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February 8th, 2009
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This Week at ...
... it’s Pete Gitlin in the spotlight with Full Circle and The Great Temptation. There’ll be three great tracks and we have those cued & ready as part of the showcase feature. Then be sure to stay with us for Fresh Trax with all the latest and best in new music. Headlining this edition are Walter Beasley & Patrick Yandall; also appearing is Yaron Gershovsky, while debuting we have Galaxy Lounge and The Bahama Soul Club. Later in the hour, there's a set of retro classics - this time that includes Michael O’Neill, Dotsero, Rick Braun, and Pamela Williams - while the remainder of the show is glittering with the likes of Althea Rene, Norman Brown, and Warren Hill!
In This Issue:

Full Circle ... - Pete Gitlin

Mellow Mood - Yaron Gershovsky
Steady As She Goes - Walter Beasley
I Am There - Patrick Yandall
Heading Wes - Galaxy Lounge
But Rich Rhythms - Bahama Soul

AFTER HOURS : Street Beat
SPINLIST: Spinlist

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Showcase CD
Full Circle and The Great Temptation - Pete Gitlin:

Based in Phoenix Arizona, Pete Gitlin played in a variety of bands thruout his teens and 20s. Then for the next few years, musical aspirations were put on hold as Gitlin took a 'break' to raise a family and rise to vice-president in a Fortune 500 company. Now you can take the man out of the music but you can never take the music out of the man. So it was that back in April of 2007, Pete connected with John Herrera, drummer & producer from the band Turning Point. Their ensuing collaboration resulted in the release of Full Circle and The Great Temptation, the album title being a combination of two of the track titles. A few triple-A cats in the likes of Jeff Kashiwa, Mel Brown, and Michael Broening ended up contributing to the project with the result an effort that bodes very well not only for Gitlin's future in smooth jazz but for the genre as well! Surrounded by musicians of the highest caliber, Gitlin more than rises to the occasion while delivering a soulful blend of smooth, funk, & jazz!

Pete Gitlin - Full Circle and The Great Temptation
Ranging from assertive to delicate, this one has it all - it's therefore with much pleasure, that we now gently nudge Full Circle and The Great Temptation and Pete Gitlin into the glow of the showcase spotlight!
Pete Gitlin - There's A New Guitar Slinger in TownPete Gitlin - There's A New Guitar Slinger in Town!
We've selected a complement of three exceptionally tasty tracks - beginning with Angel Love! Featured are Gitlin's liquid lines in gentle harmony with Dominic Amato's saxwork! We open hour 2 with a personal fave in the tune Jennette - this is strictly Pete's show, full bodied and bluesy! While the sweet melody of Chronic Ironic seals the deal! A witty play on words for the album title - yes; but upon further reflection, there may very well be a much deeper meaning to Full Circle and The Great Temptation, as in spite of years away from being active as a musician, it's pretty clear that with his debut Pete Gitlin has in fact come full circle! He's returned to one of his true passions in his life and in the process, he's given fortunate fans a project that is greatly tempting indeed!

CD: Full Circle and The Great Temptation (2008)
Label: Coming Together Music
Site: Pete Gitlin ; Gitlin/Space

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Fresh Trax: Part One
Yaron Gershovsky - Personal Notes
Mellow Mood - Yaron Gershovsky:
Graduating from Boston's prestigious Berklee College of music with highest honours, Yaron Gershovsky is a veteran pianist with a lengthy resume. His highest profile gig may well have been touring and recording as the music director for Manhattan Transfer, but Gershovsky has also worked with the likes of Wayne Shorter, Steve Gadd, and The Count Basie Orchestra. He's played Carnegie Hall, some of his arrangements have been used on the Broadway stage and, additionally, Gershovsky has recorded on his own. Personal Notes from a few years back is the most recent and from that release, we have the incredible groove of a tune entitled Mellow Mood!

CD: Personal Notes (2005)
Label: Dorron Music
Site: Yaron Gershovsky ; YG/Space
Walter Beasley - Free Your Mind
Steady As She Goes - Walter Beasley:
A native of California, Walter Beasley played in a few regional bands before heading to Berklee in Boston in the early 80s. Shortly after graduating, he turned around and joined the teaching faculty - what was supposed to be a short-term placement has stretched into a 20-year gig with Beasley balancing his responsibilities as an educator, with the demands of a career as an artist. He released his self-titled debut in 1987 and in the time since he's grown to become one of the top ten selling saxmen worldwide. Free Your Mind is now his third and current release on the Heads Up record label. From that effort, we have the first single to radio in Steady As She Goes!

CD: Free Your Mind (2009)
Label: Heads Up International
Site: Walter Beasley ; WB/Space ; WB/Concord

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Fresh Trax: Part Two
Patrick Yandall - A New Day
I Am There - Patrick Yandall:
Hailing from Bay City Michigan and raised the son of a jazz musician, Patrick Yandall relocated to California in the early 80s. After establishing himself on the LA-San Diego session circuit, Yandall launched his career as a front man with the release of his debut in 1994. Over the years, he's issued a series of well-received releases all the while demonstrating many flashes of brilliance along the way! We here at The Café have been hip to the San Diego axe-man for quite some time, a period during which Yandall has become firmly entrenched as a perennial favourite on our humble show. In recent years, Yandall's output has become nothing short of prolific with the recently released A New Day bringing his tally to five projects within the past five years alone. In spite of the cd title, this album fortunately delivers more of Yandall's patented groove nicely layered with elements of jazz and blues, which have long been hallmarks of his music. From that release, we've selected the assertive and feisty I Am There and in keeping with the song title, I too am right there in groovin' along with Patrick to this one! Patrick Yandall Spotlighted on Then & Now Ed #487 - June 8th, 2008

CD: A New Day (2009)
Label: Zangi Records
Site: Patrick Yandall ; Yandall/Space
Galaxy Lounge - Welcome To The Party
Heading Wes - Galaxy Lounge:
Hailing from Granite City, Illinois, Jon Grindstaff is the guiding light for Galaxy Lounge. Moving to NYC when he was 25, it took some time for Grindstaff to land on his feet, but after writing commercials and playing in a variety of bands around town, he eventually settled into studio work, where creating music for TV and radio ads became his primary focus for the better part of 20 years. Following a five-year hiatus from a career that saw him compose for and play with artists from Dr. John and Kiss to Miss Piggy and The Village People, Grindstaff makes a triumphant return to music with a project that must be more than just a bit fulfilling in Welcome to The Party. Sprinkled with roughly equal measures of smooth & chill and then spiced with a healthy dash of ambience, the tune Heading Wes is an excursion into the spaciousness of the musical cosmos!

CD: Welcome To The Party (2008)
Label: Independent
Site: Galaxy Lounge ; GL/Space
The Bahama Soul Club - Rhythm Is What Makes Jazz Jazz
But Rich Rhythms - The Bahama Soul Club:
Taking a giant step well outside the ordinary is The Bahama Soul Club! The project is the latest effort from Oliver Belz; Belz started in music as a drummer and has been operating on the German scene for the past 30-plus years as a composer, engineer, and producer. Following on the success of The Juju Orchestra a couple of years back, The Bahama Soul Club is the logical next step in the evolution of a musical concept unlike any other. When performing live, The BSC sports up to a 12-member line-up with a variety of guest djs sitting in. Rhythm Is What Makes Jazz Jazz is their debut and from that effort, we have 6-minutes, rhythmic & rich, filled with But Rich Rhythms - a co-effort of former-Ottawa-now-residing-in-Milan-dj, Miss Emily Jones!

CD: Rhythm Is What Makes Jazz Jazz (2008)
Label: Buyú Records
Site: OBelz ; EJones

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After Hours ~ Exclusive to our Site and Select Affiliates :
Street Beat ... on this edition we're takin' it to the streets with another of our theme shows and calling it the Street Beat special as every track has the word street in its title. So stay tuned if you will for selections such as High Street, Morning Street, and Easy Street and so on. Opening things we have Jim Adkins and he's followed by Jason Weber, the hip & funky band known as Bona Fide, as well as Bob Mamet and Sean Grace. Set #2 begins with saxlady Jessy J and continues with David Benoit, Gerald Veasley, and Richard Elliot with the selection for which we named this segment. While wrapping it up are Dean James, Dan Siegel, Eric Marienthal, Marcus Johnson, and Les Sabler!

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