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April 26th, 2009
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This Week at ...
... Matt Finley is in the spotlight with three great tracks from Brazilian Wish and those'll be featured on the showcase segment. Stay tuned for Fresh Trax in hour 2 with all the latest and best in new music. Cued for this edition is an all-star line-up, which includes Joyce Cooling and the band Shakatak. Also appearing are saxman Marion Meadows and Chuck Loeb, while keyboardist Philippe Saisse rounds out the set. Then later in the hour, it'll be time to peal back the calendar pages with a pack of tracks from back in the day - this time we have David Mann and the Urban Jazz Coalition. As well, there's Thom Rotella and keyboardist Vince Madison - while thruout we've assembled a dazzling collection with Tim Bowman, Warren Hill, and Terry Disley. But to begin this radio show that's unlike any other, we're checking out a tune from Lee Ritenour from a few years back!
In This Issue:

Brazilian Wish - Matt Finley

Dolores in Pink - Joyce Cooling
Sierra Nevada - Shakatak
360 - Chuck Loeb
Soul Sugar - Marion Meadows
The Rover - Philippe Saisse

Special Feature - Moon Beams

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Showcase CD
Brazilian Wish - Matt Finley:

From the first few notes of Brazilian Wish, you would swear Matt Finley was born to play Brazilian-flavoured jazz. A native of Lake George, New York, Finley graduated from Union College, while he earned a master's degree from Saint Rose. Additionally Matt attained the accreditation necessary to teach music in New York State and for many years, he performed with Grammy-winner Nick Brignola, so that in truth he's been performing professionally for nearly five decades! However, for a good chunk of that a career as professor of computer information systems somewhat sidetracked Finley's musical aspirations. But back in '88, Finley formed Rio JAZZ - a dynamic project based in the sounds of Brazil while at pretty well the same time, he went about learning new instruments at a pace of about one every year so as to improve his composing and arranging skills. Now retired and with many years of gigging under his belt, the former academic dean at Dutchess Community College in Poughkeepsie, decided to finally commit his sound to disc with the issue of his Brazilian Wish debut!

Matt Finley - Brazilian Wish
Now here's as tasty and stylish a collection as you're likely to hear in some time. Aided by regular band members bassist Mark Egan and drummer Joel Rosenblatt - and some high calibre talent in the likes of Romero Lubambo, Warren Bernhardt, Barry Danielian, and David Mann - the selections presented therein are always flavourful and never hurried. As such, it's with pleasure that we now pause to present Matt Finley and Brazilian Wish as the focus for our spotlight feature! We've chosen a trio of choice tracks - beginning with the warmth and longing of Brazilian Wish the title tune! The moody reverie of Another Year is at the top of hour 2 while the "Carnaval-like" spirit of Father's Day caps our celebration!
Matt Finley
Photo courtesy of Matt
Well-versed at flugelhorn and trumpet, as well as flute and soprano sax, Finley chooses his weapons wisely creating just the right notes and tonal texture so that the connection with the listener is both immediate and at an emotional level. Demonstrating all the finesse of the seasoned musician that he is, Matt Finley's Brazilian Wish is clearly a musical wish fulfilled!

CD: Brazilian Wish (2006)
Label: Kingsmill Music

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Fresh Trax: Part One
Joyce Cooling - Global Cooling
Dolores in Pink - Joyce Cooling:
While growing up in the Jersey - New York area, Cooling was exposed to a wide variety of musical forms and developed tastes both diverse & eclectic. After moving to San Francisco, she began dabbling with keys and percussion and then took up guitar after hearing the music of Wes Montgomery. Self-taught for the most part, Cooling developed a unique finger picking style, which led to a variety of gigs including straight-ahead sessions with jazz giants such as Getz, Henderson, Airto, and Byrd. Then, in the mid-80s, Joyce met keyboardist Jay Wagner and they discovered their songwriting compatibility. For nearly a decade, they were known as the one of the most dynamic acts in The Bay area before Cooling's 96 South of Market broke the sound of the San Francisco based duo. Global Cooling is now cd lucky #7 for all of Ms Cooling's many fans and from that effort, we've selected a totally "in the pink" track called Dolores in Pink! Joyce Cooling Then & Now Spotlight Feature - Ed#432 January 28th, 2007

CD: Global Cooling (2009)
Label: Group 2 Productions
Shakatak - Afterglow
Sierra Nevada - Shakatak:
Formed as part of the London club scene back in the early 80's, Shakatak scored a series of accessible pop/dance hits in their early days. Over the years, their style has gradually evolved into one more firmly rooted in jazz-funk and they now enjoy a catalogue that runs in excess of 50 albums. Apart from the departure of guitarist Keith Winter in the 90s due to ill health, the band personnel of drummer Roger Odell, Bill Sharpe on keys, bassist George Anderson, and Jill Saward on vocals has remained virtually unchanged for nearly the entire period - a fact that readily explains the cohesiveness of their sound. Afterglow is their just issued and most recent release and from it we've selected an excellent high ridin' tune called Sierra Nevada!

CD: Afterglow (2009)
Label: Shakatak Masters

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Fresh Trax: Part Two
Chuck Loeb - Between 2 Worlds
360 - Chuck Loeb:
Chuck Loeb was around 16 years of age when he discovered jazz. Realizing that he would have to study formally to attain the technical expertise he hoped for, Loeb took lessons from Jim Hall and Pat Metheny before enrolling at Berklee in Boston. After a couple of years, the lure to perform led him to relocate to NYC, where he freelanced with the likes of Hubert Laws and Joe Farrell before joining the Stan Getz band for a two-year stint in 1979. Upon leaving the Getz band and after hundreds of sessions on the NYC studio scene, Loeb released his debut in 1988 and over the years, he's amassed a catalogue in excess of 15 albums. Additionally, Loeb has appeared as part of Petite Blonde, the Fantasy Band, and the fusion-based group called Metro while recording with the likes of Michael Franks, Fattburger, and many others. With an ability to play virtually any manner that he chooses and possessing a warm style usually identifiable within the first few bars, Loeb displays his well-rounded form on the tune 360 which he dedicates to his former teacher in Pat Metheny!

CD: Between 2 Worlds (2009)
Label: Heads Up
Marion Meadows - Secrets
Soul Sugar - Marion Meadows:
So, who's creating the sweetest sounds on the planet? I'm not gonna beat around the bush 'cuz the answer's simple - an ever growing number of fans know it's Marion Meadows! Meadows' 1990 solo debut and his subsequent releases faired well enough but with all due respect, Mr. Meadows didn't really discover his true "voice" until after moving over to the Heads Up label and teaming with keyboardist & producer Michael Broening. In Deep was their first collaboration - that effort not only elevated the playing field, it just plain changed the game! That continued thru to Players Club and Dressed To Chill. So it is that with the recently issued Secrets, now Meadows' fourth co-venture with Broenig, the pair are quickly gaining fame as one of the most distinguished tandems on the contempo-scene. There are plenty of smooth saxplayers, but there's only one with a sound sweet like no other! The perfectly titled Soul Sugar corroborates who I'm talking about! Stay tuned in the weeks ahead - there'll be much more from this release and the man basking in the full prime of his career!

CD: Secrets (2009)
Label: Heads Up
Philippe Saisse - At World's Edge
The Rover - Philippe Saisse:
After scoring one of the biggest hit in his career in 2006 with a cover of Steely Dan's Do It Again, Philippe Saisse returns with his first disc of all new material since a 2004 Japanese release. The French born multi-instrumentalist won a scholarship to Berklee Boston and then made his record debut backing Al Di Meola back in the 80s. In addition to working with David Sanborn & Al Jarreau, in his 20 plus year career, Saisse has appeared with The Stones, David Bowie, & a host of others. Additionally, Saisse has issued a series of solo cds with At World's Edge as the most recent and first since changing locals from NYC to LA. Taking the opportunity provided by the success of his previous album, Saisse's mind set was that it was time to make a definitive statement of where he currently is as a musician. Using the technology afforded him by these digitized times Saisse reconnected with a host of great cats the world over with the result being a somewhat global effort - from that release we have the rhythm and groove of The Rover!

CD: At World's Edge (2009)
Label: Koch Records

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After Hours ~ Exclusive to our Site and Select Affiliates :
Moon Beams ... on this chapter we're going lunar with another of our theme shows - this one is called Moon Beams as each our spin selections has either the word moon or moonlight in its title. So stay tuned for tracks such as Mesa Moon, Moonlight Dancing, or Moon Over Palmilla, with 13 "luney tunes" in all. We have The Rippingtons to open and they're followed by Gregg Karukas, the duo of Willie and Lobo, and saxman Mark Hollingsworth. Kicking off set #2 is Dancing Fantasy and we continue with Lonnie Liston Smith & the track that gave its name to this segment. Then there's Marion Meadows, Earl Klugh and Keiko Matsui. While in the end we have saxlady Jessy J and the project known as Briza as well as Paul Hardcastle - finally Greg Adams closes the feature!

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