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May 25th, 2008
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This Week at CafeJazz.ca!
... we're spotlighting Jeff Kashiwa, Steve Cole, and Kim Waters recording as The Sax Pack - we'll be playing a trio of selections from their release as part of the showcase feature. In hour 2, we crack open a five pack of brand new listening on the Fresh Trax portion of the show. Headlining this installment is David Benoit. New to the program are trumpeter Larry Lagerberg and the six-man combo out of the UK known as Park Lane. Additionally, there's new music from Jim Adkins while saxman Will Donato rounds out the segment. Then a bit later that same hour, there's a set of retro-classics with guitarist Vlad, flautist Alexander Zonjic, Gregg Karukas, and trumpeter Billy Paul Williams - while the remainder of the show is seasoned with prime selections by Euge Groove, Joyce Cooling, Les Sabler, and the band Helios!
In This Issue:

The Sax Pack - The Sax Pack

Footprints in Paradise - Larry Lagerberg
Lost In The Moment - Jim Adkins
Human Nature - David Benoit
Thru D Nite - Park Lane
Laws of Attraction - Will Donato

Special Feature - Midnight Motion

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Showcase CD:
The Sax Pack - The Sax Pack:

Their name is a spin on the nickname given the famed Rat Pack from the 50s and 60s that sported a line-up of some of the top entertainers of the day. In keeping with which, The Sax Pack, spotlights a trio of today's top sax players that being Jeff Kashiwa, Steve Cole, and Kim Waters - collectively, Messrs Kashiwa, Cole, and Waters have been playing to packed houses for the past several years! The driving force behind The Sax Pack concept is Seattle native Jeff Kashiwa. As a past member of The Rippingtons, Kashiwa knew full well the power of on-stage chemistry and recognized the potential of combining the talents of three of the hottest players in the genre into one dynamic package. Although balancing their individual schedules proved initially challenging, they remained committed to the idea and worked together to bring the group to life! As stars in their own right, Jeff, Kim, and Steve are well known for the passion of their playing, and as The Sax Pack, they create a high-energy atmosphere that has drawn rave reviews.

The Sax Pack - The Sax Pack
To satisfy an ever-increasing fan base, enthusiasts are now getting exactly what they have been clamoring for; "committed to sharing the excitement, spontaneity and creative energy that flows between them on stage", The Sax Pack debut release delivers all the excitement of a live performance!
The Sax Pack - In Vegas The Sax Pack in Vegas
Photo Courtesy of
It's with pleasure then that we subject the trend-setting trio to the sparkle of our showcase spotlight. All systems are go, as we launch the segment with The Sax Pack, the eponymous authors of the opening clip. A Little Bit Closer suggestively opens hour two, while Fallin' For You leaves no doubt, as to why an energetic, entertaining, and exciting debut catapults Kashiwa, Waters, and Cole to supergroup status as The Sax Pack!

CD: The Sax Pack
Label: Shanachie Ent.
Sites: The Sax Pack ; SaxPack/Space ; J.Kashiwa ; S.Cole ; K.Waters

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Fresh Trax: Part One
Larry Lagerberg - Footprints in Paradise
Footprints in Paradise - Larry Lagerberg:
After attending college to further his music studies, Larry Lagerberg opted for the security of a career in finance over his dream of becoming a professional musician. Now after twenty years on the sidelines, the Denver-based trumpeter is back in the game having just recently issued his debut. On the effort, it's clear that Lagerberg has rediscovered his passion and that his personal fire has been rekindled - from that endeavor, we present the aptly named title track!

CD: Footprints in Paradise
Label: GrooveMeister Music
Site: Larry Lagerberg
Jim Adkins - City Streets
Lost In The Moment - Jim Adkins:
Hailing from central Virginia, Jim Adkins is an award winning songwriter and guitarist who early in his career, played with a regional rock act. However, over the years, Adkins became increasingly interested in Smooth Jazz and in instrumental music. Releasing his solo debut in 1998, the project drew a fair bit of attention on the old mp3.com site - that was in fact when we here at The Café first latched onto Adkins' rich tone & style. This paved the way for three subsequent releases; all have gained airplay in the US while enjoying consideration on our own modest show. Just issued is City Streets, now his fifth and arguably most accomplished project to date, and from that effort we have the superb lead single called Lost In The Moment. Polished, expressive, upbeat, and utterly tasteful, Lost In The Moment is destined to be among the elite of our in-house favourites list for 2008!

CD: City Streets
Label: Clear Image Records
Site: Jim Adkins

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Fresh Trax: Part Two
David Benoit - Heroes
Human Nature - David Benoit :
One of the genuine pioneers of the smooth movement, David Benoit is a five-time Grammy nominee with a wide-ranging resume. Beginning with his solo debut in 1977, Benoit has recorded nearly 30 albums, a total that includes two with Russ Freeman as The Benoit/Freeman Project, and another as a charter member of the Rippingtons. Heroes is now the latest in a string of exceptional releases and promises to be every bit as rewarding as some of Benoit's finest - from that soon-to-be-released effort we have the expressive lead single in the track Human Nature!

CD: Heroes
Label: Peak Records
Site: David Benoit ; Dave's Space
Park Lane - Check It Out
Thru D Nite - Park Lane :
Coming to us out of the UK is the six-man combo recording as Park Lane, a project conceived by renowned drummer Tony Mason and by manager Johnny Lawes. Recruiting several like-minded musicians, the resulting sextet is a dream-team of world-class performers with Tim Cansfield, Randy Hope-Taylor, Greg Assing, Klay Dumas-Copas, and Weston Foster filling in on guitar, bass, keys, keys, and vocals respectively. Check It Out is their debut and from that eclectic fusion of R&B inflected with elements of jazz, we're grooving to the rhythmic Thru D Nite!

CD: Check It Out
Label: SJP/Park Lane
Will Donato - Laws of Attraction
Laws of Attraction - Will Donato:
Based in Palm Springs, California, Will Donato is an exciting young performer who's steadily built a reputation thru his expressive & dynamic playing. Having worked with Steve Reid and Steve Oliver, Donato's résumé has grown to include the like of Gregg Karukas, Blake Aaron, and Tony Guerrero. Meanwhile, Will has expanded his presence nationwide in the US with several well-received albums, The Laws of Attraction being the most recent and already his sixth release. The project title may be an allusion to a 2004 movie about two competing lawyers who find love thru marriage. However, on an entirely different level, the theory behind the "Law of Attraction" states that your dominant thoughts will find a way to become the realities of your life. Regardless, with The Laws of Attraction and its title track, Donato provides one of the most engaging efforts to this point in his career!

CD: Laws of Attraction
Label: Innervision Records
Site: Will Donato ; Will/Space ; Innervision

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After Hours ~ Exclusive to our Site and Select Affiliates :
Although it wasn't our original intent when we started this just over a month ago, we now have the 3rd and concluding installment in our midnight series of specials. Part 1 was Midnight Reflections, Part 2 a couple of weeks back was Midnight Cruise while Part 3 is Midnight Motion. Included on this edition are Peter White, Jeff Kashiwa, Jeff Lorber, Earl Klugh, Kim Waters, Craig Chaquico, Kilauea, and Kevin Toney. Also appearing - Bradley Leighton, Tony Adamo, Allistair Elliott, and Denarris. Meanwhile Kenny G rounds out the hour with the track that lent its name to this feature!

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