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June 7th, 2009
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This Week at ...
... ready for this show is Mesmerized by Jay Soto - there'll be three great tunes as part of the showcase segment. When hour 2 rolls into view, we have Fresh Trax with nothing but the latest and best in new music. On this edition, we have Craig Chaquico and Spyro Gyra. Also appearing Noel Webb and Hart Ramsey; while Jim Peterik formerly with the Ides of March and Survivor, rounds out the set with a tune from Lifeforce. Then later in the hour, we're blowing the dust off a stack of tracks from back in the day - this time that includes an all-time favourite from Marcos Ariel and a selection by Chris Korblein. As well, we'll be hearing from Paul Lamoureux and a classic by Ronnie Laws - while scattered thruout like gossamer on the wind are the likes of Marc Antoine, Joyce Cooling, and Pamela Williams. But as we rack 'em up for a radio show that's unlike any other - we're heading back to 2005 for a track from Nils!
In This Issue:

Mesmerized - Jay Soto

Archangel - Hart Ramsey
A Distant Memory - Spyro Gyra
Songbird - Craig Chaquico
She's A Tease - Noel Webb
Secret Of The Way - Jim Peterik

Special Feature - Second Wind

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Showcase CD
Mesmerized - Jay Soto:

Although he's still a relative newcomer to smooth jazz, Jay Soto is quickly making a name for himself among a select few in the genre. After gaining some valuable experience with the Christian group Vessel and then with the Latin band Zum Zum Zum, Soto came within a whisker of winning 2004's Guitarmageddon competition. That proved a game changer as since then, Jay's career has literally taken off. His debut released the following year, opened the door a crack and then a couple of years later that door swung wide open with Stay Awhile! The latter project landed Soto a NuGroove record deal while spinning off the #2 hit for the year in the tune Slammin'. It's been a busy couple of years for the young Phoenix-based guitar whiz in the interim as, in addition to gigging with or opening for The Ripps, Jeff Lorber, Alchemy, and others, Soto became a first time father!

Jay Soto - Mesmerized
Jay Soto
Jay Soto
Although he's continued to write, Jay was only recently able to get back into the studio and lay down the tracks for what is already his 3rd release. Just issued, it's called Mesmerized and with that title it seems to nicely convey our own personal fascination with the talents of the gifted Mr. Soto! Therefore, it's now a kick to present Jay Soto and Mesmerized as the focus for the spotlight segment! We've chosen three flashy tunes, beginning with the deliciously swampy Bayou Blues! The track Sunday Smile gets us feeling pretty slaphappy at the top of hour 2, while on this occasion Soto casts his final spell with an easy groover called A Love Like Mine. Rhythmic, creative, and engaging it's inescapable, Jay Soto's Mesmerized is not only a winner-of-a-disc, it's easily earmarked for a place near the top of the heap in 2009!

CD: Mesmerized (2009)
Label: NuGroove Records

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Fresh Trax: Part One
Hart Ramsey - Charge It To My Heart
Archangel - Hart Ramsey:
Although Hart Ramsey is a newcomer to the smooth scene, he's well respected as a producer, keyboardist, engineer, & songwriter. A veteran studio player who has worked in support of many artists, nonetheless, first & foremost Ramsey considers himself a family man as a father of 5 and grandfather of 4. Additionally, he earned a doctorate in Pastoral Ministry and currently he leads the congregation at Northview Christian Church in Dothan Alabama. Even so, it's now time for Ramsey's to take a turn at center stage with Charge It to My Heart his contemporary jazz debut. From that release, we have the celestial Archangel with Rick Watford guesting on guitar!

CD: Charge It To My Heart (2008)
Label: Prayer Closet Records
Spyro Gyra - Down The Wire
A Distant Memory - Spyro Gyra:
Down the Wire is now Spyro Gyra's 7th on the Heads Up label and somewhere around their 31st overall. The title is an adaptation on the phrase "Life is being on the wire, everything else is just waiting," attributed to the late aerial performer Karl Wallenda. On this latest project, Jay Beckenstein & the boys continue to walk the musical tightrope as they explore a variety of contemporary styles in their own unique way. From the effort, we've selected a tantalizing tune co-written by Jay & keyboardist Tom Schuman! Spyro Gyra Then & Now Spotlight Feature Part 1 Ed #437 - March 11th, 2007 Spyro Gyra Then & Now Spotlight Part 2 Ed #438 - March 18th, 2007

CD: Down The Wire (2009)
Label: Heads Up

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Fresh Trax: Part Two
Craig Chaquico - Follow The Sun
Songbird - Craig Chaquico:
After nearly two-and-a-half decades as a member of Jefferson Starship, Craig Chaquico left the pop world, reinvented his sound, and quickly earned award-winning status as a solo acoustic performer. His '93 debut proved Billboard's #1 New Age album for the year while his '94 follow up rocketed to #1 in its first week - subsequently earning a Grammy nomination. While continuing to record thruout the period since, Chaquico has drawn recognition for his charity work and weekly free hospital concerts. Now after a short hiatus, we're checkin' out Craig's most recent and first non-seasonal release in about 5 years! From Follow the Sun, we're hip to Chaquico's take on Kenny G's Songbird and a track that set the standard in the early days of smooth!

CD: Follow The Sun (2009)
Label: Shanachie Records
Noel Webb - Give It All
She's A Tease - Noel Webb:
Classically trained on violin, Noel Webb first played professionally with the Boston Symphony orchestra, at age 14. He travelled Europe and America playing with many of the best musicians in the world but with influences such as Jimi Hendrix & Muddy Waters, it isn't surprising to hear that he found that form too restrictive; in fact, he was actually kicked out of some orchestras simply because he played with too much feeling. After a fair degree of experimentation with styles, Give It All, is now Webb's 5th and most recent, and from it, Webb plays with more than just a bit of gusto on the moody She's A Tease!

CD: Give It All (2009)
Label: Red Lab Records
Jim Peterik's Lifeforce - Lifeforce
Secret Of The Way - Jim Peterik's Lifeforce:
Although his is not necessarily a household name, some of the bands that Jim Peterik has played in most likely are. In a career dating back to the mid-60s, Peterik has enjoyed a few mega hits. First, there was the 1970 smash with The Ides of March and the tune Vehicle - then a dozen or so years later Peterik out-did that success with his band Survivor and Eye of the Tiger from Rocky 3, which went double platinum. On this occasion, we're checkin' Lifeforce and Peterik's first foray into smooth jazz; from that effort we have Secret of the Way and a jazz tune that really rocks!

CD: Lifeforce (2009)
Label: World Stage International

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After Hours ~ Exclusive to our Site and Select Affiliates :
Second Wind ... this edition is gonna blow you away as we have the second in a two-part series wherein each spin selections has the word wind in its title - this one naturally enough is called Second Wind! So stay tuned if you will for breezy tracks such as Inherit The Wind, Wind Jam, and The Wind One Day, with 13 zephyry tunes in all! Michael O'Neill opens the show and he's backed by David Benoit, Louie Shelton, and the pairing of Wilton Felder & Bobby Womack with a classic from the 80s. Peter White kicks off set #2 and we continue with The Jazzmasters and guitarist Lawson Rollins. Then there's Andrew Glover and the twangy jazz stylings of Johnny A. Meanwhile, the finishing set has Ray Garand, Neal Davis, and Slim Man - as well, Bob Madsen gives us the gale force track for which we named the segment!

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