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November 16th, 2008
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This Week at CafeJazz.ca ...
... on the current edition, Denny Jiosa enters the spotlight with 3 great tracks from Dreams Like This. Then a bit later, we peal back the calendar pages on the Back Trax segment. Featured on this installment is a great selection by Bob James and Earl Klugh - also appearing are Mike Gealer and Dirk K, while Kuh Ledesma and Fishbelly Black round things out. That's followed later in the hour by a set with Nick Colionne, Nate Harasim, Michael Lington and Fred Engler, while scattered thruout are David Benoit, Doc Powell, and Shakatak. But to get things rolling there's something new from Mark Barrios and his West Tampa Style debut!

In This Issue:

Dreams Like This - Denny Jiosa

Dancin' In The Park - Mike Gealer
The Wave - Dirk K
As It Happens - Bob James / Earl Klugh
Kuh's Theme - Kuh ft Gerald Albright
Ven a Gozar - Fishbelly Black


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Showcase CD:
Dreams Like This - Denny Jiosa:

Denny Jiosa was about seven when he began on guitar with pop artists of the day such as Steely Dan and Santana being among his earliest influences; later that broadened to include the likes of Wes Montgomery! In the mid 80s, the Huntington, Indiana-native moved to LA to attend GIT while further honing his chops by studying privately with Frank Gambale. After relocating to Nashville, Jiosa did a variety of session work before accepting a management position at a recording studio - in this capacity, he's a four-time Grammy nominee for his work with gospel vocalist Yolanda Adams. In the meantime, Jiosa launched his solo career in 1995 with Moving Pictures, a top ten album. Inner Voices issued the following year went to #5, while each of his subsequent releases has met with a measure of critical acclaim. In spite of his previous accomplishments and prestigious position as a former staple in the smooth jazz format, the recent Dreams Like This, now Jiosa's 6th cd over-all, is one that he considers his defining moment!

Denny Jiosa - Dreams Like This
The project, spanning the past five or so years since his last release, well captures the essence of Jiosa's tastes and influences with elements of straight-ahead jazz, Latin, smooth jazz, and some slightly more cinematic "themes".
Denny Jiosa Denny Jiosa live at Etcetera
Courtesy of Jiosa MySpace
It's therefore not surprising that long-time fans welcome anew Jiosa's fluid style and catchy hooks, while for our part it's now also a pleasure to place album & author in the sheen of our showcase spotlight! We have three great selections beginning with the mood-drenched melody of Midnight at the Wall. The haunting echoes of the trance-inducing title track lead us into the second half of the show, while the first single to radio in the tune Chill Pill sets things rocking with a head-boppin' chill out groove! Intriguingly complex at times, frequently emotional and yet always highly creative, Dreams Like This stands out as one of Denny Jiosa's most accomplished efforts to date! Denny Jiosa Then & Now Feature - Ed#493/Sept.2008

CD: Dreams Like This (2008)
Label: Sonic Canvas Records
Site: Denny Jiosa

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Back Trax: Part One
Mike Gealer - In The Park
Dancin' In The Park - Mike Gealer:
Detroit saxman Mike Gealer had a pair of projects on the Positive Music record label in the early 90s. With a style described as upbeat and spirited, Gealer's tunes were diverse and yet readily suited radio airplay. This time, we're revisiting his '94 In The Park sophomore release for a tune that's nearly the title track - helped by then label mate Gregg Karukas on keys and Michael O'Neill on guitar, we've selected the engaging Dancing in the Park!

CD: In The Park (1994)
Label: Positive Music
Dirk K - About You
The Wave - Dirk K:
Guitarist Dirk K started recording, writing, and producing at the age of 16 - releasing his first cd in Germany in '92, he followed that with an extensive European tour. Moving to LA a couple of years later, Dirk recorded his US debut shortly thereafter before signing a deal that led to national exposure. He's since gone on to found his own DIP record label and has recorded 10 cds under his own name while taking part in over 30 projects in various capacities. Nonetheless, Mr. K's '97 About You release remains his most recognizable effort to date - with the support of Paul Taylor and Rick Braun the project yielded a pair of chart topping singles - from that effort we've selected The Wave with Rick Braun guesting!

CD: About You (1997)
Label: Countdown / ULG
Site: Dirk K

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Back Trax: Part Two
Bob James / Earl Klugh - Cool
As It Happens - Bob James / Earl Klugh:
Readily acknowledged as two of the genuine pioneers in smooth jazz, Bob James and Earl Klugh partnered on several projects thruout their careers - One on One in 1979), 1982's Two of a Kind, and finally for the '92 Cool release. On this occasion, we return to the last of the three for a track that might well represent their finest collaboration. And in more Bob James/Earl Klugh news, it was recently announced that Earl Klugh is to be the recipient of the CSJA Lifetime Achievement Award coming up in April of 2009 - meanwhile Bob James was similarly recognized a few years back!

CD: Cool (1992)
Label: Warner Bros. Records
Site: Bob James ; Earl Klugh
Kuh Ledesma - Precious
Kuh's Theme - Kuh Ledesma ft. Gerald Albright :
For over 25 years, Kuh Ledesma has been one of the best selling vocalists in The Philippines with no less than 18 releases to her credit. In an effort to break internationally, in '97, she issued the album Precious in collaboration with some of the finest American & Filipino songwriters, arrangers, and musicians. The impeccably produced album received rave reviews from many while making its way onto the jazz charts. In what proved as a most rare instrumental effort on what was otherwise an album full of vocals we've opted for the track Kuh's Theme featuring some of the most sincere and heartfelt saxwork we've ever heard and that's courtesy of none other than Gerald Albright!

CD: Precious (1997)
Label: KZK Entertainment
Site: Kuh Ledesma ; Gerald Albright
Fishbelly Black - Crusader
Ven a Gozar - Fishbelly Black:
The brain thrust behind the Fishbelly Black project was producer George Mitchell, who envisioned a concept wherein old school jazz was melded with modern breaks and beats. He debuted with Fishbelly Black in '93, and issued three releases under the moniker - the last of these being Crusader in 2003. With heavy horns, soaring sax and some blistering work on the Hammond B3, nonetheless it's the groove that rules on the track Ven a Gozar!

CD: Crusader (2003)
Label: Backbeat Records
Site: Fishbelly/cdbaby

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After Hours ~ Exclusive to our Site and Select Affiliates :
...the focus falls squarely on fresh listening with 12 selections new to the show - here's a quick run-down of our line-up that includes Freddie Fox, Jonathan Fritzen, flautist Althea Rene, and Tim Bowman. Debuting at the start of set #2 is guitarist Pete Gitlin while also appearing are Wayman Tisdale and another new name to the show in keyboardist Mark Rossi, as well there's the latest from Kim Waters. Then in our final set, there's more from Paul Jackson Jr. and from Oli Silk - also debuting is vocalist Diane Marino and finally there's another track from BK Jackson - we introduced the 17-year-old sax sensation a couple of weeks back - and on this occasion BK provides the closing selection!

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