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May 17th, 2009
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This Week at ...
... in the spotlight on the current show is Joyce Cooling with 3 great tracks from the Global Cooling release. Hour two, means it'll be time again for the Back Trax segment with a 5-pack of favourites from back in the day - on this edition we have Marion Meadows and an 80s classic from Bob James & David Sanborn - also appearing are The Chris Bangs Project and Dr. Dave, while additionally there's vintage Chicago Transit Authority from 1969. That's followed later that same hour by a batch of current favourites, and that includes Dirk Richter with Randall Crissman as Vibes Alive in addition to Mark Barrios, Tom Grant and Richard Elliot; while featured thru-out are Walter Beasley, The Rippingtons, Brian Simpson, and Joe Ercole!
In This Issue:

Global Cooling - Joyce Cooling

Maputo - James/Sanborn
Guiding Light - Chris Bangs Project
California Beach - Dr. Dave
Does Anybody Really ... - CTA
In Effect - Marion Meadows

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Showcase CD
Global Cooling - Joyce Cooling:

While growing up in the Jersey - New York area, Joyce Cooling was exposed to a wide variety of music styles and developed tastes that could be described as both diverse & eclectic. After moving to San Francisco, she began dabbling with keys and percussion and then took up guitar after hearing the music of Wes Montgomery. Self-taught for the most part, Cooling developed a unique finger picking style, which led to a variety of gigs including straight-ahead sessions with jazz giants such as Getz, Henderson, Airto, and Byrd! Then, in the mid-80s, Joyce met keyboardist Jay Wagner and they discovered their songwriting compatibility. For nearly a decade, they were known as the one of the most dynamic acts in The Bay area before Cooling's '96 South of Market single broke the sound of the San Francisco based duo. Global Cooling is now cd lucky #7 for all of Ms Cooling's many fans and it's a gem!

Joyce Cooling - Global Cooling
Unencumbered by many of the contractual details that can impede the free flow of the creative ideas, Joyce and Jay present a collection replete with rhythm, melody, and groove and, it's therefore with pleasure that we pause to present Joyce Cooling and a trio of terrific tracks from that release as the subject for the showcase segment! To begin we've selected the Brazilian tinged Dolores in Pink, which is actually a tribute to Jay Wagner's mom that we featured on the Fresh trax segment a few weeks back. Light and airy yet remarkably expressive, Joyce and Jay earn top marks for the subtlety with which they explore the highly infectious meter! Starting hour #2 may be one of the most underrated songs on the entire disc in the tango-flavoured The Red Rose. Elegant and yet somewhat gritty, this track is a study in contrasts with Cooling's delicate finger style perfectly off-set by Wagner sparkling keys, a thumping bass, and that insistent accordion!
Joyce Cooling and Eric Marienthal Joyce Cooling & Eric Marienthal
Finally, it's the pulse of the emphatic title track and Cooling's musical salute to the safeguarding of our planet that rounds out the segment. Familiar, friendly, and occasionally exotic, while stretching well outside the confines of the everyday, Global Cooling is a gleaming collation of much of Joyce Cooling's finest material to date! Joyce Cooling Then & Now Spotlight Feature - Ed#432 January 28th, 2007

Note: As with their previous release, Joyce & Jay are denoting a portion of all sales to the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

CD: Global Cooling (2009)
Label: Group 2 Productions

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Back Trax: Part One
Bob James & David Sanborn - Double Vision
Maputo - Bob James & David Sanborn:
When two of the seminal forces in the fledgling smooth movement teamed back in the 80s, it couldn't have resulted in anything but a major shake. Released in 1986, and aided by bassist Marcus Miller, drummer Steve Gadd, guitarist Paul Jackson Jr., percussionist Paulinho da Costa, and guitarist the late Eric Gale, Double Vision ended as the #1 entry on Billboard's Jazz Chart for the year. Meanwhile the lead track Maputo continued as a recurrent favourite for many years to come and we have that for you today!

CD: Double Vision (1986)
Label: Warner Bros
Sites - Bob James: David Sanborn:
The Chris Bangs Project - Dazzle
Guiding Light - The Chris Bangs Project:
DJ, producer, and multi-instrumentalist, Chris Bangs emerged out of the London house scene of the late 80s. After teaming with Gilles Peterson, the combo started cranking out some new sounds and in the process gave birth to a new musical form that they described as 'acid jazz'. Bangs has gone on to become one of the most prolific creative forces in the movement having issued a myriad of albums under monikers such as The Quiet Boys, Mr. Electric Triangle, and Soundscape to name but a few. Additionally, back in 1999 there was a release as The Chris Bangs Project and, from that effort, we have a track called Guiding Light - featuring David Priseman on trumpet! This is acid jazz!

CD: Dazzle (1999)
Label: Instinct Records

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Back Trax: Part Two
Dr. Dave - House Call
California Beach - Dr. Dave:
Recording as Dr. Dave, guitarist David Paul Hatherill issued a series of four releases thru the late 90s and early into the new millennium. The San Diego-based guitarist connected with some of the finer players of the day with appearances by both Ronnie & Hubert Laws on one of his releases but unfortunately, for the most part his work went without its due recognition. On this instance, we're checkin' out the 2000 House Call release for the track California Beach featuring the late Carl Evans Jr. the former long-time keyboardist with the band Fattburger!

CD: House Call (2000)
Label: Equity Records
Chicago Transit Authority - Chicago Transit Authority
Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is? - Chicago Transit Authority:
Bursting onto the pop scene in April of 1969 with their eponymously titled debut, the seven-man unit combined what has been described as an 'incendiary rock & roll quartet' with an 'equally aggressive brass trio' (AMG). In their original incarnation, they were keyboardist Robert Lamm, guitarist Terry Kath, bassist Peter Cetera, and drummer Danny Seraphine, with James Pankow, Lee Loughnane and Walter Parazaider on brass and woodwinds. They had been playing together for the better part of a year as the Big Thing, when Columbia Records staff producer James William Guercio (a former Chicagoan) was contacted by an old college friend in Parazaider, to come hear his band. In 1967, Guercio had just had a trio of hits with The Buckinghams (also from his hometown) and impressed by the combo, he offered to become their manager and producer - wherein they were renamed as The Chicago Transit Authority. Their eclectic blend of rock with classical, jazz, R&B, and pop was unprecedented and gave rise to one of the greatest tunes of the day!

Closing note:
The CTA album charted for over 171 weeks and is listed among the '1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die'!

CD: Chicago Transit Authority (1969)
Label: Columbia Records
Marion Meadows - Keep It Right There
In Effect - Marion Meadows:
There's just one man whose sound is sweet like no other and that is saxman Mr. Marion Meadows. Over the course of a nearly 20-year solo career, Meadows has come to epitomize suave and debonair having proudly issued a catalogue of 11 great albums overall. The recent release of Secrets is his 6th on the Heads Up label and it's been in these last few years, since teaming with keyboardist & producer Michael Broening, that Meadows has really come into his own - so that he is rightly considered among the finest players in the genre! Notwithstanding that fact, Meadows' earlier efforts are generously littered with musical gems - shining among them, one of the most brilliant is the track In Effect from his '92 sophomore cd!

CD: Keep It Right There (1992)
Label: BMG / RCA / Novus

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After Hours ~ Exclusive to our Site and Select Affiliates :
New Music ...... on this edition it's a new music session - we have a baker's dozen of fresh & tasty treats just for you. Today that line-up includes newcomers Cindy Bradley and David P Stevens and they're followed by Australia's Wayne Jones. Kicking off set #2 is something from Jay Soto - also appearing are keyboardist John Pedersen and saxlady Candy Dulfer - additionally we have Kevin Toney and the Velez Brothers. Then in our final set, there's music by Nils as well as from Noel Webb and David Wells - while in the end, it's Spyro Gyra providing the closer. But to begin, we have Torcuato Mariano - the new one is entitled So Far From Home and from it, we have a tune that's simply called DF. So Mom & Dad, gather the kids, cuz it's time again for the whole family to sit down round old radio - as we crack the seal for some brand new listening on an all new music edition of Café Jazz After Hours!

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