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June 24th, 2007
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This Week at CafeJazz.ca: The Quarterly Review: Q.2 - 2007!
On this edition, it's the second in our series for 2007, as we look back at all the latest & best from the past 90 days. Included are Norman Brown, Keiko Matsui, Hiroshima, and Jeff Golub. We have the latest as well from Acoustic Alchemy, Jeff Lorber, and Euge Groove. If you want to hear those and more of the freshest & hippest in today's sounds, you can bet they'll be here as part of The Q.2 Review!

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In This Issue:

Grooveland - Jay Soto
Elevation - Jackiem Joyner
Waterline - Four80East
It Will Turn Out Right - Dephazz
Born 2 Groove - Euge Groove
Together As One - Dee Brown


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Highlights Hour One
Grooveland - Jay Soto:

In spite of trying drums when he was 5 and perhaps because of the rigours of classical piano which he experienced a couple of years later, Jay Soto knew when he picked up the guitar at the age of 12 that he'd found his passion. His early exposure in music ranged from Beethoven to the hymns sung in his church but to broaden that musical base, Soto attended Arizona State University. He gained valuable experience as the lead guitarist for the Christian group Vessel, and for Zum Zum Zum, a highly acclaimed Latin group. Then in 2004, Jay entered Guitar Center's "Guitarmageddon" competition and came within a whisker of winning making it to the finals. This all paved the way for Long Time Coming, Soto's well-received debut that was released the following year. Now with a couple of more years to further hone an ever so impressive set of chops, Stay Awhile is Jay's outstanding recently issued sophomore effort. With licks to spare, this cd is choice and destined to be among a few elite projects vying for Café Jazz top honours for the year!

CD: Stay Awhile
Label: Nu Groove Records
Site: Jay Soto

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Elevation - Jackiem Joyner:
A Norfolk Virginia native, Joyner developed his musical sensibilities from singing in the church choir and from playing drums behind gospel songs. After moving to Buffalo during middle school, he took up the sax and competed in local competitions of the NAACP's youth achievement program, winning on three occasions. After high school, he moved back to Virginia, where he was hired by Marcus Johnson, playing with the keyboardist from 2001-2004. During this time, he also performed with Jaared and Bobby Lyle while co-headlining a 30 city tour with Ronnie Laws and vocalists Angela Bofill and Jean Carne, after which he took a year off to focus on creating an album. A self-produced effort was issued a couple of years back with the recently issued Baby Soul cd as his label debut. From that effort, we selected a track upon which Joyner doubles on sax and flute - its a buoyant piece suggesting Joyner's resolve to move only upward as he reflects upon life in the music business and it's aptly entitled Elevation!

CD: Baby Soul
Label: ARTizen Music Group
Site: Jackiem Joyner
Waterline - Four80East:
Operating as Boomtang Records, Rob DeBoar and Tony Grace launched their careers in 1990 as an independent label specializing in the release of 12-inch singles for the U.K. club scene - their first three years saw the issue of fifteen Grace and DeBoer-penned and produced records. By 1993, Boomtang had expanded to include artist development and with this shift in focus, DeBoar & Grace became known for their extensive work as a crack dance remix and production unit. However, toward the end of the 90s as the groove movement continued to flourish in the UK, the veteran Toronto-based team hit upon a creative side venture that would allow them to incorporate a loose dance vibe with many of the jazzy and eclectic elements that they personally wished to explore. So it was that Four80East came into being - their debut entitled The Album was issued in England in 1997. However, when the single Eastside broke in the US the following summer, it went on to become the seventh most-played track on Contemporary Jazz radio that year. Now a decade or so later, The Boomtang Boys are back with En Route, their first since 2002's Round 3 and fourth release overall. From this their latest excursion in ambience, we're headlining the fluid style and atmospheric excellence of Waterline!

CD: En Route
Label: Native Language Music
Site: Four80

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Highlights Hour Two
It Will Turn Out Right - Dephazz:
Formed in 1997, the band Dephazz (formerly De-Phazz) is well known in Europe and their native Germany for their unique down tempo and somewhat experimental blend of styles. Under the guidance of producer/band-leader Pit Baumgartner, the crew has previously recorded six albums, appeared on over 150 compilations world wide, and won two Echo Awards (German equivalent to a Grammy); yet they have issued only two projects stateside. On their most recent project entitled Days of Twang, Baumgartner takes a more pop/rock oriented perspective without allowing commercial appeal to interfere with his creativity. Joining Pit on the album are long-time vocal collaborators Barbara Lahr, Pat Appleton, and Karl Frierson as the ensemble present a piece that defies description while transcending genres, and does indeed turn out right!

CD: Days Of Twang
Label: Phazz-a-delic Records ; Kriztal Entertainment
Site: Dephazz ; Phazz-a-delic ; Kriztal
Born 2 Groove - Euge Groove:
So who is this dude claiming that he's Born 2 Groove? Well, it's the alter ego of Steven Eugene Grove, who toured the world as a sideman in the 80s and 90s with the likes of Joe Cocker, Richard Marx, Tower of Power, and Huey Lewis and the News. But as the 90s wound down, Grove was ready to make his move. Adopting the alias of Euge Groove, a slick combination of an abbreviation of his middle name together with a twist on his surname, Groove became one of the most down loaded artists in history on the old MP3 site. All the buzz led to the successful launch of his 2000 debut just as he was right in the middle of a mega tour with Tina Turner. Besides garnering an Oasis Smooth Jazz Award for the 2001 song of the year with Sneak A Peak, subsequent projects have seen Groove score numerous #1 hits, a #5 most played song for 2004 with Livin' Large while Chillaxin from his past cd was the #1 song of the year on the R&R Smooth Jazz indicator chart. So now, with his 5th album in seven years Groove has earned the right to shout it out - he is indeed "Born 2 Groove" just like the song title says!

CD: Born 2 Groove
Label: Narada Jazz
Site: Euge Groove
Together As One - Dee Brown:
Detroit native Dee (Demitris) Brown formed a band in high school that came to the attention of Quincy Jones. Brown, to his credit, being uncomfortable with the image projected by the band called Foreplay, chose to opt out of a proposed record deal. Attending college, Brown earned a degree in Biology & Respiratory Therapy while also pursuing his interest in music with courses in harmony, writing, classical guitar, piano and vocals. After college, Brown formed an R&B group called One Wish which fielded a line featuring three vocalists with Dee handling the first tenor duties. They recorded an album yielding a top 100 single and while nominated for a Nashville music award, they won another presented by the Detroit Metro Times. However, Brown's ambitions had long been to produce an album that would feature him on guitar. A few years back, he collaborated with saxman Gentry Shelby releasing a project as the duo Shelby Brown. Now finally on his own Brown just recently completed his first solo effort, which showcases his skills not only as a guitarist, but also as a composer, producer, and arranger. We've already played several tracks from the effort, but on this occasion, we're featuring a brief atmospheric piece that serves as a sorbet to nicely freshen our musical palate!

CD: No Time To Waste
Label: De’ Laf Records
Site: Dee Brown

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After Hours ~ Exclusive to our Site and Select Affiliates :
As we continue the QR and all the best smooth jazz tracks from the past 90 days we have a treat for those who appreciate new music as we're not resting on our laurels. Today's edition features selections brand new to our show. Included are recent arrivals from Pamela Williams, Jeff Kashiwa, and from Rick Braun & Richard Elliot. Simply Red is on the show. We also have the latest from Nils and U-Nam, a bit more from 'PJ' Spraggins, and as well, a special reprise appearance by Dotsero. Then apart from that are a slew of names that are new! We've added tracks by Thelonious Moog, Bob Madsen, Marcus Mitchell, Bennett Brandeis, J Dee, and the duo of Julie Dexter & Khari Simmons. They're all on this edition!

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