastle's main go-to-guy for many of The Jazzmasters projects while on the solo front he's enjoyed several fine releases. From 2001 and Snakebites, we're featuring You're The One and Snake's biggest hit to date!

CD: Snakebites (2001)
Label: Skin Records
Donald Fagen - The Nightfly
New Frontier - Donald Fagen:
As one-half of the famed Steely Dan duo, Donald Fagen drew praise and critical acclaim for uncompromising attention to musical detail and for an unwavering commitment to quality lyrics. Following the 1980 release of Gaucho, Fagen began solo work during what proved to be a prolonged Steely Dan hiatus of 20 years between studio releases. Packed with wit and social commentary, and aided by the stellar guitar work of Larry Carlton, the track New Frontier taken from Fagen's 82 debut rates as one of his finest creative efforts!

CD: The Nightfly (1982)
Label: Warner Bros.
Johnny A. - Sometime Tuesday Morning
In The Wind - Johnny A.:
He did a stint at Berklee in Boston and he's played with Bobby Whitlock and Peter Wolf and as his name was always getting mispronounced, it's been Johnny A. since the age of 8. With a total disregard to genre and a style that straddles rock, jazz, and blues, the guitar has been his lifelong passion. Whether it's the man who controls the strings or the strings that control the man doesn't make a difference. Wrestling rare colors and emotions from his chosen instrument, Johnny A. is as much a student as he is her master. In recognition, 2003 saw the production of the Gibson Johnny A. Signature Model guitar and although he admits to using a bit more restraint in the studio than when playing live, we have a track from his debut that's loaded with texture!

CD: Sometime Tuesday Morning (1999)
Label: Favored Nations


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After Hours ~ Exclusive to our Site and Select Affiliates :
Precious Time: … it's time for chapter 4 in our 5-part time-travelling adventure where each of the selections has the word time as part of its title. We're calling it Precious Time in deference to a piece by Ms Keiko Matsui that's part of this segment. So stay tuned for tracks such as Quiet Time, Time Alone, and Love You All My Lifetime - perhaps a bit of a stretch but still within the parameters of the mandate we've set - we have 13 time-honoring tracks in all. In the initial frame there's Torcuato Mariano, followed by Allon Sams, Theo Bishop, and Boney James. Opening the second set of timely tunes is Special EFX and we continue with Alkemx, Richard Elliot, Michael Franks, and Chris Geith. Then the final inning features Tony Darren and Mezzoforte in addition to Keiko Matsui - while in the end it's saxman Ronnie Laws. But as we begin, we do indeed have Torcuato Mariano and the stiff-upper-lip sounds of British Time!

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