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June 15th, 2008
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This Week at!
On this edition ... it's veteran saxman Everette Harp in the showcase spotlight - we've cued selected tracks from My Inspiration and we'll be spinning those as part of that feature. Hour 2 brings the Back Trax segment with more favourites from back in the day. Headlining this installment are Alex Bugnon and Evan Marks - also appearing is keyboardist Tony Windle, while Dan Moretti and Fareed Haque round out the segment. Then later in the hour, we've assembled a snappy collection of some of the brightest in current music with Rick Braun & Richard Elliot, Dave Sereny, Bob Baldwin, and Jim Savitt, while sprinkled thruout are Chris Botti, Paul Hardcastle, Joe McBride, Marcos Ariel, J. Michael Verta, Jaared, José Valentino, Les Sabler, and Chris Geith!
In This Issue:

My Inspiration - Everette Harp

Spring's Hope - Tony Windle
Three Day Weekend - Evan Marks
Heart of New York - Alex Bugnon
Nights of Waiting - Dan Moretti
Sacred Addiction - Fareed Haque


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Showcase CD
My Inspiration - Everette Harp:

After graduating from North Texas State with a major in music, Houston native Everette Harp tried his hand at accounting before pursuing a career as a musician. He played in a couple of local bands, picked up a bit of studio work, and went about as far as he could go before deciding to move to LA in 1988. There his career as a sideman took off - he toured briefly with Teena Marie, and then backed Anita Baker - tour highlights featured Harp stepping forward for an extended solo and sharing the spotlight with the dynamic Ms Baker for a duet. The following year, Harp toured with Sheena Easton, after which he was hired to be a part of Kenny Loggins' back up band - that relationship would last some 13 years. In 1991, Harp returned to touring with Anita Baker and it was during this time that joined his good friend and mentor, George Duke in doing a record. This resulted in Harp signing his own deal and the subsequent release of his 1992 debut, a self-titled album that led to appearances at the Montreux Jazz Festival and to a weekly gig as a member of The Posse on the old Arsenio Hall Show during its final season and a half.

Everette Harp - My Inspiration
Everette Harp
Photo courtesy of Everette's MySpace
Additionally, Harp has recorded or performed with many artists, a list much too lengthy to present in detail in this context but one that includes the likes of Dionne Warwick, Neil Diamond, Babyface, Quincy Jones, Michael McDonald, and Stevie Wonder among others. Over the past few years, however, he's cut back on his sideman duties in order to concentrate on his solo career! Released in late 2007, My Inspiration is now Harp's eighth and latest - and a record that he lovingly dedicates to his father who passed away earlier that year. Therefore, it's with the utmost respect that we present Everette Harp and My Inspiration as the focus for our showcase feature! In addition to the maturity that can only come thru years of honing one's craft, the project understandably displays an extra heart-felt quality and from that effort, we have in order the tracks Wait 4 U, In Time, and finally the radio edit for Old School that has already risen to lofty levels on most of the charts!

CD: My Inspiration
Label: Shanachie Entertainment
Site: Everette Harp

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Back Trax: Part One
Tony Windle - Right There
Spring's Hope - Tony Windle:
Keyboardist Tony Windle's first inspiration in music was his grandfather who performed professionally. After "doing some time" in Casino rock bands, the Sacramento-based Windle won two music awards with a country group while also being nominated as Best Jazz artist for the area, three years in a row. Crossing the lines between new age and smooth jazz, Windle's 1997 debut drew a modest but reasonable degree of attention for a first effort. Windle's sophomore release issued a few years later proved a savvy follow-up and spawned a couple of singles. The first, boasting saxwork by Jeff Kashiwa, initially opened listeners' ears while the radio edit of Spring's Hope with Eric Marienthal guesting, climbed into the top 40 on the national charts!

CD: Right There (2000)
Label: GoSmooth Records
Site: Tony Windle
Evan Marks - Three Day Weekend
Three Day Weekend - Evan Marks:
After backing groups like The Platters and The Drifters, Cleveland native Evan Marks toured with jazz vocalist Billy Eckstine before issuing his solo debut in 1995. At pretty well the same time, there was an opportunity that arose with the band Fattburger as Steve Laury had vacated the guitar chair. Hooking up with San Diego's favourite smooth ensemble, Evans has been with the band ever since and has been featured on seven of their cds. Additionally, Marks has performed with a plethora of smooth stars - among them Jeff Lorber, Keiko Matsui, Richard Elliot, Rick Braun, Chuck Loeb, and the late Art Porter - while also issuing Three Day Weekend, his sophomore release in 1998. From that effort, we have the expressive title track!

CD: Three Day Weekend (1998)
Label: Verve Forecast
Site: Evan Marks ; Fattburger

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Back Trax: Part Two
Alex Bugnon - 107° In The Shade
Heart of New York - Alex Bugnon:
A native of Montreux, Switzerland, Alex Bugnon was only six when he started classical piano training. Because his father was an opera singer and a jazz guitarist, Bugnon was exposed to a wide range of music - in addition, he attended his first concert at the famed Montreux Jazz Festival when he was just seven. This combination of circumstances & events launched Bugnon onto a never-faltering career path in music!

Studying at the Conservatory of Music in Paris and the Mozart Academy in Salzburg, Austria, Bugnon was 19 when he moved to the US. While attending Berklee in Boston, he performed with many local bands and, afterwards relocated to New York in 1985, where he grew in stature as a sessionist, touring with top names such as Patti Austin, and EW&F. Embarking on a solo career in 1988, he's issued 9 cds to date - from his '91 and what was his third release, we're spinning Bugnon's hip tribute to NYC, his adopted home!

CD: 107° In The Shade (1991)
Label: Orpheus/Epic
Site: Alex Bugnon
Dan Moretti - That's Right
Nights of Waiting - Dan Moretti:
With influences that range from jazz and classical to funk and Latin jazz, saxman Dan Moretti is a versatile musician, one who is equally at home playing jazz-funk as he is with crossover forms. Moretti's experiences encompass a gamut of styles having worked with the likes of Aretha Franklin, Mike Stern, and The Crusaders; as well, he's toured several continents both as a leader and as a sideman. Well-respected for his contributions as a musician, composer, producer, and audio engineer, Moretti is also an educator. He's taught at the high school and college levels, developed curriculum, and holds an associate professorship in contemporary writing and production at Berklee. With a catalogue of a dozen albums to his credit, Moretti's solo career extends back to the 80s. On this occasion, we revisit That's Right from 1999 for the gentle Nights of Waiting with some very tasty piano from Bill Cunliffe of Porcupine fame!

CD: That's Right (1999)
Label: 1201 Music
Site: Dan Moretti ; Moretti/Berklee
Fareed Haque - Sacred Addiction
Sacred Addiction - Fareed Haque:
Extensive travels thru diverse & exotic locals, together with the fact that his parents were Pakistani and Chilean, all contributed to the developement of Fareed Haque's eclectic style. In 1981, Haque was name recipient of a North Texas State Jazz Guitar Scholarship before a growing interest in classical guitar resulted in his transfering to Northwestern. Moving easily between the two idioms, in 1989, Haque joined the faculty at Northern Illinois where he maintains an associate professorship. Having performed major guitar concertos as well as transcribing both baroque and South American music, Haque is considered a virtuoso! He's released seven projects as a leader and on this occasion, from the '94 Sacred Addiction cd, we're absolutely hooked on the title track!

CD: Sacred Addiction (1994)
Label: Blue Note
Site: Fareed Haque

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After Hours ~ Exclusive to our Site and Select Affiliates :
Once again, fresh listening steals the spotlight with eleven selections that are absolutely new to the show - today's line-up includes Earl Klugh, Park Lane, Terry Disley, and Gabriel. Debuting on the program is bassman Al Turner, while there's more from Ken Navarro, Nate Harasim, and the band Present Tense. Also appearing are trumpeter Steffen Kuehn and keyboardist Mike Murray; meanwhile it all begins with Nick Colionne and the advance from his forthcoming release!

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